11 Best Games Like Honey Select

At the moment, Honey Select is one of the most popular trending games in the erotic genre. The reason why this game stands out from all the other ones in this category is that it provides unusual options and more realistic gameplay.

The main advantage of Honey Select is that it allows its users to create their own characters. You create a girl depending on your preferences and start developing relationships with her. But what if you want to explore more games like this one?

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To be honest, it’s not an easy task to find similar games on the Internet. However, we tried our best and picked up the best 11 games similar to Honey Select for you!

1. Honey Select 2

Really, what could seem more obvious? The sequel of this game, of course. Now the legendary game is back with improved graphics and even more exciting options.

The game starts with a lady named Fur meeting you and inviting you to the Love Hotel. Leave all the prejudices behind and let out your inner desires.

The game provides the bigger diversity of characters, of the ways how the relationships may evolve, more sex positions and situations – and these all feel as real as never before.


Please note that in order to run this game, your PC must have the following requirements of above:

  • OS: Windows 7 or newer
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or better
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 700 / RADEON R-200 or better
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 8 GB available space

You can download the game from non-official websites only.

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2. AI*Shoujo/AI*少女

This game isn’t an exact copy of Honey Select, but it definitely brings a similar vibe. The main idea is that you transferred to a beautiful tropical island surrounded by many beautiful women. The main similarity with Honey Select is that here you can also create characters according to your preferences.


You will need to take care of your girl and develop a relationship with her. The game is remarkable by some erotic scenes, however, unlike in Honey Select, here you can have sex with one of them.

The graphics and the whole atmosphere is very relaxing and beautiful – and in order to run this game, your PC will need quite a powerful video driver.

3. Real Kanojo

Real Kanojo is another erotic game by the Illusion studio. The graphics of the game is a little bit worse than in the two previous ones, but it still brings a similar sensual vibe.

The main idea of the game is that you get your virtual girlfriend and you have to interfere with her – talk to her, wash her hair, feed her, and so on. A distinctive feature is that each girl in this game is going to have a different personality.


Depending on how well you treat the girl, your relationship will be progressing, resulting in various scenarios, including the intimate ones. This is the aspect where the game is really similar to Honey Select – the sex scenes.

In general, here you can’t create characters from scratch and you have to deal with what you have, but the main similarity is the intimate scenes and options.

4. Sexy Beach Zero

You can tell it right away judging by the name of the game what is it about. It’s really similar to the second game on this list, therefore, it is close to the Honey Select game.

The game is developed by the Illusion studio as well. You wake up on the paradise beach and you can pick up one from 5 women to date with. However, the tempers of those women are not so detailed planned, as, for example, in real Kanojo.


This game is more suitable to play for the sake of playing and for beautiful views with beautiful women. However, even this aspect is quite disputable since the graphics of this game are not the latest technology either.

On the other hand, it means that it will be suitable even for older computers.

You need to flirt with your girl, give her presents, plan dates, spend time with her – and if everything goes successfully you get access to the erotic block of games which are similar to Honey Select.

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5. Kokiatsu Party

The main difference between this game from others is that it’s made in the anime style. Basically, it implies the same idea as all the previous games, but Kokiatsu Party is remarkable for the extended range of settings. You can choose which actions your character is going to do and how he’s going to look like.


It is more an erotic novel and you have to pass through levels. There are some sexual scenes, though they’re not so revealing as in Honey Select. Still, the game brings the similar vibe. It can be also interesting to play since, unlike others, it actually brings a kind of a story for you.

6. Artificial Girl 2

This game is a little bit different in the sense that here you’re going to play for a character in 3rd person, however, it still develops the same idea as all the previous games.

The plot of the game is that you and your girlfriend are stuck on an island but it doesn’t stop you from improving the relationship with her. There is no clear aim in the game and you can do pretty much anything you want to.


You cannot choose the appearance of the main character, but you can choose the appearance of your girlfriend. The graphics are so-so, the game is quite old, so don’t expect something extraordinary. The distinctive feature of the game is it provides quite revealing sex scenes and you can also choose a location for sex as well.

Considering the interference with the girl – you can literally do a couple of actions, except intimacy. All in all, the game has the same genre as Honey Select, but it’s not the exact copy of it.

7. Artificial Academy 2

This game also belongs to the same series as the previous one – with the only difference that here the action takes place in the fantasy academy.

First, you need to create a group of 25 students – you can create each character from scratch, customizing their appearance. The game is made in the anime 2D style. In Artificial Academy, the goal of the game is absent as well – all you do is chasing students and try to flirt with them, and so on.


If your flirting strategy is a success then you can go further to kisses and then to intimacy. A curious fact that in the school you can find the leaderboard of the most popular students. The sex scenes look a little bit clumsy and that’s what makes Artificial Academy worse than Honey Select.

8. Tsumamigui 3

This game will be suitable for those who want to get all the way down and let out their inner desires. Basically, all the game consists of hentai scenes and there is nothing else to do. The animation is 2D. The game has kind of a plot but it’s quite trivial. The range of actions during sex scenes is quite limited compared to Honey Select.


9. 3D SexVilla 2 – Everlust

This is a customizable sex simulation game for your PC. It really reminds us of Honey Select because here you are also invited to the hotel and you can create your own characters. You can choose outfits and pick up each tiny detail of the girl’s image.


Or, you can choose not to create a new character and pick up one of the girls which already exist in the game. There is a diversity of sex positions and no specific aim of the game. The graphics are quite obsolete, and the locations are quite plain.

10. Sexy Beach 3

This is the 3rd part of the popular game Sexy Beach which is, by the way, is quite similar to the Honey Select game. The graphics are improved and the whole atmosphere is enhanced by new details and the extended customization of girls.


The idea of the game is the same: you get transported to the beautiful beach with a bunch of beautiful girls and you can start a relationship with any of them. As you start flirting and she likes you you can go to intimacy and control the process. The game is made by Illusion.

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11. Artificial Girl 3

A sequel of the Artificial Girl 2 game brings pretty much the same idea as to its predecessor – with a difference that here you get improved graphics and the extended possibilities for the customizations of your girl. Fans of Honey Select will find what they’re looking for here – the variety of sex scenes.


The whole action takes place in a mansion, and you can choose how many girls you want to have in there. You can do different actions with them, for example, walk, dance, take bath and so on. You play for a character – and there are no possibilities for its customization.

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