9 Free Wall Art Visualizer Apps for Android & iOS

Itching to add some personality to your walls, but feeling a bit unsure about which pieces to select? We know exactly what you need!

With the help of free wall art visualizer apps for Android & iOS, you can solve this issue in a blink of an eye. These apps let you envision how certain art pieces will look in your space before making a purchase or starting to hang them.

It’s a fun and creative way to experiment with colors, styles, and layouts. So whether you want to start a renovation or add personality to your walls, these apps can help. Let’s get into it!


This app is a gem for all art enthusiasts out there. It’s here to help you envision any piece on diverse walls and setups. Firstly, the lib of trending spaces is so carefully curated that you’ll fall in love with each one of them.

And the monthly addition of fresh room selections means you’ll never get bored of the available choices. From minimalistic designs to bold and colorful ones, there’s truly smth for everyone. It’s an easy way to realize how art can change according to the interior.

The best part of this one, hands down, is the option to portray multiple pieces of art at once. It lets you arrange multi-panel and easily combine pics to find the ideal mix. You’ll get to see how it fits together, and it gives a clear pic of the final outcome.

The app also lets you try on various frames for the art to add a sense of realism and put everything together. There are frames in tons of materials and designs, too. The only thing is, if you want to use pics of your space, you’ll have to buy a premium pack too.


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Art Visualizer

If you’re planning to buy a new art piece but feel unsure if it will fit into the setting of your space, you have to try this app. This app makes choosing art for your space effortless and fun. With just a few clicks, you can visualize your fave pieces on your very own walls. Talk about a game-changer! No more buying art blindly and hoping it fits in your home.

One of the things you’ll surely love about this one is its friendly UI. It is clean, simple, and easy to navigate. The app also comes with a ton of great tools, like the ability to filter and sort art pieces. You can search for artists, filter the size, and all that.

The app’s lib of art is truly massive, too. It covers tons of pieces by talented artists from all over the world. It’s like having your very own art gallery at your fingertips! It’s also a great tool for artists and galleries to showcase their work.

You can mark pieces for further buying, make a wishlist and save pics of visualization. And if you’ll ever get confused about how to use it, there’s a simple guide to help you out.



This app is a treat for anyone who loves to decorate their home with beautiful paintings. First of all, the app uses the latest AR tech to envision the pics in any size and frame on any wall. This means you can see exactly how a pic would look in your home before you hang it.

The best part? You can pick from a vast scope of frames and passe-partout to give your art that extra oomph! Plus, you can make individual layouts from numerous images or access the app’s ready-made templates to inspire you.

But that’s not all. The app has a pro toolbar that lets you adjust the frames, passe-partouts, and more. You can even add an extra bg to the piece if needed. Thus, you can make each piece unique and tailored to your specific tastes and prefs.

You can also alter the size of the piece if needed. And the best part? You can save all the designs in your digital gallery for further use. No more guesswork, no more mistakes, just beautiful artwork that looks incredible in your home.



Here’s a handy app that lets you envision how pieces will look at your pale. First off, you’ll certainly appreciate how easy the app is to use. You can either select from its lib of 40 interiors or take a pic of your own room to use as a bg.

And if you want to go the extra mile, you can even purchase walls from their marketplace to add more depth and variety to your pieces (but this one is more useful for artists and gallerists). The app also lets you make mats and frames around your image and also comes with adjustable shadow settings. This really helps you fine-tune the piece to your prefs.

But that’s not all, you can select as many pics as needed, and there are no limitations there. It’s great if you wanna mix multiple pieces to get a more complex look. You can even set your own size ratio and rotate your image.

The app is easy to navigate, and you can easily save your visualizations for further use. The app won’t be able to save it itself, though, so make sure to download all the variations you like.



This app lets you see how that beautiful painting you’ve had your eye on would look on your wall. You’ll get to view artworks and photographs at scale using AR. It’s like having your own personal art exhibit right in your pocket!

Not only can you view pieces from your fave artists, but you can also upload and view your own art here. This is a real game-changer for artists and DIYers out there. No more guesswork or wasted time rearranging your piece until it looks just right.

Speaking of artists, the app also lets you integrate it with your website or e-commerce store. Customers can interact with your art in AR without ever leaving your website. This is a great feature for artists and galleries who want to showcase their collections in an innovative and exciting way.

In fact, you’ll get to discover the top partner artists and galleries and view their pieces in AR too. Envision exquisite artwork in your own home, and contact galleries directly if you fall in love with a piece. With this app, you don’t even have to leave your house to get a new piece.


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This app takes away the hassle of measuring and imagining how certain artworks would look at your home. It’s originally made for artists and gallerists, but you can use it if you’re just an average user too. The UI is beyond simple, you’ll quickly figure out how it works.

The cool thing is, the app automatically scales the artwork to fit your space. No more measuring or guessing! Plus, you can view single or multiple pieces on your walls by simply opening a cam. You can also pick one of the pre-made interiors if needed.

Above that, you can alter the lighting, alter the perspective, and even the angle of your art to ensure it fits in flawlessly. You can also add a frame and mat combo for a fully polished look. The app even comes with a tool to change your wall color in case you’re feeling extra adventurous.

The paid pack covers more customization tools like a gallery profile and all that. It’s helpful if you’re intending to use it as a business tool but totally unnecessary for amateur users.


Insitu Art Room

It’s an ideal app for art buffs, home stylists, and interior design junkies! Do you struggle with envisioning how an artwork will look in various spaces? This app will take the struggles away.

It’s an easy way of previewing artwork, posters, and all that. With just a few clicks, you can see how it will look in a cozy bedroom, a chic living room, a modern kitchen, and even on a stark white gallery wall. It’s particularly valuable for artists, art dealers, and anyone who wants to experiment with pics.

You’ll get to upload a pic of your wall and try out any piece easily. You’ll get to alter the size of the price and try on multiple frames if needed. Plus, the app covers tons of bgs for you to use if needed. The new ones get released every month, ensuring that you always have fresh and exciting options.

Not all of these are available for free users, though, so keep that in mind. The app’s UI is simple and intuitive, so even if you’re not tech-savvy, you can navigate it with ease.



With this one, you’ll never hand an art piece only to realize it doesn’t quite fit with your decor. It’s a simple tool that makes choosing and previewing art a breeze! The app lets you browse through dozens of high-end galleries worldwide and save pieces for further trying.

Then, you’ll get to preview how those will look on your walls with just a few clicks. Say goodbye to guessing whether that painting will complement your furniture or not. You’ll also get to also add your own pictures to the mix, so the possibilities are practically endless.

Want to see how your family portrait would look in a fancy frame? Snap a pic, add a frame, and experiment until you’re satisfied with the result. The app even lets you buy pieces right from artists or gallerists.

The interface is user-friendly, and the colors pop off the screen, making for a visually pleasing exp. The app makes it easy to play around with art options that you’ll find yourself lost in hours of creative exploration.


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Wizart Home Visualizer

And lastly, there’s an app to help you make wise decorative choices. It’s here to help you take away second-guessing when it comes to picking art pieces. This AR-powered tool is a game-changer in the world of home decor. It only takes one snap, and you’ll get to see how certain pieces will look at your place.

No more guesswork, no more online shopping anxiety! The app takes the imagination gap out of the equation and streamlines the whole shopping experience. In fact, it not only works with art but all furniture pieces in general.

You can use it to try new chairs, desks, or whatever else is needed. It’s a one-size-fits-all kind of tool, really. It’s highly flexible and incredibly easy to use, so you’ll easily figure out how it works. You can even use it to buy the pieces you like most.

And if you have a your-related business, you can use the app as a business tool, too. It gives customers a greater sense of purchase before buying.