9 Best Apps Like Houseparty in 2024 for Android & iOS

Best Apps Like Houseparty

The Houseparty platform gained enormous popularity due to the possibility for people from different places to get together in an online format for a pleasant pastime. It was especially relevant during the pandemic, when online parties began to appear, where each participant could connect right from home. Now this service has disappeared from mobile marketplaces, …

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9 Best Apps Like DeviantArt for Android & iOS

Best Apps Like DeviantArt

DeviantArt is known for its extensive gallery of artwork, which anyone can visit virtually. There you can find inspiration and new ideas or just enjoy masterpieces. Along with this service, there are also others where you will find more options to browse. Some have a stronger focus on contemporary art, while others will tell you …

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11 Best Apps Like TextNow for Android & iOS


TextNow is a great tool for being in touch with your friends wherever you are. This app will allow you to choose any number. Unlimited voice messages, colorful videos, amazing photos, and much more await you in this app. You can also sync your smartphone with any PC. Everyone has their tastes and preferences, so …

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11 Best Apps Like Lenme for Android & iOS


Lenme is one of the leaders among investment applications. It will help you track the movement of shares, changes in their prices. Plus, you can also be aware of all the latest economical news. This app gives the user a set of cool investment tools so you can learn something new about the stock market, …

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11 Best Apps Like Klover for Android & iOS

Best Apps Like Klover

The Klover app allows its users to get cash in advance. This is very convenient because you can avoid overdraft and other penalties, while not paying any fees or interest. Yet, this service has analogs, which have features that greatly exceed the functionality of the original app. Besides, you can use more than one app …

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