Contact Wolf Software Review

The address book software is, in fact, a digital database for storing personal data (phone numbers, family info, physical and internet addresses, as well as social media accounts, birthdays, events, and personal comments) of acquaintances, friends, team, or family members, business partners, and so on.

This is especially important for people with a large number of friends and colleagues. Although managing a wide range of contacts in an address book can be very difficult, using reliable address book software will save you a lot of time and energy.

We can also recommend you to check the store management software – manage your inventory just like your contacts!

That is why we recommend you Contact Wolf by Lonewolf. The first thing that is required from the address book is the ability to sort contacts by groups and categories. In Contact Wolf, you can store the contact of the same person in different groups.


And, since we are talking about groups, you can share information from all over the PC with other participants over the network, but at the same time configure the items that will be available to them. This is very convenient for corporate employees.

In our rhythm of life, it is very easy to forget about the birthday of your colleague, so to avoid unpleasant situations, this software offers you to use various kinds of calendars, reminders, and alarms, which can work even when the application itself is inactive.


In addition, you can add links to documents, images, and other files, and go to the editor of these files directly from the application. If you need to make a business card, then you can use a ready-made template, enter your data into it and select the desired number of copies.

If you still have not decided whether this program is suitable for you, there is an opportunity to use the thirty-day free version, and then purchase the Pro. But for those who do not doubt and want to buy the full version of Contact Wolf, the developers provide a discount.

And if you suddenly want to see how your contact is saved on other devices, you might want to get a special app for that.

Paper address books are a thing of the past – now you can store all the information on your computer!

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