SoC-L App Review


Now it is easy-peasy to compare the characteristics of different processor brands! You do not need to plow over the official websites of manufacturers and save the data found in a separate document – everything is already collected in one place. And in case you can’t remember the name of a brand, you can try …

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Fliplomacy App Review


Good news for all gamers out there! If you want to play a new entertaining puzzle game, we have to advise you to try Fliplomacy. So, let’s have a look at why this game is so special. First of all, we have to mention that this app does not take much storage space – it …

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Sothink Logo Maker Pro Software Review


Do you want to create a magnificent logo? If your answer is “yes”, we have to recommend you to try Sothink Logo Maker Pro. The program offers more than 450 logo patterns and 2000 specified color schemes. Besides, it is quite lightweight, so there is no need to waste time on the installation process. You …

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Show My Colors App Review


If you follow your style and appearance, then the Show My Colors app will be a great helper for you. Here you can find out your color type and the app will help you choose the color palette that suits you. You should also like the apps where you can check the outfits of others …

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I AM that I AM App Review


To achieve their goal, people often lack motivation and energy, vitality that would contribute to the achievement of the goal. That is why I AM that I AM application developed. An easy-to-use and useful application that will allow you to record and listen to your own affirmations. You don’t need to go through a long …

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Dribble App Review


Dribble will definitely suit your taste. Conquer the amazing ball jumper game and unlock additional levels. No registration required, just download the game to your device. You might also want to check the best basketball games. After loading, a bright interface and a button to start the game displayed on your screen. Particularly pleasing is …

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Sixth Extinction App Review


An interesting and addictive game will delight all lovers of logic games. Sixth Extinction is a puzzle game where users have to think about every step they take to complete the level. It is enough to download the game and start the process. No registration is required. What is more, we can recommend you the …

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Sol 705 App Review


Developed by Patoland and Land Patricio – Space Indie Studios. Sol 705 launched in 2020. Intriguing and funny stories, where the main characters solve the problems associated with the creation of alien creatures in the city. The game does not require registration. Just install Sol 705 on your device and start playing. Check also creature …

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Dark Rage App Review


Are you searching for an involving  RPG game with fantasy elements? Then, we have to present to you Dark Rage. The app is developed by ColdTeams company. The game works stably and it does not take up much storage space. After his death, the hero has to defeat enemies and pass through challenging traps. While …

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DRevitalize Software Review


Repair, diagnostics, and restoration of hard drives remain and a problem at the present time. Hard drives have a complex structure and structure and often fail. That is why the DRevitalize program developed which recovers bad sectors in magnetic media. Everything happens automatically. The user just needs to select the required parameters. No registration is …

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