Myth Defense 2: DF App Review

A complex strategy, tactics of melee and long-range combat, mathematical calculations, it would seem, an ordinary casual game developed to have fun with fun. In fact, it is quite difficult to win at it, and even a grandmaster will envy the ingenious moves.

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Myth Defense1

What could be more interesting? This constellation of modern classic tower defense games includes Myth Defense 2: DF

The point of the game is that the gamer needs to build a huge number of towers. Together, they form a location in which a military garrison will be deployed.

Opponents will constantly attack you in order to capture and destroy military facilities, and your priority task is to protect your property, repel the attack and injure enemy troops, which will bring additional points in your favor.

Myth Defense2

While playing, first of all, pay attention to the process itself, do not get hung up on achieving a global result in the first few hours. You need to adapt to the game, as it becomes more difficult with each level. The application has a user-friendly interface where you can read detailed instructions.

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In Myth Defense 2: DF you will see a high-quality, colorful image, which, with its brightness and contrast, will undoubtedly delight the player.


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