Chemin Pro App Review

Do you like puzzle games? If your answer is “yes”, we advise you to try Chemin Pro.

But how should we play this game?

Chemin Pro is really similar to the Tetris game. More modern Tetris games can be found here.

Chemin Pro 1

The game comes with 7 levels. Each level contains 25 puzzles. In total, there are 175 puzzles.

Before you start playing, you should choose the level you want to play – 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, or 7×7.

The major task is to place numbered squares in the ordered sequence. But you should do it taking into account the existing red squares on the board!

So, you can place the squares up, down, right, or left of the previous one to form a continuous sequence to fill the board.

When you are going to add a square on the tile, you should just tap on it. Moreover, you can always undo the last move and reset the game.

Chemin Pro 2

All the players will have to place the smallest numbers first. After that, you can place the higher ones.

One of the best parts there – the app is extremely lightweight. So, the installation process will take just a few seconds!

Moving on, Chemin Pro boasts a very user-friendly interface. Additionally, the game’s design is thoughtfully developed.

For all who loves classy Tetris game, we prepared also this list.

To sum up, Chemin Pro is a very addictive game. So, hurry up to download it – we believe you will not regret!


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