11 Best Apps Like Lenme for Android & iOS

Lenme is one of the leaders among investment applications. It will help you track the movement of shares, changes in their prices. Plus, you can also be aware of all the latest economical news.

This app gives the user a set of cool investment tools so you can learn something new about the stock market, bonds and futures. You need to buy a paid subscription to use it.

We have compiled a list of the 11 best apps like Lenme. Each app from our list has its features and additional functions. Try them all to find the app that works best.

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Investing.com: Stocks, Finance, Markets & News

Would you like to have a stylish app to track your investments in real-time? Download Investing.com and get a cool financial tool that will help you multiply your money.

The app is connected to world exchanges therefore it only displays the actual data. It tracks global indices, stocks, and other financial stocks. Moreover, you will be notified of all financial events thanks to the economic calendar.

Why is this calendar useful? Firstly, you can fully customize it. Select only those companies and stocks that you are interested in. Secondly, the calendar is automatic. All recent events will be displayed in the calendar.

You can personalize your portfolio by adding personal stocks. Frankly speaking, the app will become your friend in the world of the economy. Open the charts of currencies and even bitcoin.

Set an alarm if the price falls or rises to a specific value. As for the news, the app has smart recommendations that adapt to your preferences. Add promotions to the favorite list so as not to lose them.

Finally, you can join a huge community of traders who will provide you with valuable advice and steer you in the right economic direction. All global indexes are collected in this app.

Investing.com has ads that are not too annoying. If you want to get the same app without ads, you need to download its analog or buy an in-app purchase that costs $100.

Investing.com: Stocks, Finance, Markets & News

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Investmate – Learn to trade shares and derivatives

If you want to learn how to trade the stock market then you should try this app. It will become your friend and reliable assistant. If you are new to investing try dozens of training courses to help you develop your trading skills.

Get tips and advice. You will notice the progress in understanding the world of investment. Moreover, the app has a whole set of economic cases for detailed analysis.

Don’t think that learning will be long and tedious. Each lesson takes only 3-4 minutes. Quizzes are waiting for you to consolidate the material at the end of the lesson. No matter where you are, everything will be on your smartphone.

It needs to be said about the demo account. Create it and start trading. You will not be afraid of the risks because you are using virtual money. Thus you can gain experience in the world of investment.

The app works even if you have no Internet connection. A small addition set a daily course reminder. Choose the most optimal time for you to study. The app will notify you in advance.


Wealthfront: Save and Invest

You will be able to build your wealth thanks to this app. It has a stylish and modern dark design. You will forget about financial problems because this app does all the work for you. Invest, save, borrow, multiply – the app can help you with this.

You will forget about stress. The app has artificial intelligence that selects the algorithms for the ideal investment strategy. If you suddenly need to buy a new car, but you don’t have money, put your capital in shares. There is a high probability that you will be able to increase your money.

Moreover, the app will help you to reduce your taxes. It will notify you of the tax amount. Another thing that makes this app outstanding is finding the perfect stock portfolio. You will be able to fully customize your portfolio and the app will select the most optimal options for risks.

This is also an excellent financial assistant. Add your expenses to the app and it will count weekly expenses and give you tips on how to reduce them. Plus, you can get a monthly plan to cut costs.

There are several disadvantages to this app. Firstly, you won’t be able to change your risks in the app. You need to go to the website to do this.

Secondly, it has financial modeling which is not justified by anything. Sometimes it is unclear why artificial intelligence made such a decision. Despite this, the app has 4.8 stars.

Wealthfront: Save and Invest

StashAway: Invest and save

The next app on our list is going to take care of your financial situation. Create as many portfolios as you like and the app will notify you of all the ups and downs. You no longer need to worry and check your stocks every minute.

Moreover, you can get an investment plan based on your preferences. The intelligent system keeps track of all investment instruments. Along with this, you will need to pay a small fee. It is up to 0.8%.

This is a licensed app that plays under the laws of your country. Plus, you can always contact technical support and they answer any of your questions. The app has two designs – dark and light. Choose the one you like best.

Moreover, you can read financial articles as well as tips. The developers have added a thematic portfolio in a recent update. You can choose the areas of the economy that interest you and invest in them.


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M1 Finance: Yours to build.

This app will not only teach you financial literacy but will also allow you to receive 10% cashback on every purchase. Add your card and start enjoying this great deal.

If you urgently need money, then you can borrow it from the app. This process takes a few seconds. Read the terms of the deal carefully and study the duration and interest rates.

The application will show you the number of your funds and provide detailed analytics of all expenses. See interesting charts of your expenses and try to reduce them. Go to the management section and see events.

You can find out how much money was spent this month and the date of payment. The app will allow you to build a portfolio of stocks and bonds. Each share has a detailed description as well as the level of risks

M1 Finance: Yours to build.

Risevest: Save, Invest, and Earn Dollar Returns

Everyone wants to get rich quickly. Download this app and you will get a great dollar plan. The app will select a capital accumulation strategy for you, as well as provide charts with analytics of your finances.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter how much you start with. Investments take a long time. The app will carefully monitor your money and give recommendations.

It needs to be said that the app has different investment plans for different purposes. If you need to quickly bring funds, try this risky plan. If you want to live a carefree retirement then try a long-term plan.

The app is suitable for those who are just starting to invest. You can read an interesting article about the basic rules of investing in a point, moreover, you can take a course in economic literacy.

The app will analyze your portfolio in detail and give recommendations on how to improve it.

Risevest: Save, Invest, and Earn Dollar Returns

Marcus: Save, Borrow, Invest 

As you may guess by the name this app allows you to save, borrow, and invest. You must be over 12 years old to use it. Marcus has a stylish modern design that is pleasing to the eye. All your finances will be in one app.

You can upload several cards here and see the number of your funds. What’s more, the app will be useful for the spenders. You will find out all your expenses of a day, a month and a year. All expenses are sorted by categories such as food, clothing, transport, and many others.

Know exactly where your money is spent and you will be able to reduce costs. The app does not take additional money for its work.

It is also a large library with useful economic articles. If you are interested in any financial issue, you will find an article on this topic. And finally, the app has a rating of 4.9 stars.

Marcus: Save, Borrow, Invest

Cowrywise: Save and invest. Build Wealth Securely

Financial management is not always an easy task. It’s great to have a financial assistant. Download this app and you will have a huge set of tools for accumulating wealth.

This financial assistant will help you complete a range of long and short-term tasks. Firstly, you can set up automatic savings. Create a piggy bank and the app will save the amount of money every week.

Secondly, you can use ready-made plans to get rich. This is a well-planned strategy that will step by step guide you to wealth. Thirdly, the terms conditions are very favorable. It will be difficult for you to find another bank with such low-interest rates.

The investment section is designed taking into account the latest trends. You can invest in stocks. The app has especially created funds that have minimal risks. You will also receive advice on how to diversify your portfolio to avoid large drawdowns.

And finally, we would like to note that this is an excellent digital wallet. You can store different cards in this app and track your expenses and income for the month.

Cowrywise: Save and invest. Build Wealth Securely

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Prosper: Invest

Do you think it is important to know your financial situation? Prosper helps you stay on top of all your finances. First of all, this app differs from others on our list. You can add a widget to the home screen.

Widgets will help you glance at your financial condition and draw concrete conclusions. A stylish and user-friendly design will help you navigate the app easily.

Moreover, you will find out the amount of your money in the account section. Plus, see your investment portfolio as well as your cashback there. Send money securely. You can set monthly payments or make a one-time money transfer.

We will not describe in detail the investment part of this app. We can only say that it is well developed and does not have any errors.

If you want to control your finances, then study your spending and profit for the month. This is a great opportunity to draw conclusions and cut your costs.

A small addition, the app is rated 4.7 stars and performs well in the market of similar apps.

Prosper: Invest

PiggyVest – Save & Invest Today

Sometimes we are so addicted to shopping that we forget to save money. This app will become a piggy bank for you and teach you how to invest. Carefully read the terms of the piggy bank agreement. Examine the investment instruments of the app.

You don’t need millions to start investing. Just a couple of dollars is enough. Along with the previous apps, you will have access to tons of information about investing. Study the basic concepts and consider specific cases.

Moreover, you can set up an automatic piggy bank. Select the date and time of saving and the app will automatically transfer your money to the piggy bank. Add multiple goals to save money.

You will see how the progress bar changes depending on the amount of money in your account. The only drawback of the app is a temporary investment opportunity. Plus, you need to carefully monitor the number of shares that you can buy now. Otherwise, they all will be sold out.

The app has been installed over 1 million times. The size of the app depends on your smartphone.

PiggyVest - Save & Invest Today

SoFi Invest

This app will become your assistant in the world of finance. What can it do?

Firstly, it will help you to take loans for different amounts. If you urgently need money, then you can get a loan without any problems. The app has low-interest rates and does not charge additional payments.

Secondly, the app will help you keep track of your financial situation. You will find out how much money you earn and spend per month. Plus, you will be notified of the dates for your loans and bills.

Moreover, the shows you which product categories you buy more often and get recommendations on how to reduce costs.

Thirdly, the app is an excellent piggy bank. Create a piggy bank that will collect money without additional payments. Just a couple of dollars a week will be sent to your piggy bank, but in a year you will be surprised what a large amount of money you have saved.

Fourthly, this is a huge investment platform that trades shares and crypto. The app will help you buy anything you want at a low interest rate.

The support service works flawlessly. You can ask any question and receive an immediate response. Moreover, sometimes you can even get a call to explain any question in more detail.

SoFi Invest

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