DRevitalize Software Review

Repair, diagnostics, and restoration of hard drives remain and a problem at the present time. Hard drives have a complex structure and structure and often fail.

That is why the DRevitalize program developed which recovers bad sectors in magnetic media. Everything happens automatically. The user just needs to select the required parameters. No registration is required to get started.

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At the first launch of the program, users will see the number of sectors on their screen. Run DRevitalize check to recover bad sectors. The convenient and intuitive interface allows you to understand all the results.


DRevitalize includes a single control window where the entire workflow takes place. Everything is simple and straightforward, it is enough to choose a hard drive and follow the recommendations. The program will lead all the searches for a solution. The user just needs to follow the diagnostics to get the result.

If you have any actions or problems, read additional information on the use or contact those support, which will answer your questions as soon as possible. It is enough to fill out your question and send it to the support specialists.

DRevitalize designed in classic black and blue shades. No distractions or unnecessary elements. It’s easy to focus on the workflow.


The process is very simple. The user should select a hard disk and press “START”. Then you should select “Scan and repair – read test”. Then you will get the field “Refresh slow sectors”, enter “yes” and press START. The diagnostic process will start. The user only has to wait for the results.

The DRevitalize app is easy and simple to use. They designed it with minimal features and focuses on one task. It is enough to follow the prompts and subsequent windows.

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Overall, DRevitalize is the best software for diagnosing and recovering magnetic media. It is with the help of DRevitalize that you can restore the surface of any disc. Accessible and useful information will allow you to familiarize yourself with the principles of the program. Simple operation and accurate results will enable users to get accurate results.

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