TheTravelingFox Game Review

Traveling Fox is an online 3D platformer in the genre of adventure with a fox as the main character. The user will have to guide his fox pall through several worlds of completely different subjects. This game is also a cross-platform jump and run app with 3D graphics and open source!

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There will be many obstacles on the way of your fox, which will need to be overcome, using not only gaming experience but also intellectual abilities to solve various puzzles and develop a strategy for passing traps and obstacles, because this will mean the successful passage of the path set by the conditions of the game!


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There are some advantages of the traveling fox that distinguish it from the rest of the jump and run games :

  • Ability to control the character from the third and first-person
  • Gamepad support
  • Absolute lack of price and in-app purchases
  • 4 professionally created levels that are completely different from each other
  • 2 camera modifications and much more!

Moreover, starting from version 20.04, users can use not only gamepads but also other game controllers by simply providing them after installing the game or entering it in the terminal!

A traveling fox is an ideal option for those who want to take a break from the outside world and plunge into a galaxy consisting of different thematic worlds, as well as develop their intellectual and strategic abilities!

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