11 Free Apps Like Tempo To Edit Music Videos On Android & iOS

The Tempo video editing app has long been popular with a wide audience. It really does include a lot of great tools that are useful for creating awesome content. Yet, there are other services that are not inferior to the aforementioned app and even have some advantages.

In this review, we have collected the best free apps like Tempo to edit music videos on Android & iOS. Choose the ones that meet your requirements.

If you need to take out the music from any content then use these best apps to extract audio from video.


The Vinkle app is designed for creating and editing videos based on photos. It is designed for novice bloggers on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

The tool allows you to create an original video from a selection of photos, adding various effects, stickers, frames, music, and more. The app has a large number of tools for editing content.

It is possible to insert your own music and use original transitions that will exactly match the sound rhythm. The utility supports more than 300 templates with already added effects. For convenience, they are sorted into thematic categories.

All you have to do is choose the template you prefer and upload your own photos. During the editing process, it is possible to change the size and position of the images.

Note that the template can only be used by adding a strictly specified number of photos. Otherwise, the processing will not start. Created clips are automatically saved in a separate tab. Quick upload to social networks and messengers is provided.


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The VideoFX app lets you record video and apply various special effects. Add a sound or music track and synchronize it with the content. You can also set a delay before you start recording.

After launching the app, you need to select an audio recording. Next, you should start shooting the video at the same time as playing the track. This feature will help you synchronize your movements with music.

During the recording process, you can add various effects. For example, the utility allows you to make the image black and white, multicolor, or blurred. You can set a delay of three, five, or more seconds to be able to get ready to start recording.

Once you’ve finished recording, the app allows you to view the result using the built-in player. The playback speed can be adjusted. Users can shoot video using the back or front camera of the mobile device.

Besides, it is possible to select the resolution. The utility also allows you to record audio in addition to the existing audio track.



With the Triller app, you can record videos and add a music track. There is also auto-editing and a fast social networking feature.

The utility allows you to shoot clips and process them with the built-in editor. More than 50 filters are available. To use the app, you need to log in with a social network account on Facebook, Snapchat, or Twitter.

You can also create a new account by entering your email address or phone number. The home page displays the most popular videos with the most likes and views. You can search for a channel by category or name.

With the utility, you can create your own content and share it with other users. To do this, you need to allow the app access to the camera and microphone. The built-in auto-editing feature allows you to quickly process your video for a perfect result.

Besides, you can add filters and special effects. The utility allows you to create short clips from individual frames.

After shooting, you can add music by selecting a track from the catalog in the app. It is possible to add text, pictures, and smiles. A function of quick publication of the clip in social networks is supported.



The VMake app is designed to edit content and create slideshows. You can use filters, apply music, add voiceover, and convert video to audio.

The app allows you to create videos with music without watermarks. The tool contains many tools for editing. Among them: trimming, gluing, overlaying audio tracks, and so on.

It is possible to copy videos, rotate, mute, and much more. There is also a wide range of effects to choose from. You can add music, transitions, attach stickers, and text. Recording and voiceover are supported.

You can insert a photo into the clip, as well as slow down or speed up it. You can use the app to create a slide show. The service allows you to select photos from the gallery and combine them into a single image. It is possible to edit the slideshow and create a video sequence from them.

You can choose the duration of each image and put a music soundtrack on it. The utility contains a set of effects for processing the slide show. After creating it, you can save it to the gallery.

The app has a built-in converter that allows you to change the format of the files. You can use it to select a video and save it as an audio recording.

The utility is capable of converting the video to MP3 format. You can cut and delete unwanted parts of the audio recording in advance.



The Lomotif app is designed to create videos with music overlay and editing capabilities. It has an extensive collection of free audio files and animations. Share your content on your personal page.

The app has a user-friendly interface and easy-to-follow prompts, so it’s perfect for beginners in video creation. In Lomotif, there are libraries of various music, colorful filters, and template clips available.

All of them can be used for free to create your own videos from the app. Lomotif has an extensive set of editing tools. You can trim a video, add stickers to it from the built-in collection, or put any color and font on it.

The app also allows you to apply filters to your content. More than five options are available. If you register with Lomotif, all unfinished projects will be saved in the app.

Lomotif makes it easy to create videos with music overlay. All you have to do is select the clip you want from the gallery or the built-in collection. Then you need to add music to it from the app’s extensive library.

You can select several elements to add, including photos. Thus, Lomotif is great for creating a music slideshow.

The result can be shared on social networks, as well as saving on the personal page of the app if you have registered. The app has the ability to view pages with videos of other users, leave them likes and comments.



The Vizmato app is a real pocket movie studio. It offers many tools for professional editing. With them, you can create awesome videos and clips and apply any effects on them.

Share stunning results with your friends and acquaintances on social networks. Video saving to the internal memory of your smartphone is supported.

The main feature of the Vizmato app is the number of different functions that can be applied in the recording. Cropping fragments, adding text and subtitles, overlaying effects, and adding music is available.

Furthermore, it supports the effect of slow motion and rewinds video mode. There are more than 40 exclusive effects to give your content a more stylish and professional look.

Another interesting feature of the app is the support for creating GIF files. You can create animated images from the finished video or record actions from one of your smartphone’s cameras.

From short animations, you will be able to create a looping file or stretch or compress it in the timeline.


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With the CapCut app, you can edit videos. Use filters, add captions, stickers, emoticons, and transitions between frames.

After launching the utility, you need to allow access to the photo and video files stored in the smartphone memory. Then you need to select the desired clip from the gallery.

A sequence of frames will appear on the screen. Using the slider, you can control the speed of playback. Besides, it is possible to cut individual scenes and insert others in their place.

The utility also allows you to create extra layers and change the background color. You can use special effects to create a transition between frames. You can also add a soundtrack.

The app contains a large database of music tracks sorted by genre. You can also use your own ones. Save the result as a draft and continue your work later.

If you have finished editing a clip, the utility allows you to immediately publish it to TikTok. To do this, you need to click on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen and select the appropriate item.



Biugo is an entertaining app with which you can create and edit video clips. A large number of templates on various topics are available.

The creation process is as simple as possible and does not require professional skills in video editing.

It’s enough to determine the number of images and import them from the gallery or other source on your smartphone. Once editing is complete, your video can be saved in phone storage.

You can also export the result to the most popular social networks. Send video greetings to your friends and acquaintances in messengers, or post clips to Instagram. The most important feature of the app is a large number of supported templates on the basis of which you can create clips.

The total number exceeds 1,000, with all templates categorized into magic, fun, love, morning, holidays, and more. It should be noted that to use each new template, you need to download extra materials from the Internet.

Another fascinating feature of the app is the presence of a common user portal where they share the videos they have created. You can upload your own clip, or scroll through other people’s content and rate it.

There is a system of analysis of the publications you like to form a list of recommendations.


Video Editor – Video Effects

This program creates spectacular videos for the messengers TikTok and Likee. It has more than a hundred Glitch and other effects.

The user can make the video look like an outdated film, add noise, apply vintage filters and send the result to social networks.

The interface of the app is easy enough: you need to select a video, a photo, or a series of them and click on the button to go to the editor. In it, you can scroll through the content or run it to look at the results of the editing.

If necessary, new photos or videos can be added using the button under the scroll bar. At the bottom of the editor is a panel with tools: crop, proportion, copy, background, cut, and other commands.

This is the primary video processing, it is optional and you can move on to the section of imposing filters and effects. To apply an effect to the desired part of the clip, click and hold on to it. The bar with the effect will be displayed under the frames bar.

Besides, you can put music on the clip, adjust the volume, add stickers and text. When saving, you can also choose the quality and frame rate of the video. It’s also possible to shoot a video with effects and filters, which saves time on editing.

The program has its own camera app with buttons to select effects, filters, music, and frame rate.



The Noizz app allows you to create and edit short videos. You can add music, images, captions, awesome effects, and graffiti to your content. The duration of the processed videos is 15 seconds.

Video is recorded with the camera or selected from the gallery of the device. Any music can be superimposed. It is possible to insert images into the clip by selecting the required time code.

On the faces of people superimposed various effects, of which there are many in the app. Initially available only a few effects, the rest can be downloaded manually for free. Effects are divided into categories for easy retrieval.

To record a video, you need to hold down the button at the bottom of the screen. If the button is released, the recording will be paused. Thus, the user can shoot different places and moments and it will all come together in one video.

On the footage, you can add normal and text effects, graffiti, music, images. Adding them is really easy. To do this, you need to select a certain segment, click on the desired effect, and then hold your finger on the screen.

Using text effects, you can’t leave your own notes, only certain ready-made types of text are available. Graffiti is added in the same way as other effects.

It is possible to upload your own songs or select music from a suggested catalog. It can be superimposed on individual sections as well as on the whole clip.


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Efectum is an excellent video editor that lets you create stunning clips with slow motion, acceleration, and reverse effects.

You can edit videos directly from the gallery and record them from the program. You can trim them and add music.

When you open a video with the Fast tool, you are prompted to trim it with sliders on the sides of the frame row. You can choose not to trim the video and click the “next” button.

After that, the accelerator tool will appear in the form of a normal slider. By moving it, you can make the video play faster. Clicking the “next” button starts processing, during which you will see a sample clip created by another user in this tool.

After processing, the clip is not yet ready and appears still open in the editor. The music, filters, frames, text, and smiles tools also appear there. Clicking the “ready” button displays the finished clip. You can save it to the phone memory or share it on social networks directly from the program.

The Slow tool also offers you to trim the video and, similar to the previous one, you can slow it down with the slider. After clicking on the “ready” button, you select the quality of the content and watch the process.

The Stop tool takes a frame-by-frame picture with a rate that you can set in the program and they are combined into a clip. Most of the window is occupied by video, at the bottom there is a button to turn on/off the flash.

The shooting frequency is set by scrolling the values, next to the button switching the cameras.


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