Top 10 Stenography Translation Apps for Android & iOS

Tired of trying to decipher your notes from that last lecture? Struggling to keep up with lightning-fast speakers? You’ve come to the right place!

We’ve rounded up the top stenography translation apps for Android and iOS you could try. These bad boys will have your shorthand transcribed into readable text in the blink of an eye.

These apps can extract text from pics, translate via cam, and even transcribe speech. From simple interfaces to complex tools, these apps will turn your phone into the ultimate transcription tool. Let’s dive in!

U Dictionary

This app is a gem for anyone who wants to break down vocab barriers. Whether it’s for work, travel, or just keeping up with stuff online, this app will help.

One of the top aspects of this app is the fact that boasts a cam translator that can recognize text in over 90 languages. This is a treat for anyone who needs to read signs, menus, or important docs in a foreign language.

There’s also a magic tool that integrates with messengers and other apps like IG. No more copy-pasting text into a separate app or struggling to keep up with translations. With this app on hand, you’ll never miss a beat of the conversation.

Not confident in your verbal skills? The app also has a convo ID that is able to determine 49 accents. Impressive, right? And if you want to improve your language skills, it comes with a grammar check tool to help you get better at writing. There’s even a tool that helps to expand your vocab and a compilation of games and vids that help language learners.


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Microsoft Translator

Well, can you really expect an app from Microsoft to be bad? Of course, it’s bundled with all kinds of tools to cover all your needs.

It has language-morphing superpowers, it works with text, voice, convo, pics, and more, covering 70+ languages. Say bye-bye to barriers, this app will erase them in the blink of an eye.

But wait, there’s more! Picture this: snap a photo or screenshot, and just like magic, it’s translated in a flash. It’s ideal for decoding foreign territories or deciphering menus that might as well be hieroglyphics. Oh, and did we mention the Epic voice ID tool? It’s a game-changer for bilingual convos, complete with a split-screen mode. Total language nerd alert!

And hold your horses, this app’s got more tricks up its sleeve! Verified phrasebooks and pronunciation guides bring out your language-learning pro vibes. It’s like carrying a pocket-size language tutor everywhere. And just for those no-internet nightmares, you can save languages for that sweet offline use. Crisis averted, my friends!

All in all, if you haven’t tried this one yet, you’re missing out on a full-blown language revolution. It’s sassy, captivating, and simply the ultimate companion for globe-trotters and word enthusiasts. It’s also entirely free, and you won’t be bothered by annoying pop-ups all the time.


Naver Papago

Tired of getting lost in translation while exploring far-off lands or working with global pals? This app will become your reliable personal polyglot parrot! With the smarts to identify 13 languages in real-time, the has got your back wherever wanderlust wanders you.

But hold up, it can do more than that. It can also decode and translate text in images, dish out real-time voice renderings, and even go offline. And when it’s one-on-one with a foreign buddy, the convo translation lets you jabber away in each other’s lingo. Talk about smashing those language barriers!

The app’s got a groovy tool that deciphers your doodles, ideal for language learners honing their reading and writing skills. And for those diving into foreign content, the app autopilots itself to translate every nook and cranny of a foreign website, just share the URL.

Above that, the app lets you make shots of text passages, whip up notes, and ace word and phrase memorization. You can simply copy and paste the on-screen text. It’s like having a feathery sidekick right on your screen!



Fed up with stumbling through translations? Well, this app is the ultimate language wingman, bridging the communication divide wherever you go.

Hold on, it gets better! It’s not just great, it’s absolutely free! No strings attached, no paid packs or hidden fees of any kind. Enjoy unlimited access to unbeatable translations without spending a dime.

Don’t let the price tag fool you, the app’s translations outperform competitors like a champ, with a jaw-dropping 3:1 accuracy ratio. Lightning-fast detection, instant results – no waiting around! It comes with a fancy-pants dictionary tool for all your word nerds. You can even get extra context and info on all the translated words.

Each result comes with a few alternatives, so you can pick the one that suits the situation most. It adjusts the results to suit your audience’s tone, whether it’s formal or chill.

Did we mention the app’s mind-blowing cam tool? Snap a pic, point your cap, and voila! No language barrier can hold you back. It can even identify handwriting if needed.



Have you ever scrolled through endless pages of foreign text, desperately trying to decipher the meaning? This app is here to help you with that.

It is a lifesaver for those traveling abroad or simply trying to translate a doc. Using the powerful OCR scanner and translator, you can quickly and accurately scan text and the app will do the rest. It can even work with handwriting and does a great job determining text with complex backgrounds.

It lets you simply snap a pick and have the text interpreted in secs. No more struggling with difficult language barriers or feeling like a clueless tourist, you’ll feel like a language expert in no time.

But it isn’t just for translating written text. The conversation tool uses advanced AI techs for two-way instant translations in real-time. No more awkward language exchanges or relying on a foreign language dictionary to convey.

The app will also save your history, and it’s able to render full-on PDS docs in minimal time. And with its friendly UI and simple controls, even the most tech-challenged person can navigate the app with ease.


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Google Translate

Yeah, yeah, we all know this app, we’ve all used it at least once. But can you be sure you’ve unraveled its full potential? Because it constantly updates with new tools and is able to do so much more than only a year before.

It’s the kind of app that knows its stuff. It covers a vast scope of tongues and surely has a way with words. Plus, there are tools that let you render text from practically any app. Messengers, socials, and even games – no need to copy the text to understand what it says.

Take things to the next lvl with a cam ID that lets you import or take pics for higher accuracy. It’s a gem for travels and times when you need to quickly translate paper docs or books.

But perhaps the most impressive tool is its ability to transcribe spoken words in almost real-time, so you can talk to individuals from all around the globe with ease. Oh, and did we mention it determines handwriting input for a whopping 96 languages? Plus, you can save and star the words and phrases for future use using the app’s handy phrasebook.


iTranslate Translator

If you’re someone who loves traveling but hates the language barrier, then this app is nothing short of a game-changer. It is a lifesaver for those who want to explore diverse parts of the world without being held back by limitations.

One of the most impressive aspects of this is the score of languages it covers. It lets you communicate at any time needed, no matter where you are in the world. You can also use the app’s voice mode to decode speech in real time. This is an absolute godsend when you’re going to a country whose language you don’t speak fluently.

The cam tool is another gem of this app. Have you ever looked at the menu and couldn’t make heads or tails of it? Well, now you can point your cam at it and get results within secs. And the icing on the cake is that it works offline.

Traveling abroad can be incredibly expensive, and roaming charges can quickly add up. This is where the app truly shines. It operates offline and you’ll get to understand text and voice without having to pay a single penny in roaming charges.


Camera Translator 

This app is a treat for those who feel like trying to navigate their way through foreign languages is like a maze of confusion. This app is here to make it way easier and let us tell you, it’s the real deal.

With its advanced OCR tech, this app can recognize and translate anything in over 150 languages. No more scrolling through pages of translation apps trying to find the right language. You can snap a pic, and let the app do the rest.

What sets it apart from others is its ability to detect communications automatically. So whether you’re staring at a menu in French, or reading a sign in Japanese, you won’t have to worry about inputting the base yourself. The app will do all the hard work for you, literally.

And if you’re a visual learner, you’ll love the object mode. Take a pic of an object, and the app will recognize it and translate it within secs. It’s like having a pocket-sized tour guide. And if you’re more of a reader, no problem. The app can scan text and translate it, too. So whether you’re studying abroad or just trying to expand your linguistic horizons, this app is a gem.


Scan & Translate

If you’re someone who loves to explore new places but always gets lost in translation, then you need to try out this app. This nifty little tool turns your phone into a pocket expert, helping you understand anything from menus to road signs and even books.

The app’s cam scanner is pretty impressive. It captures pics or text and instantly renders them into any language, using OCR tech. Yes, you read that right! Say, you’re in Italy and want to read the menu at a restaurant – simply point your cam at the menu and voilà! You can read the dish names in English.

No more awkward moments of staring blankly at your waiter and nodding along in agreement with what you hope is the right dish. The app also covers a smart voice syst that pronounces foreign words for you. Whether you’re trying to impress a multilingual crush, or simply trying to order a latte with the right accent, this app will help.

It even works with handwriting! So, if you’re eager to try out that local delicacy your new friend scribbled down for you, just snap a pic and you’re good to go.


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Lastly, there’s an app that can do it all. It is armed with an in-built cam ID, voice recognition, and even an OCR ID. The top part? It even runs offline, saving you from those nasty roaming charges. Say bye to juggling multiple translation apps!

But it doesn’t stop there. With over 100 languages on its plate, it’s a multilingual marvel. Each one comes with its own special tools, ensuring the most accurate renderings you’ll ever lay eyes on.

The app is able to identify any text may it be books, menus, signs, and whatever else. It’s versatile enough to handle business needs as well, with the ability to work with images, SMS, and even full-on doc files. It’s the ideal tool for anyone who needs to talk to foreigners on a regular basis.

One of the top tools here is a voice one. It lets you have convos in diverse tongues in real-time. Whether you’re touring or just chatting with folks who speak a foreign language, this tool makes communication a breeze.