11 Best Apps Like Periscope for Live Streams on Android & iOS

Some time ago, Periscope exploded the Internet and became the most popular platform for live streams. A lot of users showed moments of their lives live, gaining enormous popularity. With time it appeared in other services, and the Periscope app was removed from all app stores.

Now live streams remain popular among users. As already mentioned, many services have made this feature available to their users. There are also apps that are designed specifically for live streaming.

All of such services have their benefits. Try these best apps like Periscope for live streams on Android & iOS and gather a record number of viewers. 

If you want to listen to music in the background while streaming, then we recommend you these free apps like Spotify for Android & iOS.


LiveMe is an app through which users can broadcast live and communicate with viewers. There is also an opportunity to receive donations.

To use the service, you need to create an account with your cell phone number. You can use your Twitter or Google account for authorization.

After that, you should upload an avatar and add a description of the channel. Then you need to allow access to the smartphone camera and microphone.

You can enter a description of the channel and select one of the available categories. For example, music, dance, talent, communication, or lifestyle. Before you start broadcasting, the utility allows you to use filters. Masks and stickers are also available.

Users can connect audio chat for voice communication with subscribers and viewers. Rewards in the form of virtual coins are earned for the broadcast. In the future, they are used to buying new stickers.

The app allows you to watch the broadcasts of other users in real-time. Besides, it is possible to subscribe to channels. In this case, you will be notified about new streams. While broadcasting, you can send text messages, emoticons, and virtual gifts to the author.


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The Twitch app allows you to watch various live broadcasts. You can download and use it for free.

It has a simple and straightforward interface with great functionality. Instead of targeting the usual personal broadcasters, Twitch targets the gaming community.

This service allows users to broadcast their gameplay, which can then be watched by anyone around the world. Content can be viewed both online and recorded.

The function of starting the streaming from the cell phone is available. Users can also start streams, share their impressions of mobile games, and communicate with subscribers.

Twitch supports chat for gamers to communicate. To use the chat, you need to register on the Twitch platform. After registering, you will be able to write comments to online broadcasts and chat with other users.

In addition to game content, the Twitch app broadcasts cooking, art, music, and more. Watch the content you are interested in, write comments to videos, and communicate not only on game topics. You can use the Twitch mobile client only after registering.

The app features a preview. It reduces the time it takes to find the content you are interested in. There is also a premium version that opens up exclusive game content and ad-free viewing. This premium version is included with Amazon Prime membership. 



Instagram has launched the Live Stories feature, which has gone global. This feature is built into the standard Instagram app.

To stream a live video, simply swipe to the right in Instagram and click on the “Live” option. If you don’t see it, you must update the app to the latest version.

While watching the broadcast, you can like and comment on the user’s live broadcasts.

When you run a live video, Instagram sends a notification to some of your followers. Others can see the “Live” tag in your Instagram story and watch the broadcast.

You can share live videos for up to one hour. They become unavailable as soon as the broadcast ends. Instagram has also added a Live Rooms feature that allows four participants to live stream at the same time.

The update is announced on the blog of the social network. To use the feature, you need to swipe to the left and select the Live Camera option, then add a broadcast title and tap the Live Rooms icon.

The user will then be able to find the guests they would like to share the broadcast with. The interlocutors can be added one by one or all at once. During the broadcast, organizers will be able to use filters for comments and block viewers who violate the rules. 



TikTok is popular because of its diverse content in a convenient format. Yet, few people know that live streaming is also possible here.

Creating online broadcasts is not available immediately and is not for everyone. Account-holders who meet all the requirements of the creators of the network can start the first broadcast.

You will need a verified account in the official TikTok app. The account must be popular. A minimum of 1,000 subscribers. As a rule, new pages reach this number in a few days, of course, when you publish good content.

When you get 1000 subscribers without breaking site rules, the Go Live function is turned on automatically. When the number of followers drops below 1,000, the airwaves are disabled.

Violation of the rules of the app leads to a ban on airing. Using illegal hashtags can lead to blocking. Also, any inducement to actions that are against the law or morality, and violence are prohibited.

With a few simple rules, any user can quickly go live on Tik Tok and delight everyone with new content. Those wishing to start a broadcast in Tik Tok should make sure they are exactly ready to show the audience what is happening.

You start the broadcast from an active account. As soon as “Life” appears on the screen, the broadcast is instantly launched. No extra actions are required, you can show your viewers anything you like. All subscribers to the profile are automatically notified when a new broadcast is launched.

What’s more, information about the current broadcast goes into recommendations for interested audiences. Every successful broadcast leads to dozens of subscribers. There is no time limit for video broadcasts on the network and you can stream on TikTok via your phone 24 hours a day.



Facebook Live is a relatively new tool. Its main advantage is the ability to communicate with your followers by broadcasting a video recording in real-time.

You can watch the video directly at the moment of its recording or after the end of the broadcast.

Videos stay on the page of the recorder forever, which allows you to use them for different purposes many times.

The feature is available in 60 countries, which is a huge advantage for businesses present in the international market.

As mentioned above, Facebook Live is a new tool. Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram have similar functionality.

Yet, the most important advantage of live streaming from Facebook is the fact that it is currently the largest social network. Thus, we advise you to use all of its features to the maximum. 



The YouTube service has added a new Live feature that is available for all channels. Yet, there is a condition: the account must be verified and have a good reputation.

Besides, YouTube Live has added an option from Google+ called Hangout On Air. So, if your YouTube channel has subscribers, it will add popularity to your Google+ account.

Initially, YouTube Live service was available only for a very limited number of users and partners of the company, whom Google trusted to test it. Then it could be used by the owners of channels with more than a thousand subscribers.

Then, this limit was lowered to a hundred. Now the service is available for everyone. YouTube Live transcodes video in the cloud in real-time.

All you have to do is upload a streaming video to YouTube. Notably, the site makes it available in different formats and resolutions for all possible devices.

Besides, the user can show the video from different angles, add titles and ads, as well as keep track of viewing statistics. Viewers can watch streaming video of the highest quality in real-time using any device, as well as freely fast-forward and rewind.


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Bigo Live

The Bigo Live app with the ability to monetize is already used by more than two million users.

You can sign in via Facebook, Twitter, your Google account, or register with your phone number. During a video broadcast, you can comment, like, or give gifts.

The internal currency is “beans” and “diamonds,” which must be purchased in advance. Users actively give each other “beans”, which can later be exchanged for real money.

The app provides complete freedom for action and to show their talents. Most of the time in the app just talk, sing or dance. There are also interesting broadcasts with educational videos, lessons on cooking and makeup.

Before you start the broadcast, you need to give a name and add a hashtag, for easier searching within the app. Broadcasts can be made with both the main and front cameras. After the end of the broadcast, the user gets full statistics on views and received hearts.

The video itself is not saved on the page, unlike Periscope. The latest version features a separate tab with short videos, where users can share videos up to one minute long. You can also apply various filters, stickers, captions, and more to them.

Videos are not deleted and are stored on the user’s page. In the settings, you can add notifications about the start of broadcasts. Clear the cache, hide the location in the profile and add automatic posting to social networks.

In addition to public streams, there is an option to make private two-way and three-way video chats. Girls should like the “beauty mode” that smooths out facial features. The app is not loaded with ads, has an intuitive interface, and is easy to manage.



Streamlabs is an app that allows you to run a streaming stream directly on your smartphone. The main feature of the app is the support of video capture in two modes.

You can broadcast the picture from the camera and the sound from the microphone of the device. Or select the image on the screen and the sound in the speakers as the image source.

You can combine the two modes in any combination. While streaming, the app can display all incoming events. For example, personal messages, displaying notifications of donation arrivals, and much more.

Another interesting feature of the app is support for streaming to many popular streaming platforms. You can connect to your YouTube account and stream to your channel, or send your video to Twitch.

The list of supported streaming services includes more than 20 platforms. Before you start streaming you can customize your dashboard and add widgets to any screen layout. Zooming and overlaying the image from two cameras of the device is supported.

The corresponding menu item displays the full history of events for the current stream. Despite the plenty of advanced features, the app is easy to learn and is great for beginners. It also optimizes quality settings depending on the performance of the device and connection speed. 



Livestream is a live streaming app from the popular Internet platform of the same name.

The utility allows you to open broadcasts of interesting events using your smartphone. To use the app, you need to register on Facebook or an account of this service.

The utility allows you to select the most interesting broadcasts. It has broadcasts about technology, sports, nature, fashion, and other topics.

You can check the items you like to subscribe to the appropriate streams and receive notifications. Live broadcasts will be available in the Live section. You can also track upcoming broadcasts and access the video archive.

The app allows you to find out which of your Facebook friends have a platform account and subscribe to them. Besides, the utility has a Popular section. It contains current and announced broadcasts, as well as known accounts and already added videos.

The utility allows you to view broadcasts using the built-in player. You can open the video in full-screen mode, mute it, and also track how many people are watching and rating the broadcast.


Omlet Arcade

The Omlet Arcade app is a streaming platform through which users can watch broadcasts of games and eSports tournaments. It is possible to create your own team.

To start watching, you need to select the desired game or use the search function by category.

The main page displays the most popular channels. You can communicate with the streamer and other viewers in the chat, as well as receive notifications when the broadcast starts.

Broadcast to other platforms, including Twitch and YouTube, is supported. The app allows you to record videos and save the best game moments.

Besides, players can chat with each other during the broadcast via voice chat. It is possible to join the gaming community to discuss games and tournaments. To do this, you need to log in or create an account with your email address.


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Mobizen Live

Mobizen Live is an app with which you can broadcast live on YouTube.

The utility allows you to set up live streaming communication with your subscribers. The app is designed for active streaming on YouTube.

Mobizen Live is integrated with the largest video hosting, which makes it possible to quickly set up a streaming broadcast. It is enough to log in with your Google account and provide the necessary permissions.

The utility is suitable for game streamers, travel bloggers, and other YouTube users. With its help, you can broadcast in real-time all the actions that take place on the screen of your mobile device.

To do this, you need to click on the floating button that appears after the setting on the screen of your smartphone. It will be active even on top of other apps so that the launching of the utility at the right time will not be a problem.

Also, this app supports the connection of the main and front cameras, through which will be streaming.

It is possible to restrict viewing of the broadcast privacy settings. For example, make the public video open to friends. The Mobizen Live app allows you to post links to send donations. Thanks to this, viewers will be able to send donations while watching the video.


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