8 Best Fake Text Message Apps for Android & iOS

Are you ready for some harmless fun? We’ve got you all covered here!

Whether you want to make fun of your pals or just add a little humor to the day, these fake text message apps for Android & iOS are here to help. These apps let you simulate a discussion with anyone you want, whether it’s your boss, crush, or even a celeb.

You’ll get to easily make fake screenshots and record full-on vids to make pranks seem real. These apps are fully flexible, letting you modify all the details from characters to time stamps. Let’s get into it!


That app is a one-stop tool for pulling off the most hilarious and compelling SMS jokes ever. It’s super easy to use: you can make custom convos just like any regular messenger. But the added bonus is that you can switch sides by swiping the left or right.

Oh, and let’s not forget the option to press the characters’ names – so realistic! The app gives you all the time to craft realistic chat. Every keystroke is recorded, giving you the freedom to play around with corrections, hesitations, and misspells to make it even more convincing.

And the cherry on top? The app automatically makes screenshots vids, so you get a consistently fast-paced result. The opportunities are unlimited, and you can make some of the most convincing pranks here.

With such user-friendly navigation, making some funny stories becomes second nature. Once you finish, you can easily rec a vid or make screenshots. Share it with pals and see their reactions – priceless! The ads are fully bearable here. At this point, there’s no need to pay to remove them.


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MeMi Message 

This app lets you make text stories. With this one on hand, you’ll get to simulate any convo that comes to mind. The app is highly flexible, so you can modify all the smallest details to make the chat seem natural.

There are tons of tools that help you pull off an ideal prank here. First off, the ability to delete individual text is a huge plus. You can easily rearrange your story and make it go in another direction. The app also covers pics and stickers, which adds up to authenticity.

But that’s not all. The app also lets you edit the time and battery label, how cool is that? You can alter any part of the convo and make your prank seem as real as possible. And let’s not forget that you can make people you text with.

Plus, you can change bubble colors, make annotations, and even autoplay your convos. And if you want to include more pals, the app also has group chat features. All the auto-plays can be saved with a couple of taps, and you can make as many screenshots as needed.


Text Message Creator

If you’re someone who loves playing stunts on mates, you’ll certainly like this app. It offers fun and creative ways to keep them on their toes. This app lets you make realistic SMS discussions with anyone you want, complete with multiple themes to pick from.

You’ll surely appreciate how easy it is to use. The UI is simple and intuitive, so even if you’re not tech-savvy, you can quickly make custom convos. Plus, there are plenty of modification options, so you can make your texts look and sound exactly the way you want.

What’s truly incredible about this one is how lifelike the conversations look. You’ll get to fool your pals multiple times with fake texts that look so convincing. They won’t be able to tell these are fake! And with the ability to attach images, the opportunities for tricks are ongoing.

And the best part? You can export your chat as a vid and watch the convo play out and come to life. It’s a fun way to share these, and you can make countless screenshots as well.


Fake All 

Have you ever wanted to trick your pals with hilarious fake chats or calls? Well, this tool lets you do just that. It lets you make any type of fake chat, whether it’s through Messenger or even Whatsapp.

Not only that, but you can easily switch between the roles of individuals in the convo to make things even more believable. Moreover, you have the freedom to alter the chat with anything you want!

You can even save the shot and share it with your unsuspecting mates for some good laughs. But wait, there’s more! You can also generate faux notifications with any bg picture you want. And if you’re feeling extra creative, you can construct a story.

Now, let’s talk about fake calls. The app lets you set a timer for a call to start, so you can plan out your prank utterly. And the best part? You can modify everything from the ringtone and vibration to the voice on the other end of the line. The call screen is so realistic that it looks almost identical to the original iPhone one.


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Fake Messenger

It’s a handy app to trick your pals with imaginary convos. First off, the app lets you simulate any chat needed! Group chats, calls, and auto-reply bots are just a few of the many instruments at your disposal.

You can also make use of the undo tool, as well as the fake status. These are easy to use, and they add up to the authenticity of the dialogue. The app covers tons of themes, emojis, and stickers. And if that’s not enough, you can even make memes, jokes, and fake stories to really make it all seem like the real deal.

The best part about this is that it never gets old. You can talk with your imaginary recipients, react to SMS, and even send voice memos to really make it all come together and seem like a genuine dialogue.

The UI is simple to navigate and it lets you edit every detail. Not only that, but it also uses minimal storage space and has the latest features and layouts. It’s fully free to use and there won’t be ads within chats.



In the mood to make fun of pals and have a good laugh? This app is here to help. It lets you generate naturalistic chat screens and alerts on popular messaging apps. It’s able to replicate the UI of WhatsApp, Twitter, and even Tinder. Impressive, right?

The options for jokes are practically endless here, the only thing that limits you is your imagination. The app is incredibly easy to use, and it covers emojis and unlimited group chats. Plus, you can save chats on your phone for later use, making it ideal for dragging long-term pranks.

One thing that sets this one apart is the ability to show off verified icons on IG and modify the chat bg in Telegram or WhatsApp. This attention to detail makes for a more believable prank and will have your pals convinced you’re chatting with a celeb or influencer.

But why stop at just chats? It lets you generate complete stories with ease. Feel free to use faux alerts with a highly customizable lock screen. You can easily make it look like a real deal!



This app covers all the tools necessary to play gags on your mates and share a laugh. It’s a gem for everyone looking for a little bit of harmless fun. You start by making a fake acc. You’ll get to make accs that look just like your business or celebs, which makes pranks even more convincing.

And the chat itself is a lot of fun to use, too. You’ll get to handle all convo sides, assembling any story you have in mind. You can adjust all the smallest details, so your mates won’t suspect a thing. The full emoji, GIF, and sticker support really added to the exp.

The app covers all kinds of media files, including voice memos. The addition of fake voice and video calls is another great touch. The list of call logs makes it easy to keep track of pranks, and the ability to share screenshots is also helpful.

The app even has a dark mode, which is ideal for late-night pranking sessions. You can easily record a vid of your chat and make countless screenshots as well.


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Fake Text Message

To wrap up, we have an app to simulate any kind of chat needed. It’s a must-have for all prank lovers, and it’s incredibly easy to use. You can easily craft convos that look and feel like real ones using its intuitive UI.

The app is all about flexibility. You’ll get to handle both convo participants and construct believable narratives with ease. You’ll even get to alter the name of your interlocutor. Furthermore, you’re not limited in any way: alter the time text was sent, ad even the battery power.

The same goes for time stamps, and you can also change the status of the text. You won’t get to edit them more than once, though, so keep that in mind.

The app covers emojis and pics, making your fakes even more convincing. The UI mimics a classic messenger, so no worries here. You can easily record clips of your chat and make screenshots to send to your mates. Give it a go and get ready to prank like a pro.