8 Best Apps for Fashion Designers (Android, iOS, Windows)

Calling all fashion designers! Are you tired of scribbling your latest designs on scraps of paper or napkins? It’s time to upgrade your experience!

That’s why we’ve picked up the best apps for fashion designers (Android, iOS, Windows) you could try. These fashion apps are the go-to tools for creatives looking to showcase their work and elevate their designs.

Whether you need inspiration for your next collection, help with color palettes, or the ability to sketch on the go, these apps have got you covered. Let’s dive in!


If you need an app to bring your ideas to life, this one is the answer to your prayers. And it’s an absolute game-changer in the creative process of any fashion designer, too. The app lets you easily capture ideas and concepts while on the move.

This app is all about flexibility. It’s a fully flexible vector-based workspace that perfectly adjusts to your needs. This means you can easily take your ideas from concept to reality without any hassle. The infinite canvas is a godsend. You can sketch out plans, concepts, and ideas, and make all kinds of notes in one place.

The app offers a wide range of features and tools to bring your ideas to life. The selection of paper and grid types is truly impressive. They make it easy to get started and help with the creative flow. The app also lets you work on five layers, which is incredibly helpful when you’re working on more complex designs.

What’s even better is that the app is free to use! You can sketch endlessly on the infinite canvas and create unlimited drawings. Plus, you can easily export your work as a JPG to share with others.


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This app is a true heaven for digital artists. If you’re a designer, architect, or any kind of artist, this is exactly what you need. Whether you’re just starting out or a pro, it has everything you need to create stunning works of art.

Firstly, the range of brush types is unreal. You can pick from pencils, markers, airbrushes, and more, and they all look and feel like the real deal. It’s almost like you’re painting on an actual canvas or sketchbook.

And if that wasn’t enough, the brushes are highly adjustable, so you can make the exact look you want. You can spend literal hours experimenting with brush styles here, there are just too many things to try.

Another cool thing is the precision offered by the guides and stroke tools. It’s ideal for when you need to make smth with utmost accuracy. And with the full range of blend modes, you can build up and work on sketches without any limitations.

The UI is sleek and simple, so you can focus on your art instead of getting frustrated with the app itself. You can use the app for free, and there are minimal ads, so you won’t get distracted.


Fashion Illustration

This app is a game-changer when it comes to drawing your sketches. With the app, you can learn the basics of fashion sketching, including how to sketch various body types such as fashion models, women, men, and plus-size models.

You’ll also discover how to draw stylish clothing pieces of all kinds, and all these can be brought to life with bright and bold colors. One of the coolest aspects there is the layer panel.

You can easily manage layers to achieve a pro result in your illustrations. This tool is sure to come in handy for both newbies and pros. Whether you want to adjust the opacity or hide certain layers, it’s completely up to you.

The drawing tools are top-notch as well. You can draw fabric textures with ease, making your designs appear more realistic. This lets you not only draw the fabric texture but also bring your art to life through color. Plus, the bright color palette lets you create stunning designs that are sure to turn heads. The app is free to use, and you won’t have to pay to unlock some packs or smth.


Fashion Design Sketches 

If you’re someone who loves to express creativity through fashion, this app will quickly become one of your faves. The mix-and-match tool here is truly amazing. You can combine different elements of clothes to generate endless stylish outfit ideas.

Apart from its core features, the app offers a vast selection of customizable color palettes and patterns, so you can seamlessly bring your ideas to life without limitations. No matter if you’re a seasoned designer or just starting out, this app is the perfect tool to unleash your creativity and enhance your skills!

But the real magic of this app lies in the drawing tools. With this one, drawing small details has never been easier. There are tons of drawing instruments like brushes, markers, and erasers to come up with ideal designs.

What’s even better is that you can share your work via social to impress everyone with your skills. This app truly helps to unleash your creativity and turn your fashion vision into reality. All the instruments are unlocked right away, so no need to pay for anything.


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Tired of carrying around a bulky fashion sketchbook that always seems to run out of pages right when you need it? This app is here to help! It covers an unlimited number of pages for your fashion sketches, making it an ideal tool for any aspiring designer.

First off, the amount of templates available is insane: over 1K and counting! From shoes to bags to accessories, you’ll never run out of inspo. And if you’re feeling stuck, the app lets you easily mix and match different outfits to make your own personalized templates.

The brushes and tools are incredibly realistic, too. There are realistic brushes, and you can pick from a variety of line appearances, including sewing lines, button ones, and more. You’ll forget you’re even drawing digitally. Plus, the ability to have unlimited layers is a game changer.

You’ll also get to turn templates on and off as you sketch. This is so helpful when you need to focus on a specific part of the design without the distractions of other elements on the page. But it’s not just about the practical features, the app is a great source of inspo and it’s so fun to see what other users are creating.


Fashion Design Illustration 

Are you obsessed with fashion and have a flair for creativity? Don’t get past this app: it’s a real gem for fashion designers. Firstly, let’s talk about the range of options you get here. Whether you want to make an extraordinary look for yourself or practice with smth classic, this app has got you covered.

With a plethora of hairstyles, masks, and clothing items to try, you’re sure to be spoiled for choice. The app also lets you add a unique touch to your designs. You can combine elements, choose fabric textures, and patterns to complete the ideal look.

The fashion-related brushes let you add color and depth, bringing your designs to life. Herewith, the app is pretty easy to use. The UI is simple, and the app is a breeze to navigate. You can create and customize designs effortlessly, even if you have little experience.

And once you’re done, feel free to share your creations right away. There are several formats to save your work in, which is handy. The app doesn’t add watermarks and the quality is pretty high, too.

Color Harmony

At first glance, you might not think this app is geared toward fashion designers, but trust us, it’s a real treat. Have you ever found yourself struggling to pick an ideal color combo for your project? Well, this app is the ultimate solution to all your color coordination woes!

The app lets you make stunning color pallets in three different ways: harmonically, from an image, or custom. No more guessing whether your colors clash or complement each other, this smart app does the job for you. There are also numerous color modes, so you can tailor your palette to your exact needs.

The app also offers a variety of algorithms, ensuring that your color combinations are spot-on every time. There’s even a tool that lets you capture real-life colors and incorporate them into your palette. So if you’re out and about, you can even use the camera mode to match colors on the go!

Organizing your palettes is a breeze too. You can store them as favorites or within collections, making it easy to keep your latest project organized and on track. Plus, if you’re working with the color-matching system used in Europe, you can easily translate colors within the app.


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Vogue Runway

And lastly, there’s an app that will be your one-stop shop to get a daily dose of fashion inspo. It’s a heaven-sent for all the designers out there, providing unbeatable fashion coverage and unlimited access to runway shows from all over the world.

The app lets you access an archive of more than 20K shows and over one million catwalk pics dating back to 2000. Whether you’re interested in catching up on past shows or staying up-to-date on current ones, this app has got you covered from every angle.

One of the best things about this app is the ability to share your афму looks and collections via email, text, or socials. So, whether you’re fangirling over the latest Chanel collection or you’re dying to share your favorite street-style looks, the app makes it easy.

And if you’re looking for an insider’s take on the fashion world, you can find it here, too. There are tons of reviews from internationally recognized writers that give you an insider’s take. So, not only you’re connected with what’s trending, but you also get a deeper understanding of the artistry and creativity that goes into fashion.