11 Best Games Like Neopets

Everyone knows this exciting game that immerses you in this fascinating world. Massively multiplayer online role-playing and fantasy video game developed and published by Viacom.

Neopets is a super popular online source where everyone can get a cute virtual pet in exchange for cryptocurrencies. Then you have to take care of it, just like in the real life. Well, we’re in the 21st century, what did you expect!

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What is more, in Neopets you can get not only those classical dogs and cats – you can get a magic creature with its unique abilities and skills. That’s why the game is so captivating and that’s why so many people are searching for the analogs of this game. You can discover the best of those in the article down below!

1. Toontown Online

We considered this game from Disney as the leader of this list. It is a game for children in the popular genre of global multiplayer games.

Traditional MMO elements such as fighting, character development, experience points, and PvP mode are all present here to a greater or lesser extent, and at the same time are under the filter of censorship in chats and other features to protect children.

Players cooperate to defeat the forces of the Gears (a group of robots that aim to make life boring for the residents of Toontown), while familiar Disney animation characters like Goofy and Mickey Mouse appear to help players in this difficult task. In their spare time from saving the city, players can ride a cart to compete in mini-games with each other and earn Jelly Beans, Toontown’s official currency.



There are nine different types of tunas in the game: Bear, Pig, Cat, Mouse, Horse, Dog, Rabbit, Duck and Monkey, as well as various combinations of types, colors and clothing.

The game features the following locations:

  • Minnie’s Melodyland
  • Toontown Central
  • Donald’s Dock
  • Goofy’s Speedway
  • Donald’s Dreamland
  • Chip and Dale’s Acorn Acres
  • Daisy’s Garden
  • Brrrgh

Players can also visit various Gear Headquarters:

  • Headquarters Cashbot
  • Headquarters Sellbot
  • Headquarters Lobot
  • Headquarters Bossbot

In these Headquarters, players act as the leaders of the Gears. After successfully appearing at the Headquarters, the player gets the next part of the highest gear level, to develop the bot characters to eventually reach the highest gear level.

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2. Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters is a browser game of the British company, it is intended for playing for hildren from 6 years old. The main idea of the game is to help the kids to develop a sense of tolerance, justice, and kindness. The game has 6 monster pets to choose from:

  • Diablo,
  • Luvly
  • Katsuma
  • Poppet
  • Furie
  • Sommer

You need to create, name, and raise those monsters. Once the pet appears, players can move around Monster City, complete interesting daily quests to earn Rox (virtual currency).

The company continues to actively use Moshi in the mobile app. Moshi, an app with bedtime stories and guided mindfulness meditations designed for children.

3. Horse Isle

This is a multi-user social network and it will be the best choice for the horse’s fans. In the online game Horse Isle, players meet, communicate, compete, and take care of their horse. Here people of different age categories can have fun, but most of all this game is suitable for children. “Horse Isle” is a completely free game.

All horses in the online game Horse Isle can be trained, taught to jump and run different types. But in addition to training, you will have to take care of your animal: clean up after it, feed it, etc.


The toy has group and single mini-games. What is more, don’t forget to take part in various horse competitions.

The graphics of the game is rather old-school so it will be appreciated by the fans of the retro games. However, for those who are looking for something more technologically advanced, this game might seem a little boring.

The main advantage here is that you can simply go to the website and start playing – no need to install, or do anything.

3. Feral heart

If your kids are fans of the Lion King story, they will surely fall in love with this one game about Savannah.

In this beautiful world, you do not need to move around the locations yourself, for this you are provided with a special vehicle ‘rocket board’. During the game, you can visit the shops and meet other players. And to communicate with your friends, you are provided with an in-game chat.


The feral heart is one of those old-school games where you can start playing online, just right away after creating your account. The game might not be providing the high-end graphics as the latest games on the market, but no one can deny its authentic charm.

You can also download the game if you want. Be ready to plunge in the fairy-tale world of wild animals!

4. Jump Star

Jumpstart is a unique release of Magic, it combines the game format with a ready-made deck and a number of restrictions, transforming the game into a dynamic build with new rules. The main thing that is required to start the game is to open two boosters and connect them.

Each booster contains twenty cards, which are united by a common mechanic and theme.

In addition to the character cards, they contain land maps, so two boosters will be enough for you to start the game.


In addition to all this, the game also has a simple character editor with a choice of different facial features (eyes, ears, etc.); doing simple quests, the ability to hover, quite cute and funny pets, and several mini-games. The game has quite simple graphics, but it does not affect the gameplay at all and does not cause disgust.

In addition to everything else, the game also has:

  • Almost five hundred reprints of maps from previous releases
  • Thirty-seven new maps
  • The cards in this edition are legal in the following formats: Legacy, Vintage, and Commander
  • A rare card in each booster
  • Illustrations of some land maps were printed for the first time

5. Marapets

MaraPets is an online game about virtual pets. The game has a personal map of the virtual world and it is called “Marada”, the game also has its own pets, shops, and many types of in-game currency, including Dukka coins, Marapoints, replenishment points, Baspinar Points, and Baspinar Points.

As it is written on the main website of this project, the game provides a wide range of exciting and entertaining activities, such as quests, missions, and temples.


Initially, MaraPets was aimed at a children’s audience but later became more suitable for teenagers and adults, as the game received a review condemning the use of violence, drunkenness, and cruelty to pets and mini pets.

Currently, the game has 21 worlds with many activities in them. In activities like the Easter Egg Hunt, people must collect clues and complete tasks from all worlds to solve the puzzle.

There’s also the Summer Challenge, another annual Marapet event that involves collecting badges instead of Easter eggs. If we take a look at the game, it seems like it’s truly was meant for teenagers and adults and we don’t really recommend this game to kids under 12.

6. Star Stable

If you like games about magical creatures and esecially horses, then Star Stable will be a true gem for you. This game will take you to the magic world of magic horses, where the friendship between humans and animals is taken to another level.

Be ready to take care of your horse – you need to train it, feed it, clean it, play with it – just like in the real world! The graphics of this game might not be the lastest verison, however, it will be more than OK for kids aged 6-12 and it has something authentic about it.


The main advantage is how much attention the developers put in the details of the magic world where the action is taking place! While playing, you get a feeling like everything is going in the way as it should be and you feel comfortable.

You can also play in multiplayer mode. You will have to pass through missions and solve different riddles – and that’s the element that keeps the game exciting even for adults. Probably, Star Stable will be appreciated more by the female audience.

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7. Goatlings

Goatlings is a multiplayer game about pets. Here you can play a variety of mini-games, explore and find all sorts of treasures. The main idea here – you guessed it – to get yourself a small cute goat and then raise it.

Meet unusual residents and fight back against the invincible Buddy, make and communicate with new friends, open many stores, start a collection and make your own mark in the world of goats.


Discover special books, products, toys, and collectibles. Help your pet with equipment and healing items. Explore mysterious and beautiful landscapes filled with treasures, and in more remote places-with danger! Lure special rare wild goats out of these places. If you do manage to find them, you can get a valuable companion.

The game has cartoon-style graphics which is super cute and beautiful. Once again, it is more suitable for the female audience. Or, it will be suitable for kids under 6 to teach them the basics of care and responsibility. You can start playing online, as soon as you get to the website.

8. RolyPolyLand

This game is designed for children from 6-12 years old. In the game, children can communicate, learn and just have fun. The main goals of the project are as follows a kind, friendly world without any violence. They were able to combine entertainment with educational methods.

The game helps the child to learn something new about the world around him and, first of all, about himself. Adventures in this beautiful world allow children to develop memory, reaction, attention, and creativity. Some more quizzes are based on the subjects of the school curriculum, which will allow the child to consolidate their knowledge.


The developers are very serious about introducing new updates to the game. In the world of RolyPolyLand, it is never boring and there is always something to do and anyone can join in this beautiful world.

Key features

  • Create your own Roly – Create your own round and roly character, known as Roly, and show the world your versatile style!
  • Lots of different things to do-Join clubs, have fun playing games and decorate your own home. Chat with your friends and go on exciting adventures. A wonderful world awaits you!
  • Safe And Secure-Moderators are online 24/7 to help keep the experience safe. Special content filtering ensures that an obscene chat won’t pass.

9. Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is actually one of the most popular games in the industry. You will be charmed by the cute animals that will stay by your side during this game.

Animal Crossing is a large universe that includes several games for several platforms – the most convenient way is to choose the suitable type on the official website and just follow the official download link.


Apart from that, Animal Crossing is remarkable for its advanced animation – the game doesn’t almost include any bugs, as it often happens in other games and the whole motions of the main characters is detaily programmed.

You can get yourself a different variation of the game – on one part you’re going to explore the wild forest with your friends, in the next one you’re going to build a farm, and in another one you need to decorate the house.

Parents will be able to choose the game the most relevant to their kid and this is awesome. The games are mainly available on Nintendo and that’s why we placed it low on our list.

10. Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert’s Revenge

Club penguin: elite penguin force: herbert’s revenge is quite an interesting game that is available for Nintendo. In the game, you play as a penguin agent in a specialized team to stop the evil Herbert’s parting words and continue the PSA story.

It can be that you’ve never heard of this game before, nevertheless, we highly recommend you to try this game at least once. It’s developed by Disney so it’s suitable for all ages and it’s truly something unique for this studio.


Here you will have to pass through various missions and play mini-games, you can earn special coins and upload them to your online account and play multiplayer. The game has 10 missions that the player must complete throughout the game.

The main enemy in the game is Herbert, a polar bear who is also a vegetarian, and your friends and allies are RN, Dot, Rookie, the guy with the jetpack, Gary, and the Director.

Each game pack is provided with a code card that will help you unlock all the items of the online game. You can purchase the game itself on Disney’s official website.

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11. Tomodachi Life

The last but not least we present you the game which is more authentic than the other ones – Tomodachi Life – and probably fans of everything unusual will love it.

The game begins with the player coming up with a name for their island and creating or transferring their own personal Mii.


The whole game starts with the introduction of an island where the main action will take place. You will have to build houses for your family, take care of them, raise kids and so on.

And yes, this game has only a few lines about pets or animals and in some sense, it reminds us of the Sims simulator. However, in this case, it’s like Sims for little kids – the characters look more “cartoonish” and the range of actions that they can perform is restricted to non-violent actions only.

So create your own family – raise children – create funny and beautiful moments and share them with the whole world!

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