11 Best Games Like Mabinogi

Mabinogi is a classic Nexon MMORPG, a whole generation has grown up on it, and it still immerses you in a fantasy world like no other antagonist you know. The game gained popularity even when it was created, and it was already more than 17 years ago, so we can safely say that the game has passed the test of time.

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The game is a mythical world filled with a sense of anime, this universe is full of challenges that you and your character will have to go through. The games presented below are similar to Mabinogi across all genres, they include the same anime feel, engagement with the freedom of the game process, and plenty of opportunities outside of combat.

1. Fiesta Online

First on our list is a game called Fiesta Online, a free anime MMORPG that includes a huge open world with features that you can’t even imagine. This work was presented to us by Onson Soft back in 2014, at the moment the game is available on PC and can be purchased on Steam.

The game has one of the most friendly and active communities, which is why the game is in great demand. The game itself consists of a unique fantasy world, which is filled with colors and a variety of locations that players can go through, armed with one of the many types of weapons.


The community of the game is not bored, because it has more than 115 different levels and its developers regularly replenish the piggy bank of its updates, which allows players to spend hundreds of hours in the magical world without leaving.


One of the most important advantages of this game is considered to be an anime style in the genre of MMORPG, when you first dive into this world, you will be offered a choice of five different character classes, each of which has its own special quality such as agility, speed, strength, and others.


Therefore, we can congratulate you, because you are not limited in your choice, at any time in the gameplay you can change your character class and experience the game from a new angle.


  • Cleric
  • Archer
  • Mage
  • Trickster

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2. Tera

Next on the list is a multiplayer online role-playing game called TERA Online. For the first time this game was released in even more distant 2011, the company Bluehole Studio made the announcement of the game on January 25 in South Korea, in other countries the game was released later.

The release of this game was preceded each time by the stages of closed and open beta testing, but according to our data, this never happened. In our regions, the game publishers are such companies as Gameforge and NHN Entertainment.


The game itself is one of many magical worlds, filled with many locations and quests. It has many features that distinguish it from other games of this genre, for example, in addition to the level of the character and his attack power, the outcome of the battle is very often decided by the right timing and accuracy.

The game has seven races and 13 classes, and whoever you choose, you will definitely find an exciting adventure that you can go through with your friends. On the way, you will find countless multiplayer dungeons, large battlefields, and monsters that differ not only in their size and strength but also in their special bloodlust.

3. Runescape

This is a fantastic MMORPG game with an open world that includes many continents to defeat rivals and learn new skills. You have the opportunity to use an ever-changing and evolving world, where new opponents, skills and quests are waiting for you at every step.

With a huge open world and freedom, you can choose absolutely any road, it all depends on you. Unfortunately, the game is only available in English, but this does not prevent you from playing together with your friends and exploring the locations of the magical world.


Your choice does not underestimate you in front of other classes, no matter who you are, whether it is a wanderer wandering through the magical world and having incredible strength, or a modest farmer who takes care of his garden away from the hustle and bustle of people, monsters and challenges, or even if you are the most pumped and brave hero of the fictional world, who is ready to throw all his strength and skills to defeat the next monster, it does not matter, RuneScape will suit you.

4. Perfect World

Perfect World is a Chinese storytelling game that was introduced to us by Beijing Perfect World. At the moment, this game is launched in many countries and has several different versions. Now the international version is considered to be North American, it was released by Perfect World Entertainment 2.

For the first time, you could go on a journey through the magical world at the open beta testing, which began on September 2, 2008. In addition to the North American version, the English-language Malaysian version of the game is widespread in the world. There are many millions of players in the game community, and you can join them at any time.



The game includes many features, and is more popular than the games outlined above. In the magical world of the game, you can fly around the map without borders, millions of other people play with you, and you can interact directly with them.

On the world map, there are many different dungeons and events, which you can pass not only alone but also together with your friends. The game world is not just big, it is huge, and you can explore it without any cuts.

The game has amazing character customization features, the player has the opportunity to create a unique character, changing his facial features, body, and much more.

You can choose absolutely any style of play, there is the opportunity to conduct countless duels against other players because in this magical world there is a cool cross-server PvP, but if you like a quiet existence on the map and the study of skills and abilities, you have the opportunity to build your own unique house, which you can also change in any direction.

5. MapleStory

MapleStory is a free multiplayer game, located mainly to the children’s audience. The style of the game is made close to one of the varieties of anime chibi. MapleStory came to us back in 2003 and it was developed by the South Korean company Wizet.

Despite all the ease of the mechanics of this game, it has only four parameters, but despite this, the game is quite exciting and gives the impression of completeness.


The plot of the game boils down to the fact that your character is made in the style of anime, armed with certain weapons, exploring the magical world, passing various tasks and quests along the way.

Even if the game is not as popular as the above competitors, fans are very flattering about the game, and reading the reviews you can understand that the game is not as simple as it seems.

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6. Rust

Rust is a multiplayer computer game that has won millions of fans among the genres of survival games. The gaming community first got acquainted with this game on February 8, 2013, it was created by a young British studio Facepunch, at the time of release, the studio was already managed by Harry Newman, he manages it to this day.

In the game you will see an open server with RPG elements, combining DayZ and Minecraft. The main goal of the game is to survive in a huge open world, overcoming various obstacles and fighting with many rivals who are trying to survive just like you, you can overcome obstacles and rivals together with your friends.


The game features a variety of weapons, ranging from conventional axes to machine guns and rifles, so the game is quite similar to a first-person shooter. A feature of the game is the lack of a storyline, which gives the player complete freedom in choosing their path.

The player can test himself in the role of an ever-warring rider destroying everything in his path, or become a calm farmer, build a unique house and protect it from other players with various structures.

7. Chasm

Chasm is an action-adventure movie that fans warmly welcomed in 2018. The plot of the game is that the main character must investigate rumors about the closure of the royal mine.


The main mystery is that dangerous monsters came from the depths of the mine and kidnapped the workers, the player’s goal is to solve the puzzle and our character goes on a journey in which he fights with different types of monsters, learns skills, explores the mine, various catacombs and increases his level.

At Metacritic, this game of the indie genre was rated 72 out of 100, which is not bad, after reading the reviews, we can make sure that the game leaves a positive impression about itself.

8. Legrand Legacy

Legrand Legacy was released on January 24, 2018, exclusively for Windows. The single-player JRPG game was developed by Indonesian studio Semisoft and was published by Another Indie. The game itself is a tactical turn-based game with an unusual camera view in the Japanese style.


Legrand is a beautiful world that was drawn by hand, it is full of many amazing creatures, conceals various secrets of redemption and revenge, which you have to learn and uncover. Join the ranks of Legrand, fight with the chosen ones and establish peace and order in the kingdom!

9. Pillars of Eternity

Pillars of Eternity is one of the many computer role-playing games that leave warm memories after the game. The game was first introduced to gamers in 2015, developed by Obsidian Entertainment, and released by Paradox Interactive for Windows and other operating systems in 2015.

The game is the heir to several games, reminding us of them in design and gameplay. More than $4 million was raised for the development of the game, which at the time was a record for such games.


This game was one of the first games that allowed the player to decide the future fate of his character. Every choice or action that you make in the game somehow affects the fate of your character.

The player will once again experience the many challenges and quests that he will receive during his adventure. The game has the ability to create your own squad, with which it will be much easier to overcome certain obstacles. During the adventure, you will also meet various monsters, while fighting with which you will experience the same excitement, and you will be able to plunge into the world of wonders and experience the classic RPG genre.



The game has many distinctive features: When choosing a character, you have the opportunity to choose any of the six available races: humans, Aumaua, dwarves, elves, godlike and eagles. Also in the game there are five basic skills that will help you get out of any scrape and save you even in the most desperate situations.

The game has deep customization of characters, you can choose from as many as 11 classes in the game.

The player has the opportunity to communicate with any races and groups, the character has the opportunity to go through their own history and regulate the system of their reputation, from any of your actions, will depend on what attitude will be to your character. The open world of the game is very huge and diverse, beautifully rendered.

10. Villagers and Heroes

This is an MMO game that is already played by more than a hundred thousand players from all over the world. The game has a huge 3D world, which is filled with many adventure challenges and quests. In this world, you can meet dragons, mages, warriors, countless monsters, and many players from anywhere in the world.


Explore this world together with your friends, attack the terrible spawn of Malokka, find world fame riding on a white horse or become a brave warrior, killing monsters at the risk of your life. Make costumes, weapons, and cast magic spells on them, improving their strength and power.

Extract minerals, engage in fishing, cattle breeding, farming, the game has a place for absolutely every player, this is one of the most popular games of its genre, it has many different character classes, each player will be able to choose for themselves exactly the one that he likes.

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11. Dragon Age

Dragon Age Inquisition is a popular computer game that is a continuation of the Dragon Age series. The developers announced the continuation of the project in 2011, and the official announcement took place on September 17, 2012. In this game, as in several of our list, every choice has consequences, so before each decision you have to think.

At stake is the future of Thedas and its inhabitants, and you and your character will have to fight with various monsters, which in this mythical world abound. You have the opportunity to create a unique character, choose your skill, skill, or weapon.


You have to go through a long way as the hero to clear this world of evil and darkness, but along the way, you have to make important decisions that affect the outcome of the game. On the way, you will meet monsters that can destroy you at any second, one of them is dragons.

Create a team of your friends and destroy all the dragons, thereby clearing and protecting the people of Thedas from danger. The game has a couple of exceptional features. For example, an amazing story with many choices, here you decide how to arrange the future of Tedas and its inhabitants.

That is why every choice is important, and every action will have many consequences and from each choice, there will be a chain of irreversible consequences, and it is thanks to your choice that your world will not be like someone else’s, and will be as individual as your character.


For the first time in the franchise series, there is such a huge open world, Tedas is open and you can explore it up and down. In the game Dragon Age Inquisition there is a tense strategic battle, there are no tactics and strategies, except for those where you are not killed, and that is why everything in this game depends only on you and your choice.

The right words, time and place decide the outcome of any situation. Any player can create their own Thedas, and become the ruler of this dangerous and diverse world.

There are many different games similar to Mabinogi, each player has their own game, which is more to his taste. Therefore, do not underestimate one or the other game, each game is good in its own way, each game has something different, all of the above games are in the same line and are not numbered, because they are all created with the mind and really from the heart.

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