9 Best Lightning Strike Alerts Apps for Android & iOS

Tired of being caught in a sudden thunderstorm with no warning? Fed up with getting zapped by lightning when you least expect it? You’ve come to the right place!

We have scoured the best lightning strike alert apps for Android & iOS. These weather apps not only warn you of an impending strike but also give updates on the storm’s location and intensity.

From flashy graphics to accurate forecasts, these apps will have you covered during any storm. Whether you’re an avid hiker or just want to avoid being a human lightning rod, these are absolute must-haves.

My Lightning

Does the crackle and boom of thunderstorms send shivers down your spine? If so, you need to try this app. It comes with real-time lightning detection and alerts, so you’ll always be in the know when a storm is brewing.

Not only does it show you where lightning is striking all around the world, but it also gives you a history of hotspots, so you know where the most action is happening. And if you want to get even more up close and personal, you can view detailed info on the location of the thunderstorm on a map.

It will also send you a lightning alarm when a storm is nearby, so you can sit back and watch all the lightning action unfold in real-time (or have time to move to a safe location). And if you want to share the excitement, you can easily post the info on socials.

The app will also keep you informed on n weather patterns with a real-time radar tool. No matter what conditions are brewing, you’ll be prepared for whatever comes your way. And all that without spending a dime. The ads are there, but they’re not too annoying.


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Lightning Alarm Weatherplaza

If you’re an outdoorsy person or simply want to stay safe when the thunder roars, this is the app for you. It will ensure you won’t get caught in thunderstorms unexpectedly and will keep you updated on threatening situations.

The simple, yet elegant map shows how close lightning could potentially be, letting me make a smart decision whether to continue that afternoon picnic or scurry indoors to safety. The app gives accurate alerts and predicts thunderstorm movement and intensity up to two hours in advance, giving you enough time to plan accordingly.

But what really stood out to us is the message alert that is sent 15 mins before lightning is expected to be around your location. This gives you ample warning to pack up your things, ensuring that you won’t get caught in the middle of a nasty storm.

The app uses HQ weather data that’s combined with high-resolution lightning data for accurate predictions. So, whether you’re hiking, swimming, or simply lounging in the sun, it will make sure you’re safe and informed. The UI is super intuitive, so no worries here.


lightning strike alert

You know what’s more exciting than watching a thunderstorm from the safety of your couch? Being warned about lightning strikes near you before they happen! That’s why you need this app. It will save you from getting caught in potentially dangerous situations.

The app comes with a lightning monitoring tool that alerts you if there is a lightning strike happening within 5 or 15km of your location. And what’s even better, it sends you an alert an hour to three hours before the strike so that you have plenty of time to plan accordingly.

But wait, there’s more! The app is super user-friendly, with a simple UI that even technophobes can navigate with ease. All you need to do is open it and wait for a few mins for the results to display on your screen. However, it’s important to note that for accurate readings, you should keep your device away from metals and other electronics.

It helps you be more informed and confident about how to handle a thunderstorm. You can also easily share the alert with pals and fam if needed.


Lightning Tracker 

This app is a treat for everyone who loves the outdoors but wants to stay safe during thunderstorms. This app is your go-to resource for real-time lightning strike updates near your area or anywhere throughout the continent.

It has an interactive map that enables you to analyze the speed, direction, and intensity of thunderstorms. Thus, you can stay ahead of the game and decide when it’s safe to venture out and when you should stay indoors. It also visualizes the lightning strikes that occurred up to 6 hours prior. With this info, you can monitor past frequency and trends to better prepare for future thunderstorms.

You’ll also get to save diverse locations, so you can check for lightning near your office, home, or vacation spot. Talk about being prepared! And don’t worry about constantly refreshing the app, because it has an auto-updated real-time map that is always current.

Lightning strikes appear as circles on the map and get smaller as they move away from the initial strike location. It also uses color-coding syst that lets you see how recent the lightning strike was.



Here’s an app to ensure you won’t get caught in the middle of a heavy downpour or a sudden thunderstorm without an umbrella. It is the ultimate forecast tool that gives you real-time updates on the location, direction, and intensity of the storms in your area. No more guessing games, you’ll finally know exactly when that storm is going to hit.

Above that, the app will send you alerts if you’re in the storm’s path. So, if you’re curled up in bed and the heavens suddenly open up, you’ll get a warning to you to stay put and wait it out.

Not only does this app save you from getting drenched, but it also helps you plan your day accordingly. You’ll know whether to pack an extra rain jacket for your outdoor adventures or if you should reschedule that picnic in the park.

The app is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The UI is sleek and visually appealing, making it a breeze to find the info you need. Plus, it’s constantly updated with the latest data from satellites, radars, and stations, ensuring you always have the most accurate data.


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It’s a reliable app that won’t leave you guessing whether to bring an umbrella or pack a parka. It covers tons of tools to ensure you’re on top of the latest alerts no matter where you go.

The app prep for anything from a light drizzle to a torrential downpour with ease. Plus, the cloud cover view from space is an especially neat tool that lets you see patterns like never before. You can also bookmark several locations to monitor all the important places at once.

The app is great for keeping yourself safe during storms and other weather emergencies. The app delivers push alerts for marked locations. Whether you’re dealing with tornadoes, hurricanes, or frost warnings, this one has your back. You can also view lighting strikes nearby and set alerts for those too.

You can monitor hurricanes and tropical storms, view forecasts for up to 72 hours in advance, and stay informed about lightning strikes, fires, and other events. All the basic tools are covered as well, so you won’t need an extra app for that.


Blitzortung Lightning Tracker

This app gives a whole new lvl of fun and excitement to monitoring thunderstorms and lightning strikes. This app has some seriously cool tools, from animated lightning strikes to lightning locations and detections that let you see exactly where the action is happening. You can even mark your fave ones to show all their detected strikes.

But that’s not all! The app also covers weather radar tracks, so you can keep an eye on the bigger pic. And the range circles are a clever way to show just how close those strikes really are.

But wait, there’s more! With options like the ability to animate strikes, display detection, and even see your own location on the map, this app has everything you need to become a true lightning connoisseur. You’ll even get to estimate the storm’s intensity.

And if you’re worried about getting overwhelmed with too much info, don’t be. You can adjust the maximum number of strikes displayed and even set the length of time to display strikes before they fade away.


Weather by WeatherBug

This app has everything you may need from a weather tool. Of course, it covers lightning alerts. If you’re someone who is terrified of storms, this is a lifesaver (well, maybe not literally, but you get the gist)

Knowing when a potentially dangerous thunderstorm is headed your way and being able to prepare accordingly will saved you from a panic attack. The lightning maps are also really cool. Not only can you see strikes in real-time, but you can also receive alerts when lightning is nearby. Talk about being constantly in the know!

You’ll get to see hyper-local conditions in real-time, so you’ll always know exactly what to expect when you step outside, no matter where you are. And the animated maps are just the icing on the cake – they give so many options on what conditions you can see. It also covers international forecasts if needed.

The news section is just an added bonus. You’ll stay up to day on all the alerts and events, both locally and globally. The ability to alter weather data and rearrange tiles to your liking is another perk.


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Storm Shield

To wrap up, there’s an app to give you severe weather alerts for your exact location. It covers storm-based alerts, so you can rest assured that you won’t get false alarms about storms that aren’t really threatening your area. And with push and voice alerts, you’ll never miss an important update again.

But it isn’t just about alerts. It covers an HD radar map, so you easily see what’s going on at your location anytime, anywhere. And with current conditions, hourly and daily forecasts, you’ll always be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

You can also save several locations to ensure the safety of your loved ones no matter where they are. And with the ability to view severe alerts on the map, you’ll always know where danger is lurking.

You can tap on alerts to view info and show multiple severe weather layers on the map simultaneously. So, whether you’re facing tornadoes, floods, winter storms, or any other life-threatening events, this app has got your back.