7 Best Undress AI Apps in 2024

If you’ve ever wondered if you can get naughty with AI apps, the answer is yes.

That’s why we’ve got the scoop of the best undress AI app in 2023 you could try. From virtual girlfriend sims to tools that remove clothes, there is smth for everyone here.

Most of these apps let you generate pics from text prompts, so you can really let your imagination run wild. The apps use complex algorithms, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results. Let’s get started!


Although it’s not necessarily an undress app, you can make it work like it. That’s an AI-based tool that will bring your creative vision to life with stunning clarity and precision.

The thing that makes it stand out is its concept. It has way fewer restrictions for prompts than other similar tools, so you can use it to generate whatever your heart desires. Can you load a pic and ask the app to erase clothes from it? Yes. Will it cartoonize the person in the process of doing so? Also yes, but it doesn’t make it worse.

As for the mechanics, simply enter keywords that speak to you and let the AI do the rest. From there, you can fine-tune everything from color schemes to image orientation until you’ve made smth that matches your needs.

The app is constantly updating with new tools, and the more you use it, the smarter it gets. All the pics you generate can be saved, there are no limits of pesky watermarks to ruin the exp. you can also browse the pics other users make if needed.


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Undress AI

This one offers remarkable image manipulation capabilities through AI algorithms. The app’s ability to remove clothes from pics provides a unique benefit, especially for users who are on a budget and cannot afford paid tools.

One of the top perks of this one is the ability to pick exactly what part of a snap you want to alter. Most of the similar tools work with the whole image, and this one gives you options. It’s not that big of a deal, but it lets you achieve desired results accurately. You can also adjust the pic quality and even the body type.

The UI is beyond intuitive, you’ll quickly figure out how it works. It’s not fully free, though. It gives you 10 free credits as you start using it, but it will cost money to get more after you run out of these. It’s still more than you could get with other apps, so nothing to complain about, really.

Plus, the price is reasonable compared to other apps. It can cost as little as 30 cents for basic changes and up to four dollars for the most advanced editing package.



This is an AI-based tool that lets you generate female characters within a few taps. With this one, you can adjust your dream girl based on text and tags, making an ideal match with minimal effort. It’s quickly becoming a fan-favorite in the AI art-generating world.

The deep learning algorithms and massive pic datasets result in unique and realistic AI-generated girls, making it one of the most flexible apps out there. It doesn’t have many restrictions when it comes to prompts, so if you want to get naughty, you can easily do that.

All the results look pretty realistic, and not too cartoon-like. Whether you’re into a sophisticated intellectual with glasses or a laid-back beach bum, you can make one here.

Now, the app is not fully free, though. If you sub for the first time, you can get a half-price discount. Yeah, there’s no way for you to try it without paying, which is kinda disappointing. In case you pay, you’ll be able to save all the snaps for further use, with no pesky watermarks attached.



Here’s another app that generates art from your prompts, and it’s also one of the naughty ones. It’s a go-to tool to bring your wildest fantasies to life. You’ll get to generate countless characters without censorship.

With its easy-to-use UI and advanced adjustment options, it lets you generate whatever your heart desires. Want to make a hyperrealistic character? No problem! What about a cute anime girl? You got it!

You can even load a pic of a girl and ask the app to remove her clothes. Just mark the area you’re interested in and it will do the rest. Plus, you can explore new horizons and search through the app’s extensive lib. There are all kinds of models, hyperreal, and anime characters.

And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can even customize the details and resolution of specific images. So, let’s talk pricing. You can pay for monthly access, and it will get you 750 image prompts and a 3x generating speed. That’s a steal, especially when you consider the quality of the content this one offers.


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Undress Vip

This nifty tool lets you undress people on pics with the help of AI. Well, to be more precise it’s a bot on Telegram. And before you’ll get defensive and skip to the next one – wait.

First off, most people already use this messenger, and if you don’t, it’s a great time to start. You certainly won’t regret it, even if this bot is the only reason for using it. Plus, apart from most apps on our list, this one won’t cost you a dime. That’s right, you’ll get to generate as many pics as needed without paying.

Just follow the bot’s commands and watch it do its magic. It can process it in seconds to remove clothing, providing you with an entirely new and daring graphic design experience. The bot is incredibly simple, so no worries here.

Your pics are safeguarded, and you can rest assured they won’t be shared with anyone. The results look pretty realistic, and you’ll have much fun exploring it. All of them can be saved, too, without any watermarks.



This tool is a quick and easy way to generate realistic nude images without breaking the bank. Now, it’s not entirely free, unfortunately, but the prices are rather reasonable. We’ll get to that in a second.

This undress AI service is known for its lightning-fast creation of realistic pics, making it a go-to choice for users seeking speedy and lifelike results. And with an original AI algorithm for generating undressed pics out of real snaps, the app does a great job setting itself apart from competitors.

But here’s the important part: use this app responsibly! While it may be a fun and useful tool for some, it’s crucial to remember that any misuse or exploitation of pics can have serious consequences.

When it comes to pricing plans, there’s something for everyone. The free option allows for limited requests and includes watermarks and ads, while the premium takes care of all that, as well as a priority queue. And for those who need even more power and flexibility, there’s the exclusive option (pricing TBD).


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Lastly, we have an app that lets you make a virtual girlfriend for yourself. And just like any other apps on our list, this one doesn’t care about censorship, so you can use it to embrace your wildest fantasies.

You may rather use prompts to make a girl that matches your prefs or browse through the ones generated by other users. Got an itch for creativity? This tool’s got a simple UI and advanced adjustment options that’ll make your heart skip a beat. Hyperrealistic character? Piece of cake! Cute anime girl? Kawaii overload, coming right up!

And while you can’t make it work with your own pics, you can have fun undressing the character you make for yourself. Then, you can have fun with a new GF by interacting with her via a chat.

You can modify her personality and get really creative with customizable profiles. The UI aims to fulfill your desires and deliver a uniquely tailored experience that’s sure to make you smile. It does come with paid packs, but there are a few options here, so you can pick the one that suits you most.