Pursuit of Plasma – Endless Runner Adventure App Review

When you first start the game, you can adjust the volume not only of the music but also of the sound effects, which is very convenient and a big plus for the developers. You can see that the developers thought first of all about the people who will be playing their creation.

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Pursuit of Plasma1

Nice music, you really can’t meet it in every game, and you will surely enjoy the work of the music producers, whose tracks were added to this game.

Pursuit of Plasma2

By combining two spheres you can create a new face color, initially, you have only three colors available – red, blue, and yellow. Each new color gives you a new unique ability, whether it’s a shield or destroying all the plasmons in front of the player. Beware of the white explosive spheres, they will only hurt you.

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Pursuit of Plasma3

Coolest graphics, which on weak devices is not as noticeable as on more powerful, so the owners of cool smartphones can get double pleasure enjoying the colorful effects and animations.

The game is infinite, which means you will play until you make a mistake and die, and then you start again. You compete each time with yourself, set new records, and achieve new heights!

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