9 Best Teenage Driving Monitoring Apps for Android & iOS

For every teenager, getting a driver’s license is an important stage in life. At the same time, it is quite an exciting time for parents, as getting driving experience can sometimes be very risky. 

Drivers, whether novice or even experienced, are often distracted by their phones while driving. But, it can also be used in a positive way. Parents can track the movements and actions of teenagers behind the wheel of a car. 

In this review, we have gathered for you the best teenage driving monitoring apps that will allow you not to worry about the safety of your children. 

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Teen Safe Driver

The Teen Safe Driver program will help teens follow the rules of the road and stay on safe driving habits.

The special technology will allow parents to be more relaxed about their child’s movements. You will know all the details of your child’s movements, violations, and phone use while driving. 

This app will check every trip of a teenager. It will also motivate your child to improve their driving skills to become more experienced and successful drivers. 

The maximum score for each trip is 100 points. The app monitors driver behavior during a trip. For example, it knows when a teen has been distracted from driving when he or she has broken the rules or behaved aggressively on the road. A high score corresponds to good parental behavior. 

The whole family can use this app. Here you will also see the user’s location and their progress. All family members will be able to compete with each other, showing their best results. So, you and yours. Children will be able to form excellent driving skills in a quicker time. 


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This is an app for personal safety and quick help in emergencies and traffic accidents. The free trial period lasts thirty days.

You can create accounts for the whole family and specify frequently visited locations. All movements of family members will be recorded. Three locations can be designated for free.

Help will come if there is no way to talk in a threatening situation. Quick access is from the main screen of the smartphone. In the premium version, you can save up to fifty main locations of family and friends.

When the location changes, all participants of the private chat will receive a notification. There is a GPS tracker that monitors all routes for a set period of time. Each user has the ability to set a timer, after which the rescue services will be notified of the incident.

Voice help is available through keywords, which are introduced in advance. Video monitoring includes broadcasting what is happening around in the family chat.



DriveWell is a special app that will provide you with comprehensive feedback after each trip. This way, you or another user in your group can become a more confident and safer driver. 

This app automatically detects the start and end of your drive. This program uses special sensors of your phone to measure the speed of your car.

This does not use up your battery power very quickly. This is due to the fact that the methods used by this application are based on low power consumption. 

This app is able to summarize different results for certain parameters. For example, the feedback can include information about trips and details about driver behavior. It can also work as a recorder of all your trips. 

The DriveWell app knows how to work in the background and use GPS functionality. You can also buy the DriveWell Tag device to get more accurate trip data. 



The RoadReady app is more suitable for teenagers who are in the process of obtaining a driving license.

Thanks to it, your teenager will be able to improve his or her driving skills and gain the necessary experience. Here you will be able to keep a log of your journeys.

This will help you keep track of the progress your teenager is making as a driver. It is possible to use the application on several devices at the same time.

So, if you’re a parent and you have more than one child, you’ll be able to keep track of everyone. To do this, install the apps on teens’ phones and create a shared group.

The app also helps you determine conditions before a trip. For example, you’ll know the conditions of the road your teen will be driving on or the weather conditions. The driving log can be exported to any format you like so you can print it out later. 

A nice and useful addition for any teenager will be the fact that the app sends recommendations for safe driving. 

The developers warn that the constant use of GPS to track a teenager’s location with this app can greatly affect battery life. But, a teenager will not spend much time driving per day, so this fact is not critical. 



The Hum app is unique because it supports 4G LTE technology, Wi-Fi, NumberShare, and a Bluetooth-enabled speaker.

There is also an emergency button available, which works around the clock. If you have a Hum-branded speaker, you don’t even need your phone to contact emergency services.

You will be contacted directly through the speaker. This is also very helpful in cases where a driver is involved in an accident and has no way to call for help.

This device instantly sends a signal of danger to a special service and after a few seconds, you will already hear the voice of the rescue service. 

Also, a distinctive feature of this service is the car diagnostic function. It will help you to protect yourself from expensive repairs. If the program detects any problems, you will be able to get expert advice from the service specialists. 

The Safety Score function will assess your driving behavior. If necessary, the app will give you helpful tips to improve your driving.

The Crash Response feature is responsible for notifying emergency services of detected accidents. The Stolen Vehicle Assistance feature will help protect your vehicle from theft. It will also show you where your car might be. 

This app has so many different features and functions that it is impossible to list them all in one review. Install it on your phone and check out the rest of the tools for yourself. You will love them for sure!  


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The Autobrain app keeps you and your family safe behind the wheel. It is especially suitable for parents whose children are just beginning their driving experience.

This app has a large number of different functions in its arsenal. For example, it knows how to find a car in real-time. 

You will always be able to make sure that the driver who is using this app is in a safe driving location.

Besides, you will be able to see the map of trips, the number of kilometers traveled and the time spent. The app will rate the driver accordingly when the trip is over. If you turn on child-safe mode, the app will remind you of the child in the car every time you turn off the ignition. 

Teenage drivers will be closely monitored by the service. The monitoring mode will be available in real-time to keep parents up-to-date. If a teenager exceeds the speed limit or makes a dangerous maneuver, the parents will immediately receive an alert with a warning. 

Besides, automatic car diagnostics are available here. For each error that occurs, the app will give you a detailed explanation and tell you what you can do in this situation. 

As in other analogs, if there is an emergency situation, this app sends an emergency signal to the support service. You will then be contacted. If the driver doesn’t respond, the signal will be sent to emergency responders. 

This app would be a great tool for parents whose children are new drivers. 



For today’s families where all members have their own smartphones, one of the best solutions for locating each other is the Life360 app.

In Life360 you can not only see the location of your family or friends but also communicate with them in a public chat room. 

Once the app is installed, users can create private, closed groups of family or friends in the app. The position of all participants is displayed on a built-in map.

This information can be updated in real-time based on GPS data or user checks. This app also provides automatic alerts when individual users appear in or leave a selected geofence. With this feature, for example, you can receive a message when a child leaves school.

Besides, members of the same group can chat together and send other users private messages. This makes Life360 a true family center. A “panic” button is available on the app, sending a message with coordinates and a request to call all group members back.

Given all the functionality of the app, it would be great for monitoring the actions of a teenage driver. 


Find My Kids

The app is designed to track the movement of the child. It should be downloaded to the parent and child’s phone or installed on the smartwatch.

The app displays not only the children’s location but also their route for the day. Sounds around him or her are listened to for the safety of his or her surroundings.

If the child does not hear the parent’s call, you can send an amplified loud one. There is an option to check app activity so that children are not distracted by games during lessons.

If you want, you can connect notifications that come when the child reaches the school fence or any selected location.

Notifications will also come when the battery level is low. You may not use the apps without your child’s consent. Personal data will not be shared with third parties.


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Mileage Tracker by MileIQ

Try this app for tracking vehicle miles traveled. It will add up all the routes traveled into one number. 

The tool is capable of creating a mileage report for work. It is usually requested to pay taxes or refund withheld monies for expenses during business trips.

The information can also come in handy when selling a car and performing other legal transactions.

The platform automatically records the distance traveled, like a paper logbook. It does it as accurately and reliably as possible.

You can divide trips into business and family trips to keep a separate account of the road traveled. It is conducted in the background, without being influenced from the outside.

The trial period is free, and the premium version will open extra possibilities. Using the app is intuitively simple. The laconic design will focus your attention on the most important things.


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