11 Best Games Like Eroico for PC

Eroico is a retro-style action platformer, originally developed in 2013 by Kyrieru for PC, and later revised for release on Steam in 2018. This is a colorful, lighthearted platformer with monster-girls and adult content, which can be disabled. This game has gained a lot of popularity and a large number of fans all around the world.

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If you want to find games like Eroico, we’ve got you covered. This is a list of the best games like Eroico for PC. If you are looking for something like that, you’ll likely enjoy some of these games.

Adventures of Pip

In Adventures of Pip, as the adventure progresses, the hero gains the ability to transform into a more advanced form of himself.

If in the form of a pixel Pip can soar when falling and bounce high offsprings, in the form of a boy he already bounces from ramps a little worse but is able to cling to walls and bounce off them.

As a knight, Pip gets a sword that he can use to kill opponents and break down some obstacles, as well as to carry things. He’ll also learn how to bounce offsprings and won’t swim underwater, but will go straight to the bottom.

If Pip improves his form by killing a special enemy, he can reset his form and degrade at the touch of a button.

The path of the hero will pass through five worlds and about 40 levels. At each location, he will be able to find caches of treasure and kidnapped villagers.

If saving all three villagers at a location doesn’t get you anything special, the treasure pixels can be exchanged for first aid kits and various improvements in the form of extra health cells increased pixel dropout and damage reduction.


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Pikuniku is a bright, funny, and hilarious adventure that gives an ocean of positive emotions during three hours of passing. 

As a strange creature nicknamed Piku, you wake up in a cave and try to get out, getting acquainted with the main gameplay mechanics along the way.

The main character, though he looks like a red ellipse with long legs, is surprisingly cute. He amusingly rearranges his limbs, jumps funny, and his eyes widen when falling from a height, which is impossible to look at without smiling, even when it happens for the tenth time.

Very soon Piku meets the inhabitants of the neighboring village, who think he is a monster, and lock him in a cage. But the “creepy monster” turns out to be kind, ready to help anyone and everyone, including fixing the broken bridge.

Without the bridge, it is harder for the villagers to grow corn. They need it not for themselves, but for the corporation headed by Mr. Sunshine. His robots collect valuable resources and exchange them for “free money”. 

In Pikuniku, there will be a fight with the corporation and a resistance squad plotting an attack on the robots. But throughout the passage, it remains a sweet and kind story that will delight adults and children alike.

The plot does not sag, all the characters always have something to say in the dialogues. The only pity is that after only three hours the game ends – you want more.

But, it will be a very intense three hours. At first, Pikuniku pretends to be a standard platformer with jumping from one island to another and pushing rocks with crates. But after just a few minutes the game begins to throw up surprises at every turn. 

Despite the short duration and occasional control issues, Pikuniku is worth recommending to anyone who fell in love with the game at first glance at the screenshots. It really is as fun as it seems, and can instantly lift your spirits.

There are no hardcore episodes, the jumps and puzzles aren’t challenging even in the unrelated main story locations and mini-games. Sometimes you want something light, kind, and cheerful, and Pikuniku is perfect for such cases.


Blazing Chrome

The events of Blazing Chrome are set in the future. And here, too, the main characters are two fighters from the rebel unit.

But, they fight not with “aliens”, but with an army of intelligent robots that have taken over the world.

After a small resistance unit received information about a huge power plant, its camp was almost immediately destroyed. Many died in the fire, but not all.

The courageous revolutionary Mavra, as well as the deadly cyborg Doyle, set out for revenge. Tons of torrential fire, nonstop firing in all directions, and mangled scrap metal await them.

At the start, you choose which of these two to play as, although this choice has little effect. Both the hero and the heroine shoot equally briskly in all directions, run and jump from left to right and vice versa, and pick up new weapons. You can also find different defensive or attacking drone-assistants. 

Challenging levels and fights are passed on memorizing the sequence of attacks or the appearance of obstacles. It’s especially fun during the racing stages – even if they’re not as hardcore, but that’s clearly what the authors were aiming for.


Planet Alpha

Planet Alpha is an adventure in an alien environment, to pass which you will have to show wonders of dexterity and ingenuity.

This project combines elements of such genres as platformer and puzzle.

Your nameless hero, waking up all alone in before unseen land, decides to rush forward in search of a safe place. But the reality was harsh to the stranger.

The planet is tormented by a war that has unfolded between its inhabitants and mechanical invaders who know no mercy. Thus, you can only dream of peace, fighting for your life with representatives of both camps.

Most of the time you will be crossing the expanse of the world presented in Planet Alpha. Controlled character, in addition to the implementation of jumps, is able to cling to ledges and various vines, which quite often entwine the walls of ruins and descend into deep hollows.

Also, despite the small body, the protagonist is able to move some elements of the environment. If at first there is nothing remarkable about overcoming platforms and obstacles, then as you explore the planet you will need to understand the time intervals of the objects.

Any delay ends in death. Within some locations the gravity is noticeably weaker, changing the approach to the usual jogging and finding jumping points.

It is necessary to keep in mind the routes of movement and behavior of all sorts of enemies, of which the player will meet on the way really a lot. 

The visuals in the game do not abound in the versatility of the object models. But still Planet Alpha is able to enchant the player with its expanses which open up as the game passes.

When you open the time control, you get a chance to look closely at the changes in the color palette with the solar cycle, all the dynamics of the world around the character.

There are no complaints about the control of the main character. He timely responds to commands, correctly grabs the ledges, and what kills the game, as a rule, is the player’s ignorance and inattention.

By the way, if the character is caught dead, you will start a few seconds earlier before the accident. Thus, you won’t have to play long passages over and over again.


Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy drops you into a randomized castle that’s very reminiscent of Symphony of the Night, not only in its map and exploration style, but also in combat basics, in the feel of the movement, and even in its many enemy types. You jump and slash your way through a 2D map with a

sword and a variety of secondary weapons, fighting the likes of skeletons, flying skulls, and sword-wielding heavies in bulky armor. Obtaining the ability to double jump or dash unlocks further exploration options, allowing you to find better chests that yield better loot. 

The main objective of Rogue Legacy is to explore the dungeon, slay the four bosses, and eventually, defeat the final boss.

The dungeon’s layout is split up into individual rooms and randomized each time, though after a chunk of playtime players will begin to see repeated rooms over and over again. It’s something that comes with the territory.

There are only so many rooms to draw from and everyone is bound to see some repeats. It’s a bit distracting when two identical rooms are back-to-back, but this is far from game-breaking.

Technically this game is great – a stable frame rate, good responsiveness control, which is critical for this genre. 


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Jump King

Jump King is a real generator of pain and hatred. Despite all the anger, the game is able to cover powerful waves of positive emotions. 

Somewhere high, high up on top of a tower is a beautiful girl. Do you want to see her?

Then take control of the hero, the King of Jumpers, and begin the misery-filled ascent of a single giant vertical level, consisting of many platforms.

You won’t be hindered by enemies, you don’t have to worry about weapons or health. This level is your worst enemy. He will not harm your character, but drink all the love and happiness from you, like bloodthirsty Dementor.

Jump King controls are as simple as possible: you can walk and jump. There is only one nuance: the longer you hold the jump button, the farther your character flies away.

The most unpleasant thing about this machine is that you can’t control the direction of King of Jumpers’ flight in the air. Hold it, release it – enjoy the result. 

The game world is divided into different locations. Cities, caves, forests, mountains, and catacombs. Platforms are lined in such a way that any mistake the player gave almost physical pain from the fall.

The poor hero, flying through several screens, lands with his attention-hungry female face in the ground with a characteristic sound. 

Information about the game’s universe is given out in very unusual portions as you make your way through. At the very bottom of the hero meets a grandfather, who regularly makes jokes about the failures of a hapless catcher.

Occasionally there are notes and characters that fuel interest in the passage. Just the chance to encounter something like this looks like a reward because the rest of the time you have to listen to the sounds of jumping and hitting the ground in almost total silence.

At first glance, it seems like Jump King is empty, but it’s full of secrets and hidden locations. There are a variety of items, such as a cap, a crown, or a hubcap. Many of them are purely cosmetic rewards that change the appearance of the protagonist, but there are also truly valuable items. 

It’s easy to understand how this pixel game works, but curbing it is a challenge for the game’s strongest minds.

If you wait until the moment when your fingers start to measure the force of the button, when more and more new platforms appear under your feet and the old ones are erased from your memory, that’s when some incredible bliss and a sense of self-coolness will come.


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 will invite you to join the ranks of the Time Patrol.

You will create an entirely new hero by choosing your race, appearance, and fighting style.

After creating your character, you’re ready for an important mission: saving the time stream from disrupting the flow of time.

You will travel through the years and help great heroes in the toughest battles. Because, for some reason, they could not defeat super-villains, but you can.

When you first turn on the game, you may get the impression that you are in a real MMO. The game offers you a huge online lobby in the shape of a square.

Here you can meet other players, team up and take parallel quests, fight with players one-on-one, and simply chat. The square also contains stores of first-aid kits, clothes, techniques.

Here you can also find heroes of the game, who will teach you useful tricks, you can just take an extremely meticulous training or find a random item.

Through the main places on the map, you can teleport with special bots. Robots can also deliver to inaccessible areas from the ground, from which you can teleport further, to a new location. There are many side activities in the new zones.

In the remote area, you can also take the main tasks of the game, which consists of a time patrol. Local devices find inconsistencies in the flow, after which you have to go to the specified day and hour and stand to help the heroes.

The gameplay is still the same three-dimensional fighting-brawler, where the battle takes place both on the ground, and in the air, and underwater. 

Controls, at first glance, here are quite simple, on the main buttons, you can find: a strong blow, a standard blow, a shot.

Strong and standard strikes are linked in bright and spectacular combos, throwing the opponent far to the side, then back to the ground. In such cases, you have to make a powerful dash to the enemy to catch him and continue the fight.

From job to job you’ll get experience and useful items. Experience brings skill points, that can be spent on boosting the character. Besides, among the items there may be a lot of medkits, that may be useful in the battle, as well as a variety of clothing. 

The game’s artwork is rather insular, just like in the original manga. But all the heroes were recognizable and vivid.

The music is not bad, but there are not so many melodies. As for the Japanese and English voice acting, it’s not bad.


Cosmic Kites

Cosmic Kites game will allow you to look at the classical “Snake” from a new angle.

Taking into consideration the modern tendencies, the game can be referred to as the survival action, where you are controlling some cosmic snake that has to survive among a lot of dangerous enemies.

There are only three buttons for controlling the game, so you can quickly get to the bottom of the gameplay.

However, the game is not easy, because in this game the difficulty is increasing from the time spent in survival.

The whole gameplay takes place on one screen, flying over the limits of which the snake will fly out of the other end. On this screen, many enemies and various power-ups constantly appear. These bonuses are shields, energy rays, acceleration, and more.

The main weapon of your snake is its tail. Over time, it grows by picking up the appropriate bonuses. The point is that if you twist in such a way that the opponent crashes into our tail, he dies. The same happens to you if you don’t dodge in time.

As described above, the controls in Cosmic Kites are very simple. Two buttons are responsible for the direction of movement, and the third allows you to make a short teleport, that is designed to help you in difficult situations.

The mechanics of the game becomes clear after a few minutes of gameplay, which is certainly a huge advantage.

In addition to single-player, Cosmic Kites has a local multiplayer for four players. Each player must defeat the enemy and remain the sole survivor. Considering the simplicity and fascination of the gameplay, playing with friends in this format is a lot of fun.

Besides, quite good in-game music contributes to raising your spirits. It perfectly corresponds to what is happening on the screen.

To play for as long as possible, Cosmic Kites even has several modes, but in general, the gameplay does not change much.

Cosmic Kites is a good example of how to make a game exciting, easy to understand, and hardcore at the same time. The only downside, perhaps, is that there is no online multiplayer in the game.



In RICO, you’re a “loose cannon” police detective and you’ve got 24 hours to solve a case. Up for the challenge?

In this first-person “buddy cop” shooter, you team up with someone beside you or online to take down a criminal organization.

The game features procedurally generated missions and levels, which means it randomizes what you see and what you do, but the activity mostly surrounds taking down a kingpin and his loyal minions.

You’ll roam from room to room using weapons – like pistols, machine guns, grenades, and knives – to eliminate threats, while looking for evidence, diffusing bombs, and unlocking new content.

The game can be played solo if you prefer, but it focuses heavily on the co-op element. There’s also a Daily Play mode, which gives you a fresh objective each day, and a ranked leaderboard for competitive types.

While the concept of the game is fun, this shooter falls short due to repetitive play, technical bugs, less-than-smart AI, and other assorted issues.

While there’s variety in Rico’s missions, weapons, and building layouts of its four main environments, it really doesn’t feel that different.

It’s usually a combination of “kick in the door, clean room with weapons, collect something, and move on.” Even the environments tend to look alike.

Unfortunately, there are many technical issues, ranging from “clipping” glitches, as well to freezing and crashing, too. A recent update fixed some but not all of these problems. The game also doesn’t look so good visually, and without music, it feels empty.

The concept is great – a fast-paced cooperative “buddy cop” movie experience, not to mention, procedurally generated content and a daily challenge – but the overall experience is mediocre at best.


Nimble Quest

From the first minute Nimble Quest suggests that in the realm of the snake, where it would seem that everything has long been settled and no changes should be expected, there has been a kind of revolution.

No, of course, this does not mean that your phones and tablets will no longer have the classic snake – it’s not going anywhere. But the fact that Nimble Quest is innovation is certainly worth acknowledging. 

Your first character is a knight named Ulrich, who hits one square in front of you. Going forward a bit, you’ll unlock several more units, each with different characteristics, type, and attack distance.

Discovering the new hero, you get the opportunity to add him to your snake, thereby increasing the power of your attacks. There are 16 heroes in the game, but it is not so easy to open them. 

There’s no innovation here. Skeletons, goblins, knights, rats – in general, the complete set. They move, by the way, also in snakes, and you’d better not crash into them.

When they die, they leave nothing but one of three colors of crystals, a temporary buff, or a hero icon that will immediately replenish your team.

In this game, you can level up your heroes. But, all you can do is invest a certain amount of crystals in the bright future of your heroes.

The price for the first star is about 1000 crystals. You can get them pretty quickly. There are three upgrades in total, and each of them has a considerable increase in attack, defense, speed, and so on.


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Unbound: Worlds Apart

The world is a dangerous place, as is the other, second world that the little wizard in Unbound: Worlds Apart can open portals to.

It’s a vaguely Limbo-ish puzzle platformer with a dimension-hopping twist.

Floppy-hatted spellcaster Soli can open bubbles of an alternate reality, solving puzzles by revealing and briefly entering a second world that may be just as hostile as your own.

Unbound: Worlds Apart is a 2D fantasy puzzle-platformer about a wee wizard named Soli who can open magical portals that enable him to travel through different realities.

His abilities are put to the test when his own world is destroyed by a conjuring catastrophe, and it falls to him to figure out what happened and why—and maybe set things right.   

Soli doesn’t have any weapons at his disposal but the portals he can open enable him to get around obstacles in some pretty clever ways, and he can also illuminate the darkness to reveal the occasional unpleasant surprise – although only when he’s standing still. 

It’s visually reminiscent of Limbo but more colorful and conversational and not quite so oppressively gloomy. 

Unlike Limbo, death doesn’t seem to be lurking around every unseen corner. Your ability to open up bubble-portals to the other world at least lets you see what threats are lurking there, and there’s some interesting mirroring of moving objects going on to enable some potentially clever puzzles.

It looks like the game plays around with the bubbles a bit, too. In some cases, they’ve cast a distance in front of the player. In other cases, it’s a circle linked to the player’s movement. 


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