11 Free Apps to Enhance Photo Quality (Android & iOS)

Have some dull, lifeless pics cluttering your cam roll? Well, we all do. It could be due to the poor lighting or dirty cam, but bad snaps happen more often than we would want to.

Luckily, we’ve rounded up some free apps to enhance photo quality (Android & iOS) you could try. These are AI-powered enhancers that can turn old snaps into crisp and Insta-worthy.

All these apps are automated, so you don’t have to be a tech wizard to use them. Plus, most of these cover other cool tools like colorizer, pic restoring, animator, and all that. Let’s get into it!


This app is a total game-changer for anyone who loves their old pics but hates the way they look. It lets you take any old, blurry, or damaged pic and turn it into a work of art. The best part? It’s fully beginner-friendly, so even if you’re not a tech genius, you can use it with ease.

All you need to do is load the pic and voilà! The app uses AI to sharpen the image, restore it, and even add more pixels to make it clearer than ever before. And the results are absolutely mind-blowing! Your portrait, selfie, or group pic will look like it was taken yesterday!

All the details of your face will be crystal-clear, and the vintage and old camera photos will be as good as new. But you know what’s really cool? You can also use this one to repair scratched pics. It’s like turning back time and giving your cherished memories the love they deserve.

This app can save so many of your fave pics from the trash bin and give them a new life. It is reliable, fast, and efficient. And it’s also incredibly fun to use!


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If you have any pics that look too low-quality or damaged to save, give this app a try. First off, let’s talk about the portrait details tool. We all want to look our best in selfies and group photos, and with this app, it’s as easy as one tap.

The app recognizes faces and instantly enhances the details for that ideal look every time. But what about those old, damaged ones that seem beyond repair? There’s a special tool that can bring your cherished memories back to life. Say goodbye to scratches and damage and hello to fresh, new-looking pics.

There’s also an enhancement instrument that lets you increase any pic’s resolution by up to 800%. It results in HD snaps that look like they were made with a pro cam. And for those blurry pics, the app unblurs them effortlessly, making them crisp and clear in no time.

It also lets color old photos, turning them into cartoon-like creations. And don’t forget to top it off with an enchantment for an extra crispy look, too. Smart filters make it easy to edit pics to your liking, ensuring they look their absolute best.


Enhance Photo Quality

This app is here to transform your dull, lifeless pics into smth magical. It is a must-have for anyone looking to add a little extra oomph to their pics. The color adjustment options are top-notch, letting you fine-tune hues, saturation, and contrast to really make the images pop.

The enhancement happens automatically, you won’t need to do anything except wait. It works great with portraits, group pics, and even landscapes. No matter how bad the original image looks, this app will make it seem professionally made.

But that’s not all, you can also play around with sharpness and brightness to get the ideal level of detail and lighting. The range of FX is unparalleled. With over 50 styles to pick from, there is no shortage of options here.

There are such FX as pencil sketches and a bunch of vintage ones if needed. And the lens flare tool? It’s like having your lighting guru. The vignette and focus tools are also impressive, adding depth to your pics with just a few taps.



This app lets you boost the quality of snaps with one tap. It operates on one of the best AI algorithms that enhance your pics to perfection. The app will work on any pic, be it an old family shot or your latest selfie. All these will be given a new life in HD resolution.

The colorizing tool is great for those with lots of old black-and-white family images. With just one tap, you can add vibrant colors to any pic, bringing memories back to life. Seriously, it’s like having your own personal photo wizard right in your pocket.

And if you’re tired of blurry pics and vids, the tool will sort you out. Oh, and did we mention you can make AI avatars? Yup, that’s right. Take a selfie, run it through the app, and boom! You’ve got a personalized avatar to add some flare to your IG presence.

And if that’s not enough to impress you, it can also animate your pics. You can enliven old pics and make the move or even say smth. Cool, right? All these tools are free, and there won’t be any watermarks to ruin the exp.



Here’s an app that will make your picks look bright and crispy, even if they were made in the work’s quality ever. It’s an ideal solution for those who want to enhance their snaps and improve resolution without spending endless hours editing.

The app truly takes away the guesswork out of photo editing. It uses powerful AI tech that will automatically remove noise and create clear pics that seem professionally made. Imagine watching your favorite old memories in crystal-clear quality, it’s like reliving those cherished moments all over again!

The app works with files with low quality, blurry ones, and even old ones with tons of scratches. It even lets you color Black and white pics to give them a new life. The process takes literal mins, and you can easily save the result without a watermark.

And if you’re tired of watching grainy vids on your phone, the app will blow your mind. You can now enjoy HQ clips on even the poorest quality phones. There are no hidden fees or limits here, so no worries.



If you need an app that turns drab into fab, well, don’t get past this one. It definitely does not disappoint when it comes to enhancing your pics. It’s packed full of amazing instruments that will take your images from bland to jaw-droppingly amazing.

The app can easily transform a low-quality portrait into clear and vivid pics that look like it was taken by a pro! Just one tap and voilà! You have a shot that’s so stunning even your mates will be impressed.

But that’s not all! This app also has a colorization tool that adds an explosion of tint to black and white pics. You’ll be amazed to see how your old pics are revived and transformed with vibrant hues. You can also make a comparison of before and after it’s simple but definitely insta-worthy!

Plus, you don’t need a lot of time to master the app’s functions. With just one tap, you can repair old pics with scratches and boost the quality. You can even restore old ones and see them in high definition.


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This app is here to end all your pic struggles: no more blurred, low-quality shots that are damned to stay lost in your cam roll. It will upscale your images up to 800% without losing any precious quality. Seems like an impossible task to do, but the app comes with it in a blink of an eye.

With this one on hand, you can take your fave pics and turn them into stunning 4K resolution masterpieces. Not only these could pop up your IG game, but they make stunning wallpapers too. And with the ability to enhance pics in color and contrast, you can finally give your snaps the love they deserve.

In fact, the app can do more than that. It’s based on a fully-functional AI that can retouch your face easily. And for those looking to get a little creative, you can cartoonize your pic or turn it into a sketch if needed. Fun, right?

You can also denoise the snaps to get stunning HDR pics. But the real magic happens when you upgrade to Pro. With no ads or limits to hold you back, you can access all the tools without any credit constraints.



This app is a treat for all your pic needs. It does everything from boosting the quality to colonizing old images. The app is a true lifesaver for those old fam pics that have seen better days. You can restore and repair precious memories with ease, even erasing undesirable stuff like logos and text from your snaps.

It can also easily enhances the snaps to HD. Say goodbye to blurry pics and hello to clear and crisp ones. And for those black-and-white pics, give them new life by colorizing them with just one click!

The automatic beauty tool is sure to become a personal fave, too. It can transform any regular selfie into a stunning portrait in secs. With just one tap, you can eliminate pimples and unwanted spots, leaving you looking brighter and fresher. And don’t worry about looking fake, the app keeps it all natural and realistic.

Another fun tool is a cartoonizer. You can make fun caricatures with a few taps, and the options vary from anime to pencil sketches. You can try #D options for a true Pixar look.



Here’s an AI tool that will fix up your not-so-great pics. Who hasn’t taken a picture that turned out to be a little blurry, right? Maybe the lighting wasn’t quite right or the subject moved just as the shutter clicked. Whatever the reason, it’s super frustrating when you have an awesome moment captured, but it just doesn’t look as great as you remember it being. That’s where this little app comes in.

It quickly restores your snaps making them look like they were taken by a pro. You don’t even have to be an expert to use it. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for anyone to use.

Above that, you can use the app to elevate the quality of your snaps. Say you took a group shot at a restaurant that turned out too dark or a landscape pic that just didn’t capture the beauty of the moment. This app lets you boost the quality and bring out the details you want to highlight.

The app can even work wonders with your selfies. It can emphasize facial details and bring out the natural beauty in everyone’s features.



It’s a versatile app with all the vital tools an IG buff needs. First off, there’s an enhancing tool. It’s like magic, seriously. You can take a blurry snap and turn it into smth sharp and clear. And if you’ve got a selfie that needs some TLC, there’s an instrument for that too. It can enhance your hair, eyes, and all that.

And if you have a great shot, but there’s smth in the bg that ruins it, the app can help too. It can erase unwanted stuff with one touch. It’s AI-powered, so no need to do anything manually. Trash cans, wires, obstructions, you name it: gone in a flash!

You can also use an animer to enliven some of the snaps. You can do it with any kind of snap with a person on it. It even works with statues and drawings. Cool, right? It’s smth straight out of an HP movie!

There’s also a color that works wonders with old pics. It’s crazy how many colors can enhance an image, you’ll be blown away!


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Picture Enhancer

And lastly, there’s an app to boost the quality of your snaps. If you have any shots that are faded or barely recognizable and have given up on restoring them, this app can help.

The app only takes a few steps for you to elevate the quality of the shots. You can use it for selfies taken in poor lighting or even some old shots of your grandparents. All you need is to import a snap and let the app do its magic. Everything gets done by an AI algorithm, you won’t need to do anything.

The process takes a few secs, and your snaps will go from blurry and dull to crystal clear and vivid. The app is intuitive and easy to operate, too. You don’t need to be a tech wizard to use it. The algorithm detects imperfections automatically, saving you a ton of time and effort.

One thing to note, the app does have some sub-packs. These take off all the limits and let you exp the full functionality. There’s a free trial, though, so you can try everything out before purchasing.