7 Best SWF Player Software for Windows 10

Best SWF Player Software

The SWF format requires special software to play it. Actually, users often encounter this format. It’s especially common among web designers who work with flash animation.  Also, this format has its own advantages. This is a high-quality content playback along with a small size. Given all these advantages, it is clear why SWF files have …

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9 Best Pie Chart Makers for Android & iOS

Best Pie Chart Makers

Pie charts are the best way to visualize information. The ratio of all data to each other is clear from such a chart. A contrasting image is easiest for any audience to perceive. Those who have already tried to create them know that there are many difficulties that can be encountered. However, mobile apps greatly …

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9 Free Crypto Apps With Trading Bots (Android & iOS)

Free Crypto Apps With Trading Bots

Trading bots help automate the process of crypto investing. Thanks to these tools, it is possible to increase the amount of profit and reduce losses. It also helps reduce the risks that affect the results. Such software includes large communities of big traders. They give valuable advice and strategies. Go through this review of free …

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9 Free Apps For Cross Stitchers (Android & iOS)

Free Apps For Cross Stitchers

Mobile apps are an integral part of creativity. They are some of the most important tools that help needlewomen create masterpieces. They are varied, as you will find something unique in each one. There are excellent tools for creating embroidery schemes. Try the tutorial games that will help you learn the basics of cross-stitching. Check out …

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5 Best Dishpointer Apps for Android

Best Dishpointer Apps

Many installers and satellite TV enthusiasts are familiar with the dishpointer. It can be used to determine the direction of the dish to a satellite. In many cases, it helps to determine the possibility of tuning to a particular satellite in a chosen place. Along with that, you do not need to go to the …

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7 Best Anagram Solver Apps for Android & iOS

Best Anagram Solver Apps

Anagram solver apps are designed for different purposes. They are most often used for beating word games like Scrabble. Such apps should have a variety of dictionary sets in their inventory. It makes them more fulfilling and increases the chance of finding a wider range of words. Great services are also characterized by the presence …

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6 Best & Free Youtube to WAV Converter Software

Best & Free Youtube to WAV Converter Software

Youtube is an in-demand platform that has a variety of content but does not allow you to download it to your device for free. It is also impossible to extract audio from a video you like. However, this problem can be solved with the help of special services. They are available to all users without …

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11 Best Write On PDF Apps for Android, iOS, Windows

Best Write On PDF Apps

PDF is a widespread format, which is common for the files of the public domain. Yet, generally, it does not allow you to make edits, which are crucial sometimes. When reading, you might want to leave comments, take notes or sign documents in this format. Basic reader software has no such features. Thus, we have …

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9 Free ePub Readers for Windows 10

Free Epub Readers

One of the common e-book formats is ePub. It is supported by various operating systems. Most programs have all the tools to open such files. Moreover, Windows 10 has native support for this format. Microsoft Edge browser has a built-in stylish ePub book reader. Yet, it is not the most user-friendly software to read ebooks. …

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11 Best Layering Photo Apps for Android & iOS

Best Layering Photo Apps

Photos are an essential part of life that allows us to remember every moment of it. At the same time, we all want them to be perfect so we can share them with friends or post them on Instagram. There are many photo editing apps available, but the best way is to layer photos. This …

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