Suicide Guy App Review

Do you want to play a new adventurous puzzle game? If your answer is “yes”, we have to present to you Suicide Guy. So, let’s read more about its features. First of all, we have to mention that this game is quite lightweight, so you will install it in a few seconds.

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Suicide Guy comes with an involving plot and it consists of 25 levels. All the levels are not too difficult, so you will quickly pass them. The game takes place in the dreams of the main character. Your task is to help him to wake up. Plus, it supports 8 foreign languages and multiple modes.

While playing, you will have to take part in various events. Moreover, you will drive a car, move various objects, search for certain items, and tackle a great variety of challenging puzzles. In general, we have not found any negative comments from users.


However, the only drawback that we have noticed – sometimes this app hangs. By the way, the design fully matches the game’s genre. In Suicide Guy, you will find bright animations, special effects, and colorful locations.

So, we can surely say that this game will not leave you indifferent! We have to note that Suicide Guy comes with a paid version, but it has a quite reasonable price. Additionally, this game offers simple navigation, so everyone will simply manage how to use this app.

What is more, the developer stands firmly behind the game’s quality. Therefore, the app’s version is constantly updated. Summarizing all the points mentioned above, Suicide Guy is a very addictive game – we have played it for days and still can’t get enough.

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Hurry up to try it – we believe you will not regret!


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