11 Best Sports Alerts Apps for Android & iOS

Sports events are very frequent and it is almost impossible to keep track of all of them on your own. What makes this process even more difficult is the fact that you may be a fan of several sports whose matches are taking place simultaneously.

Yet, do not rush to get upset, because in this review we have collected the best sports alerts apps. Some of them include several sports, others are dedicated to certain topics. 

We also recommend you the best sports video analyzer software to get a deeper insight into sports events.


The 365scores app is designed for all sports fans. It replaces the daily browsing of a dozen sports sites.

Here you can read the news, find out the scores of current matches, and visit the archive with past results.

But most of all the application 365scores will be useful for those people who have favorite clubs and national teams.

The program offers to mark an unlimited number of such favorites. Soccer teams, basketball teams, volleyball teams, and many others can be found in the list of options.

In the future, the 363scores app will notify you when your favorite team starts its match. As well as inform you of all important events that have occurred in the game.

An interesting feature of the 365scores app is to collect tweets from the most famous athletes. This is mainly concerned with soccer players.

The program also regularly publishes links to videos with the most impressive goals of the game day. What distinguishes 365scores from other similar utilities is its cleverly implemented functionality.

The interface initially seems confusing, but then you get used to it. And we should not forget that the app is not only dedicated to soccer.

The program provides detailed information about the KHL, NHL, MHL, and some other hockey championships. This can also be said about basketball, volleyball, rugby, cricket, and many other sports. It’s nice that the creators think not only about soccer fans.


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The ESPN app is suitable for anyone with an interest in sports. Through it, you can follow hockey, golf, soccer, MMA, boxing, almost all kinds of races, and tennis.

The scheme is classic for all next apps – you can select your favorite teams and the service will put news about them in a separate tab.

You will be notified about team news, the start of the match, goals, cards, and final match statistics.

The match center shows all the sports categories of the day at once, dividing them by species. Inside each of the matches, statistics are available.

After the end, you can find everything, including videos and links to the associations’ profile sites. Also, a special feature of ESPN is the podcasts and videos of the channel’s programs. Suitable for fans of listening to reasoning about sports.

The app has its own widget, which shows the results that are happening at the moment, as well as podcasts. 


BBC Sport

The BBC Sport app is aimed at those who are passionate about various kinds of sport.

Almost all sports where there might be some score. For the other sports, you will also have access to a newsfeed and short results with links to relevant resources.

It turns out that you can follow everything from archery to rowing through the app. The match center presents live results.

Push notifications can be set up in a separate menu, which is very convenient. Here you will see the starting whistle, lineups, goals, halftime whistle, end of the match, and final result. The latest news is displayed in a widget.

There is a lot of information about the world of sports in the app, including interviews and videos. 



OneFootball is a classic app for all sports fans. Here you will be able to select only one team and one national team as your favorite.

The app does not have a separate news portal. Everything is pulled through connected official sources of clubs and international portals.

The match center is ascetic and is divided into two tabs – favorites and all matches.

The first displays the matches of chosen clubs and leagues, the second shows everything else. The match itself has basic statistics, a text broadcast of the main events, and the starting lineup.

The notifications can be activated for a particular match. They are activated for the selected club at once. You can also track substitutions here. The widget pulls the latest news and live matches.

One of the main features of OneFootball can be called notifications. The app can beep 30 minutes before the start of the game, about the start of halves and goals. You can assign your own sound to each of these settings. 



SofaScore is a really cool app. In addition to an impressive database of sports and leagues of all kinds, it has a design that complies with the latest guideline from Google.

The purpose of the app is to let you follow sports events in real-time.

By tapping on the tab of a particular sport, you will see three main sections: “Leagues”, “Games” and “Favorites”. In the first section, you can use pins to mark leagues that are sorted by country.

Marked leagues will move up the list in the “Games” section at the time when there is an activity in them. Tapping on a league will take you to its page, where you can see all the matches of the season, view the live table, and see a list of the top players.

The “Games” tab shows all of the current games and those that are about to start. At the top of the list will be shown the games of the leagues that you have marked in the “Leagues” section. The “Favorites” tab will display the games and teams that you have marked with asterisks.

The teams will be marked in blue, and the games will be marked in green. The “Favorites” tab contains all the available sports that you marked with an asterisk in the app.

There are also lineups with beautifully designed photos of the players. For each player, there is a popup window with brief information about him and live statistics. As a bonus, the app has a toy that can be played online.

The essence of the game is to win a penalty shootout. You can choose one of five points, in which you take turns “kicking” or “kicking back. Besides, you can earn ratings and get to the top. 


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FotMob is an interesting app for soccer fans. The active menu contains all the settings that determine the display of information on the main screen of the app.

Here you can select the league of interest to the user, of which there are currently more than 50.

You will also be able to open the text broadcast of the current match and set up the “Favorites” tab for quick access to the statistics of the tournament.

There is a news section, which contains reviews of soccer matches and popular articles from various resources. The global settings of the application are used to fine-tune the parameters of the displayed information.

There is also a control for extra options, such as notification about the start of the broadcast and current events in the match. The notification system works perfectly. All the necessary data about the position in the standings, lists of players, and other things are available in one convenient menu.

The free version of the app does not have any functional limitations, but you will need to buy a premium mode to disable advertising.


Champions League Official

The official app that works with UEFA.com. Champions League Official is one of the best solutions for fans who care about international competitions.

The developers have provided special sections for men’s, women’s, junior, and international tournaments.

The main screen of the app displays the key events of the last competition days, photo- and video reports, and various news articles.

The active menu contains internal links to the sections devoted to soccer tournaments and tabs of the main sections.

These are news, video, settings, and favorites. By selecting the section of interest, the user enters the archive, where you can see statistics, schedules, videos, and audio podcasts.

Notes about your favorite teams and leagues regularly appear in the notification center. The type of these notifications can be customized.

By default, this app notifies you of all important events occurring in the current match. But if you only care about the final result, just uncheck all the items except the last one in the notification settings.

Then the app will only notify you of the final results. And so you can set up notifications for each team and competition.

The best thing about this app is that it provides access to the main informational content for free. Payment is only required for video broadcasts of competitions.


Formula 1

Formula 1 is the official mobile app for fans of the “F1” racing series. Unlike a huge number of services, it is a truly standalone product that uses only official competition statistics.

During the racing weekends, the main screen of the app turns into a real control panel.

It displays information about the state of the track, racers’ positions, and the characteristics of cars and drivers.

It also shows the weather conditions and a dynamic map where you can follow the race in real-time. The main functions, as well as the application itself, are completely free. Yet, you have to pay for access to the stages broadcast, or buy a full season pass.

In this review, we have mentioned only the main features of this program. But this app is capable of presenting many surprises. You should familiarize yourself with them.


Eurosport Player

The Eurosport Player app allows you to relive vibrant sporting events over and over again.

Besides, you are provided with access to Eurosport, Eurosport2 channels in high quality and live broadcasts. Despite the fact that the app is free, the design and quality are excellent.

The interface is thought out to the smallest detail, and a lot of content will meet the most demanding fan. More than a hundred news items and several dozen videos appear in the program every day.

The news covers almost all popular sports. There are tables of results and live broadcasts of the most important events.

Every week dozens of expert comments are published and there are web-chats with the sports stars and famous sports observers. Video in this app differs depending on the country.

The Eurosport Player app is a must-have on the smartphone of any sports fan. Probably, it is currently one of the most convenient utilities of its kind.


Forza Football

Forza Football is a simple but useful app with information about team lineups, schedules, and match results for over 560 leagues.

There are also polls, discussion forums, and many other interesting trivia. Among the features are also notifications about match starts, goals, or new videos with the best moments of the game.

The first time you start the program, it will ask you to select the teams you are interested in. If you are a passionate fan, it is easier to select entire leagues.

In this case, the program will notify you of all the matches in the selected tournaments. These can be national championships and various cup competitions. For example, the Champions League, and other similar tournaments.

Besides, the tabs have the current position of the teams in the table of the respective tournament. The latest team matches and upcoming games of each team are also available here. All the information comes to Forza Football as quickly as possible.

The app itself is completely free, without taking into account the unobtrusive advertising in the match menu. 


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The GoalAlert app is a real boon for soccer experts. Based on statistical data, it helps you understand the tactics and style of play of many teams.

The main events include red and yellow cards, substitutions, and assigned penalties. For each tournament and even for each club, you can set up separate notifications.

That is, the program can tell you about goals and other important events in the match of one team. For the other team, you will receive notifications about the final score. In the app, the user can view data on more than 1,500 events for each match.

You will also have access to other information, such as the number of goal attempts and the distance from which they were made.

On each match page, you will have access to the main events, information about the stadium where the match takes place, and who is refereeing the match.

At the bottom, you will be able to see the app users’ voting on the expected results, as well as bookmakers’ bets. By tapping on the team, you get to the team page. It provides comprehensive information about the team’s form, upcoming matches, and position in the table. 


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