Amperes – battery charge info App Review

Amperes is a top-grade application that allows users to test and compare their chargers, wires, power banks, etc.

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As soon as you have opened the application, you will gain access to the following sections:

  • Info
  • Test
  • Wizard
  • Settings
  • Help

The application allows you to launch both a single-test and non-stop test. Users can also fine-tune each test by indicating the charger type, wire type, or even adding their own parameters.

Once the testing is ready, you will gain access to such device data as disk space, memory, thermal status. In the last stage, you can export all the results in the integrated table.


Another useful feature, Amperes enables users to check the battery level and even measure the charging speeds of your wireless charger. Moreover, you will receive notifications when the necessary battery charge level is achieved.

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There is no need to worry if you have faced any difficulties while using this tool, as you can always check the integrated Help section that is filled with useful guides.


To sum up, Amperes will be a must-have tool for everyone who wants to verify the quality of electronic accessories. Highly recommended!

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