5 Best Long Exposure Calculator Apps for Android & iOS

Photographers know how important long exposure is to quality shooting and how difficult it can be to adjust. It is especially important for capturing moving subjects so that the images are beautiful and not blurry.

Many professionals adjust this setting the standard way. However, advanced users prefer to use auxiliary tools. Mobile utilities have become especially popular lately as they do an excellent job. Thus, we have reviewed these best long exposure calculator apps for Android & iOS.

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Exposure Calculator

Exposure Calculator is one of the most popular apps in this category.

When you start the app, at the top you can select the exposure step you are used to working with. Below that, you specify the camera measured exposure and the density of the neutral filter you prefer.

Still below, you specify two parameters to calculate the new one. This can be an aperture + ISO pair or another pair. The third parameter will be calculated automatically.

Another interesting feature is parameter sync. You can synchronize one or two parameters of the measured exposure and the calculated exposure. In the settings, you can set the appearance of the interface, the aperture range of the lens, and the largest shutter speed of the camera.

These data will be taken into account when calculating the new exposure. If the range is exceeded, you will get a warning. Also in the settings, you can select the style of displaying values for ND filters and for the shutter speed value for cameras.

The app is also suitable for educational purposes. It allows you to visualize the relationship between different parameters. This can help you understand the technique of counting exposure parameters in your mind.


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ND Filter Expert

The ND Filter Expert app is a great solution for getting accurate exposure calculations. There are also helpful instructions on how to choose the right filter.

If you already have your exposure time data, put it in the Favorites section of the app. That way, you’ll always have quick access to that data.

There is a timer here that will save you from having to carry a stopwatch with you all the time. When the time runs out, the app will notify you of a vibration or a selected alarm. You can set this option in the app settings.

This software has an attractive design in bright colors. Its interface will appeal to every user because even a beginner will understand all the tools.


Long Exposure Calculator

The Long Exposure Calculator is an app for efficient and fast calculation of long exposure.

All the necessary buttons are located at the top of the screen. You can use them to adjust the shutter speed, ISO, and aperture. To check all the selected settings, a test shot will be available to you.

If you are satisfied with the result, move on to the next tools. These are located in the second row of buttons. Here you need to select all the necessary settings.

On the phone display, you will see a meter for the required exposure time. Bulb and Time modes are also available. The calculated time can be adjusted by 10 seconds more or less.

The app has an adaptable interface in which all the buttons are extremely conveniently located. The design is done in dark colors, which is sure to please every trendy photographer.


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Camera Exposure Calculator

The Camera Exposure Calculator is the perfect tool for getting accurate readings.

First, you have to enter the current data using the handy sliders. The app will then automatically calculate the exposure based on that information.

Of the extra features, it is worth noting the display of EV value and chronometer. This will also help you get perfect results. The app is done in a pretty nice design. You can take between light and dark design themes.

A nice addition is that the app, despite being free, does not contain ads. It is easy to use and performs all the necessary functions in the most expected way.


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Simple Exposure Calculator

The Simple Exposure Calculator helps you get rid of old-fashioned work.

In the initial data, specify two main parameters. Then add two new parameters so that the program can make the correct results.

The third parameter will be detected automatically. You can add up to 20 stops for long shutter speeds.

Handy timers are also available for exposure. You will receive prompts and instructions throughout the process. This is especially crucial for beginners who are using such a utility for the first time.

The app’s interface is characterized by the convenient layout of all the tools. The design is concise, which will please many photographers.


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