11 Free Baseball Games (Android & iOS)

Sports games attract a huge number of people around the world and give you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite sports even in the online space. For many people, baseball is such a sport.

In the article below you will discover free baseball games that will hep you to gain an amazing experience in your leisure time. Moreover, we would also like to offer you our collection of the best offline basketball games – maybe you will like those as well?

MLB 9 Innings 22

With this app, all baseball lovers will be able to experience the thrill of this sport. During the game, users will be able to participate in various competitions to win first place.

Also, in MLB 9 Innings 22 game, users will be able to see a large number of legendary historical characters, such as:

  • Cy Young
  • Lou Brock
  • Mickey Mantle. 

Moreover, the game developers regularly update team logos, uniforms, stadiums, and more. This gives players the opportunity to fully experience the atmosphere of a baseball game. This game has approximately 2,000 MLB star players and 600 types of hitting and pitching forms.

Users will be able to create the best team and try out different lineups. According to user reviews, the graphics in the game are at a high level. Also, users can play both in defense and in attack modes.

However, some users have noted that the screen size of the device greatly affects the comfort of playing this game. It is much more convenient to play on the big screen. 

Also, some users have encountered too many ads, which sometimes prevents them from fully enjoying the game. But even taking into account a large number of ads, the graphics and convenient gameplay still outweigh the existing shortcomings.


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ESPN Fantasy Baseball

ESPN Fantasy Sports is an app that will allow fans of a wide variety of sports to have fun and enjoy their favorite sports. This game has such sports as:

  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Football.

Therefore, baseball fans will also find their favorite sport here and will be able to play with others. With ESPN Fantasy Sports, users can create their own baseball league or join an already existing league. This will allow users to both play with friends and compete with other players.

Here, users can choose between two game options:

  • Standard
  • Customized.

In the customized version, users can adjust the rules to their liking. Moreover, users can edit their lineups and add players to their teams. In addition, users will be able to receive projections and analyses from trusted fantasy sports experts.

In order to make their teams unique and special, users can search and try hundreds of different team logos. According to user reviews, the app isn’t bad, but sometimes there are problems with accessing it. Sometimes the app crashes and you have to reinstall it to get access again.


MLB Home Run Derby

In this app, users will be able to try their skills at online baseball and compete for the best prizes. MLB Home run Derby users will have an opportunity to play against baseball fans from all around the world.

In addition, winning online baseball competitions will give users the opportunity not only to have fun, but also to win unique prizes.

Also, users will be able to participate in time-limited events that take place every week. By participating in these weekly events, users will be able to unlock new rare characters. 

MLB Home Run Derby will definitely give users a sense of excitement and competition because it has a leaderboard. If users can get to the top of the leaderboard, they will get the best rewards. This way, you will really immerse yourself into this game and want to do your best in all the battles.

Moreover, in this game, users will be able to receive free prizes every day. According to user reviews, the gameplay and the idea of ​​the game are addictive, but still, there are some flaws in the app itself.

For example, one of the users experienced trouble while accessing the game. It failed to open and the user had to reinstall the game and start all over again.



With this app, baseball fans will be able to enjoy baseball game videos both live and recorded. In addition, users can watch highlights from various games to take a closer look at the best moments. 

What is also really important is that users will be able to watch matches in high quality. What’s more, the MLB app provides users with more than just baseball-related videos. Users can also listen to both live and archive radio broadcasts.

Also, in this app, there is an interesting feature called “split view”. It will allow users to watch a baseball game and read the latest news at the same time. In addition to breaking news, users will also be able to view the schedule of matches.

Moreover, users of MLB will be able to view different statistics for different teams, for example:

  • Batting
  • Pitching
  • Fielding statistics.

According to user reviews, this app has everything they need from videos to reviews. This allows real baseball fans to delve deeper into the news about the game and receive up-to-date information regularly.

However, some of the users aren’t particularly satisfied with the convenience of the app. For example, after the update, one of the users lost statistics about the players, which significantly reduced the amount of useful information available.


MLB.com Line Drive

MLB.com Line Drive is an incredibly addictive baseball game for those who want to immerse themselves into an unforgettable world of online baseball.

At each new level, players will face increasingly challenging games that will give them the opportunity to win unique prizes.

In order to improve your progress and receive more points, the user just needs to follow the rules of the game. The main rule and goal of this game is blasting homers outside of the ballpark and sending them crashing through city streets.

Users can get even more extra points for slamming into different objects on the street. Such objects can be:

  • Windows
  • Cars
  • Airplanes
  • Spaceships.

In this game, developers can offer their users a huge number of levels and environments in which users can play baseball and kill time while having fun. The developers offer over 120 levels and six different environments, which include:

  • Yankee Stadium
  • Wrigley Field
  • Comerica Park
  • Globe Life Park
  • AT&T Park
  • Citizens Bank Park.

In order to further increase their score, players can use special cards or boosters with unique abilities. According to user reviews, MLB.com Line Drive is a great fun game to kill time.

However, as many users have written, although the app is fun, it has several significant flaws that prevent you from playing comfortably. For example, finger tracking in this game isn’t well developed, because it is often not accurate, which makes it difficult to win the game.

Moreover, the app often crashes due to ads. Also, many users would like to see updates in the content that developers offer.


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In this addictive and fascinating game, users can create their own teams and achieve unprecedented results in the game of baseball. In this game, users can not only create a special combination of characters and a unique strategy, but also enjoy the fast-paced game.

Moreover, this application has informative statistics about the characters. Therefore, users will be able to easily select the best players to win.

Also, users can customize the players to their taste, making each one unique. Users can change:

  • Faces
  • Body types
  • Batting and pitching motions of the baseball players.

Moreover, users can change players’ equipment. For example:

  • Bats
  • Gloves
  • Glasses.

Also, another advantage is that the Baseball 9 game is available to users offline. Hence, they can play it anytime and anywhere. Users can also develop their players and their skills.

According to user reviews, the game has a lot of details and is entertaining. However, users would like developers to add more details and animations. This would make the movements of the players more natural.

In addition, some users commented on the amount of challenge in this game. They would like the game to be more difficult. 


BIG WIN Baseball

In the BIG WIN Baseball game, users will be able to play online baseball and feel the real atmosphere of the match created by the developers. This atmosphere is created thanks to the many different actions that players can take in this app.

For example, here users can create their own unique team of players that will lead the user to victory.  In addition, here you can fight with opponents around the world. In order to further increase their chances of winning, users can improve and boost the skills of their characters in a team.

Users can improve such skills as:

  • Pitching
  • Hitting
  • Fielding.

As for creating a team, users can also customize their players as they wish. Also, in this game, users can open special cards that can improve many indicators in their progress. For example, cards will help you find new characters and boost the skills of existing players. There are such cards as:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold.

In order to open these card packs, users need to earn coins and bucks by playing games and leveling up.  According to user reviews, it is quite easy to understand how to play this game because it is really straightforward and user-friendly.

Also, users really liked the fact that the game remains at a challenging level and doesn’t get boring or monotonous. However, some users have a few comments about the performance of the app itself.

For example, some users have encountered a problem that is connected to the game crashing periodically. Therefore, users can’t go further than the tutorial in this game, because when they try to click on a character, the game immediately crashes.


Real Baseball 3D

Real Baseball 3D is a fairly dynamic and fast-paced game in which users can enjoy the realism of the game of baseball and feel like on a real baseball field.

The gameplay in this game is quite straightforward and users won’t need to spend a lot of time and effort to figure out how everything works.

All you have to do to swing the bat and watch home runs fly out of the park is tap the screen. In order to ensure victory, players will have to create the most professional team, choosing the characters to their liking. Users can create fairly large teams.

Real Baseball 3D has 3D graphics, which allows users to get the best experience. At the beginning of the game, users can learn some information about their opponent in the match.

Also, during the game itself, users can see the score in the upper left corner. According to user reviews, the game is really interesting and addictive. Moreover, users have noticed that as soon as you update a player or coach, the team immediately starts to play better.

However, there are some remarks about this game. For example, if the developers improved the graphics, added more sound effects, and detailed player movements, then the game would be even more exciting.


Baseball Superstars 2013

Baseball Superstars 2013 is one of the best baseball games for mobile devices due to its excellent graphics quality. It is quite easy for users of this app to perform batting and pitching moves because now these movements have become even more intuitive and straightforward.

Due to the fact that this is a fairly fast-paced game, users can test their skills in online baseball. During training and battling for the first place, users can try out two different mods:

  • My Pitcher
  • My Batter. 

Also, in order to increase their level and progress in the Baseball Superstars 2013 game every day, users can participate in daily quests and tasks. This will help players get extra points. Moreover, here you can fight with your friends and other users to boost your stats.

According to user reviews, this game really stands out for its unique style and detailed visuals. What users really like is that here you can constantly boost your characters and upgrade your team.

However, there are some comments about the need to improve this game. For example, one of the users faced the problem that when they try to upgrade the skills of the character, the game freezes and can’t be played.


Homerun Battle 2

In this game, all baseball fans will be able to enjoy an unforgettable game on the online field. In Homerun Battle 2, users can search for opponents among players around the world and compete with them for the first place. 

Also, here, users can customize their characters to their liking. Users can independently choose such basic characteristics as gender, body structure, and skin tone for their characters. You can also make the character more beautiful and interesting by adding:

  • Clothes
  • Accessories
  • Unique bats. 

In Homerun Battle 2, users can even choose the stadium where the match will take place. Moreover, in this game, there are as many as six different mods. There are mods like:

  • Duel
  • Survival
  • Mission
  • Burning
  • Arcade
  • Training. 

Also, in this app, there is a large community of people with whom the user can communicate directly during the game. According to user reviews, they really like this game because they can break their own records here and strive to discover new equipment.

Users also like that this game maintains an atmosphere of excitement because you can compete with other players. However, many users would like to be able to play the game even without an internet connection.


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Topps Bunt

In this game, users can collect unique cards and fight against other baseball fans around the world. In Topps BUNT MLB Card Trader, users can not only collect cards but also exchange them for other more interesting ones.

Therefore, in this app, users will be able to join the passionate community of baseball fans, who are eager to communicate. This game has a large variety of cards, so users can see new cards every day. 

Users also have access to daily coins and bonuses. In order to unlock special content, users can participate in in-app activities. Moreover, in order to quickly exchange cards and get the wanted ones, users can create cards, Wish Lists, and Trade Lists.

In addition, this app has a wheel, spinning which players can get cards, coins, and more.  According to user feedback, they really like to open new sets of cards and not know what will be in each. 

However, users would like the developers to add more details to the cards themselves, including the backside.