11 Best Motion Sensor Cam Apps for Android & iOS

Video surveillance cameras are almost everywhere, but they can’t provide complete security. It is also impossible to view camera recordings around the clock, so we recommend you use these best motion sensor cam apps.

Such tools will help to instantly see a moving object, and if it is a criminal, to stop him. By the way, we recommend these best apps to hide apps if you don’t want other people to know that you use motion sensors. 

Motion Detector Pro

The Motion Detector Pro app allows you to install a real motion-detecting surveillance camera in your room.

The app uses your smartphone’s camera as its main tool.

When it detects motion, it takes a picture and sends an email with the relevant information to another phone you specify.

This way, you can remotely watch what is happening in the room. All information is displayed in real-time. You can store the received images in the cloud or in the memory of your smartphone.

This is a free application, the functionality of which is available to any user on a suitable device. 


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Motion Detector

Motion Detector automatically detects motion in the field of view of your smartphone camera. You will be able to see the recording in real-time.

When motion is detected, the app will issue an alarm that you set yourself in advance. The object whose motion has been detected will be highlighted with a square so that you can clearly see it.

This application can also draw a history of the object’s movement. This designation is shown in the form of circles on the screen of your device. Thus, you will see the route of the object that appeared and, if necessary, track its movements.

Thanks to the improvements of the application and a special algorithm, it does not react to the shaking of the phone. Thus, you will not get false information. You can set the permissible threshold of movement, which determines this application, as well as a certain period of time.

Customize camera sensitivity, trigger area, save selected frames, and more. There are a large number of different settings here, with which you can fine-tune this program to your liking.

The camera can be used as the main camera as well as the front camera. Also, this application can work via a WiFi network. This is a quality application with a unique algorithm that sets this program apart from others. 


Motion Detector Plus

The Motion Detector Plus app takes photos of a moving object instantly, so you can use it for security.

The first time you turn on the app, you need to open its settings and select the appropriate settings for you.

If you are using this tool in rooms with low light, the developers recommend that you use a lower sensitivity level.

Once you have configured all the necessary settings, you need to place the device still in the desired location. To start the camera, press the “Start” button, which is located at the bottom of the application screen. There you will also find the “Stop” button.

A special system works here, which shows the level of object movement in percent. The maximum value you set yourself in the settings of the application.

When the readings reach the level you set, you will see a corresponding notification, and the application will take a picture. This program saves such images in the gallery of your smartphone. You can also install an SD card as a storage location.

The sensitivity of the motion sensor can be adjusted from 0 to 100, which depends on the lighting of the room in which the picture is taken. Before you start using it, you can do a test run to make sure that the app works properly and that your settings are accurate. 


Presence Video Security Camera

Presence Video Security Camera turns your mobile device into a portable surveillance system. 

With multiple mobile devices at your fingertips, you always have the ability to check the environment of the room of your choice.

Once you download the app and complete the registration process, you’ll be able to configure the devices. You set up one device as a video camera and the other as a display.

Receiving and transmitting data can take place via Wi-Fi and network. Keep in mind that cellular networks can not provide sufficient data transfer speed. Thus, the picture quality will be significantly lower than when using Wi-Fi.

Video can be transmitted from both cameras of the device. At the same time, you can switch the image on the receiving device with just one touch.

This app has the function “Motion detection”, which allows you to activate the recording when a moving object appears in the frame. In this case, the program records a five-second video clip and sends it to the user’s email. You can also set up and continuous video recording.

The video recording function allows you to work with the display off. Thus, a device configured as a camera will be very difficult to catch in video capture.


PRO Motion Detector Camera

The PRO Motion Detector Camera can scan any area you choose. When it detects a moving object, it takes a picture. In the settings, you can add an email (Gmail) to which this picture will be sent.

There you can also set the detection sensitivity and the number of frames taken. The sensitivity level must be set correctly, because the lower this level, the larger the movements the app notices.

In the interval section, you can adjust the smoothness of the shooting. The standard value here is 1. You can change the sensitivity level from 1 (highest sensitivity) to 50 (lowest sensitivity).

The user of this app is advised to set the value from 8 to 15 or experiment to find the best one. The motion detection alarm can be selected independently from the available options. You can also disable this alarm.

Don’t forget that you have to give the app access to your smartphone’s camera in order for it to work. This application works together with the PRO Motion Detector Viewer, which in this case is the screen and shows the user the video recording.

Once you have all the necessary settings set up, you will have 30 seconds to install the device. Then motion monitoring will begin. Once motion is detected and an alarm appears, you can press the “Reset and Continue” button.

Then, you will have 30 seconds to set the phone in the correct position and start shooting. You can also press the “Continue” button. Then the pictures you took will be deleted and not sent to your email, and the video monitoring will continue instantly. 


Alfred Home Security Camera

Suppose you have an old phone. The Alfred Home Security Camera app will turn it into a webcam with motion detection.

You need to place your smartphone in the right spot, connect it to your home Wi-Fi, and turn it on in camera mode. Then press the button next. Place one cell phone at the location of interest.

Connect both devices to the same Google account. Start the broadcast. To reduce power consumption, tap the Power Saving button. The screen turns off, but your phone doesn’t go to sleep.

If your phone is connected to your Google account, you don’t need to sign in again. There can be more than one camera. You can change the video settings, the name of the source. Motion detection is available.

You can also view video from your camcorder phone from another smartphone. To do this, you need to install the Alfred app on it and select Monitor mode at startup.

You can view the broadcast not only from a second smartphone but also through a browser from a device connected to the Internet.

The program is free. But in this version, the video quality is reduced. You will have to pay for high resolution. 


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Security Camera CZ

The Security Camera CZ app allows you to create a surveillance system using two smartphones. It is possible to track the video recording in real-time and configure the siren.

You need to install the app on two smartphones and then log into them with the same profile. Then turn the Camera mode on the first device and the «Monitor» mode on the second one.

After performing the described actions, it remains to install an auxiliary phone in the right place and enter the utility. It will shoot the actions and broadcast them to the second device.

The app supports motion detection functions. It prevents false alarms and provides high-quality recording.

In the app, zooming, night shooting, and a flashlight are available. When capturing moving objects, you can get high-quality photos. It is possible to connect to Google Drive and save videos to it. It is possible to use several cameras in one system at the same time.

The utility allows you to select the zones of motion detection and configure the activation of the siren. The tracking system can be used by several people. You need Wi-Fi or an Internet connection for this.


Video Surveillance Ivideon

Video Surveillance Ivideon is one of the best video surveillance apps that features motion detection.

You will be able to know what is happening in real-time when you are far away from the location where the video surveillance is installed.

This tool can also record and store videos in your cloud, allowing easy access to videos anytime, anywhere. All videos are recorded in high quality and with sound.

If this program detects suspicious movements, you will be notified to your device and email. To do this, you need to specify the exact data in the settings of the application.

This application has a handy search that you can use to find the videos you need. You will also be able to share camera links with your friends using social networks and other communication services.

Here you will be able to connect external cameras. This application supports most manufacturers. This is quite a popular application that many users like not only for its free access but also for its quality work. 


Motion Alarm

Motion Alarm helps you keep your phone safe from theft and scammers. This app differs from previous ones in that there is no video surveillance.

It records the movement of your phone, not third-party objects. If someone picks up your phone, this program will detect the movement and sound an alarm.

In the settings, you can adjust the sensitivity. At the maximum value, the alarm will be triggered even at the slightest movement of your smartphone.

Yet, all these settings depend on the capabilities of your device. The phone motion alarm will go off even if you have muted your smartphone or plugged in your headphones.

This free app will not only help you prevent the theft of your phone but also keep it safe from people who want to know your personal information or read your correspondence. 


AtHome Camera

AtHome Camera allows you to view up to 9 cameras simultaneously. The program will be convenient for organizing video surveillance of your home, office, or other objects.

Video stream recording with sound is also available. This app is suitable for organizing real-time monitoring and viewing of your home, office, or children while being outside.

AtHome Camera allows you to connect to 9 webcams simultaneously and record video and audio. You can set up the start of recording according to your requirements. You can set up time schedules, motion detection, and remote commands via email.

The program is easy to operate and has an intuitive interface. To set up webcam monitoring, you need to create an account. Then you start AtHome Camera using another phone, on which you plan to view video from the camera and log in under the same account.

Then using the search you add the camera by the previously assigned unique name (CID) and you can start viewing or recording.


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PhotoTrap Trail Camera

PhotoTrap is a tool that turns your smartphone into an entire security system. With it, you will be able to watch what is happening in the room of your choice, while being anywhere in the world.

Your phone’s camera will be the main tool for the trap app. It reacts perfectly to any movement that occurs in the field of view of the camera. During the surveillance, you can record or take pictures.

They will be stored in the gallery of your smartphone or in cloud storage (Google Drive). An indispensable part of the work of this program is to take pictures during the movement of the object in the frame.

Also, these pictures can be sent by this service to your email, which you need to specify in the settings.

Shooting can take place around the clock, it is important that your phone can constantly maintain the necessary charge. All settings (sensitivity, zoom, resolution, and others) you can adjust as you wish. You can also connect an external sensor for motion detection.

In addition to the basic functions, there are also features such as timelapse, remote control of the app from the console, and others. Based on user reviews, this is a great app if you need a motion detection tool. It’s free and has a wide range of features that many similar programs don’t have. 


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