9 Best Battle Map AI Generators

Tired of spending hours making battle maps for your tabletop RPG sessions? Do you find yourself struggling to come up with new and exciting environments for your players to explore? Well, you’re in for a treat!

Get ready to kick your gaming experience into high gear with the best battle map AI generators out there. These apps let you make cool fantasy maps of all kinds and revolutionize the way you play.

Not only are they fast and efficient, but the AI ensures that every detail is just right. No more wonky lines or misplaced props ruining the epic battle scene you planned. Thus, you’ll have more time to focus on what really matters – strategizing to take down your enemies and emerge victorious. Let’s get into it!


This bad boy is the ultimate companion for all those gamers out there who love nothing more than making unique and immersive worlds. Picture this: you have dozens of hand-drawn tiles at your disposal, a place to make your custom PC, NPC, and FOE tokens, and a chat that is here to take your gaming experience to the next level.

Let’s start with the hand-drawn tiles – they’re gorgeous. You can mix and match them to your prefs, making sprawling maps that will have your players oohing and aahing all night long. And speaking of players, the app lets your friends join in on the action in real-time. No more waiting for everyone to take their turn – now you can all fight side by side.

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, the devs have only gone and added FoW and 2×2 Characters to the mix! Thus, you’ll feel like a genuine dungeon master as you move your players through the murky corridors of winding dungeons, through the dense underbrush of deep forests, or over the snow-capped peaks of mountains.

One of our initial concerns was the need to make an acc, but rest assured, the signup process is quick and easy. And the trial period lets you try out most of the app’s features before committing to a subscription. So far, we haven’t encountered any major bugs or glitches, and the occasional updates and feature announcements are a nice touch.


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Whether you’re a new DM wanting to craft your first dungeon delve or a grizzled veteran planning your next epic campaign, this app is an invaluable tool for bringing your tabletop adventures to life. It makes worldbuilding and session prep easy, letting you focus on delivering an unforgettable experience for your players.

At its core, the app shines as a digital notebook. It’s the ideal place to organize your campaign notes, maps, random tables, and more. The clean UI and intuitive organization tools help you keep all your ideas and plans in order, while the search makes retrieving anything a breeze.

We especially love the links and multimedia options that let you attach pics, docs, and websites directly to the notes. The encounter builder takes the guesswork out of balancing combat, letting you quickly view monster stats, roll attacks, and track initiative and HP.

Meanwhile, the mapping tools let you make custom battle maps populated with digital miniatures, complete with vision blocking, AOE templates, and more. This brings tactical combat to life visually in a way pen and paper can’t match. While the core app is free, premium tools like unlimited maps and bulk image uploads are worth the upgrade for power users.



This app is a gem for all the dungeon masters who want to make immersive and visually stunning maps. Yes, it’s a bit pricier than some other tools out there, but trust us when we say it’s worth every golden piece (or dollar, if we’re being technical here).

First and foremost, the art style of the maps is flat-out gorgeous. You can practically feel the wind blowing through the towering mountains and smell the salty sea air as you gaze upon your creations. And the level of modification is staggering, too. You want a continent with jagged coastlines and sprawling forests? No problem. How about a volcanic island with a sandy beach? You got it.

You can even tweak the landscape to your exact specifications. But what really sets it apart is the way it maintains a consistent art style no matter how complex the map gets. You can add as many layers and elements as you want without worrying about it looking like a hodgepodge of styles.

And let’s not forget about the compatibility with third-party assets. You’ll be able to create fully realized worlds in no time. Best of all, the UI is clean and easy to navigate, so you won’t spend hours trying to figure out how to add a single river.


Are you an aspiring Tolkien dreaming up fantastical realms? Or maybe a dungeon master crafting an immersive new adventure for your party? Well, grab your stylus and ready your imagination, because this platform is here to bring your fictional cartography visions to life.

The app even has a special section and set of items for battle maps! This intuitive yet powerful online map-making tool is a treasure trove for fantasy fans and world builders alike. With its vast lib of pre-made assets spanning settlements, terrain, text, icons, and more, you can populate gorgeous maps with ease. Forests, mountains, rivers, castles, towns – they’re all at your fingertips.

But it’s more than just a medieval clip art gallery. Flexible tools let you sculpt and paint the land itself. Raise peaks, dig ravines, and blend gradients across biomes. The possibilities for crafting unique, organic environments are virtually endless.

Best of all, the sleek UI makes the entire mapping process fun and satisfying. As you add each new asset and terrain brush stroke, your world steadily comes into focus. It’s an addictive creative rush as you sculpt maps to suit whatever grand vision your imagination conjures up.

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Dungeon Alchemist

This tool lets you step into a brave new world of dungeon creation. It’s a map-making platform that takes tabletop gameplay to the next dimension. Forget tedious hours slaving over grid paper or fiddling with lackluster layouts in drawing programs.

This ingenious software leverages cutting-edge AI tech to craft stunning 3D battle maps with just a few clicks. Immerse your party in intricately detailed dungeons, sinister forests, or sprawling cityscapes rendered in jaw-dropping realism. The clever AI analyzes your scribbles and chicken-scratch notes, magically transforming them into gorgeously rendered environments with shadows, textures, and lighting that look almost photographic in quality.

Any DM can instantly become a master cartographer with this one. But the real magic lies in how stupidly simple it is to use. You can pop out professional maps faster than a dwarf chugs ale. Drop 3D assets like furniture, props, and monsters into your scenes to create living, breathing environments.

The first-person view lets you inhabit your map like a game level to find the perfect camera angles. See your adventures spring to life with animated assets like flickering torches, bubbling cauldrons, and zombies bursting out of graves.

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It’s the ultimate battle mapmaker for all your dungeon-crawling needs. This user-friendly software lets you build gorgeously rendered battle maps with ease. The clean UI and intuitive tools make map-making a breeze, even for novices.

Simply drag and drop walls, floors, doors – even whole room templates – into place. The vector-based system ensures your maps look crisp at any zoom level.

The app is also downright fun! The charming medieval art style brings your maps to life, while the smart asset system lets you customize with tons of props, furniture, and other goodies. Throw in slick lighting effects, hidden secret doors, and expansive dungeon generators, and you’ve got one heck of a mapmaking playground!

Best of all, the maps work seamlessly with virtual tabletops. The one-time payment grants you lifetime access, with no hinky subscriptions or licensing headaches.

Of course, no product is perfect, and it has some limitations. Larger regional maps aren’t really its forte. While you can certainly use it to make a world map, the tools are more dungeon-focused. It’s also desktop-only, with no in-browser option. And Mac users beware – it can randomly crash on M1 chips.

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Some dungeon masters need maps like demons need souls – constantly and with an unrelenting hunger. If you’re one of those DMs who can never have enough maps to visually astound your players, give this platform a try. This map-making software has more tools than a dwarven forge and enough customization to rival an even armory.

At first glance, the UI may seem impenetrable but for those willing to delve deep, vast riches await. Hex grids, regional maps, city plans, dungeon blueprints – CC3 can craft them all with beauty and precision. The vector graphics allow for smooth lines and crisp details no matter how much you zoom and pan.

Yet, its greatest strength is its versatility. With add-ons and asset packs, you can capture the flavor of any realm you dream up. Want mystical forests straight from the Feywild? There are tree brushes for that. Gritty back alleys for your urban noir campaign? The city mapping tools can handle it. Mike Schley himself has contributed asset packs, so your maps can emulate the professional ones in the official D&D books.

Just be warned the full suite of the tools demands a king’s ransom – over $1K! While the learning curve may seem as steep as the Cliffs of Insanity at first, the effort pays off.

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Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator

This app is a gem for fantasy writers or D&D buffs looking for a way to bring their world to life. With twelve templates to pick from, ranging from “Pangea” to “Volcano”, this intuitive tool gives an ideal starting point for your map, giving you the freedom to fill in the details as you want.

But what sets it apart? The answer is simple: customization. Not a fan of the randomly generated terrain? No problem – simply use the painting tool to make smth new. And with options to label continents, countries, cities, regions, and even religions, you can divide or unite the map as you see fit.

But it isn’t just a tool for making pretty maps – it also works for building socially and politically driven worlds. Whether you’re mapping out a vast kingdom or tracking the rise and fall of factions, this app has everything you need to bring your vision to life.

In addition to being incredibly easy to use, it is also aesthetically pleasing. Its maps have a stunning level of detail and can be adjusted to fit any genre or style, from high fantasy to steampunk to post-apocalyptic.

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Lastly, we have an app that lets you make a map within mere secs. It’s where words spark magic and fantasy is brought to life,

Now, let’s get this out of the way – it is not your run-of-the-mill app. It’s not for everyone nor for every occasion. However, if you’re the type of person who needs a fantasy map, and you need it fast, then it is your hero.

This app’s concept is not groundbreaking. What sets it apart is its ability to generate fantasy maps with detailed prompts. You can easily make four to eight pics at a time, and add all the things like locations and terrain. Need to avoid a particular element in your map? No problem! You can add an anti-description to filter out any unwanted stuff.

But let’s be real here. Once your map is generated, there’s not much else you can do. It lacks customization options, leaving little wiggle room for tweaking. If you’re a perfectionist, this might cause a slight itch in your brain. However, if you’re in a hurry, this drawback might not mean anything.

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