11 Best Crafting & Building Games for Android & iOS

Itching to tap into your inner architect and flex your creative muscles? We got exactly what you need!

We’ve picked up the best crafting and building games for Android & iOS to let your creativity run wild. These games let you construct worlds, design your dream houses, and explore endless possibilities.

Whether you want to build castles, villages, or a full-on pixelated wonderland, there’s a game on this list that’s sure to satisfy your craft craving. These games are sure to provide hours of entertainment and creativity for both seasoned pros and newbies to the genre. Let’s get into it!


Tired of the same old games that make you grind for hours just to level up? Then you’ll certainly like this one! It’s a chill sandbox game that lets you build your dream world without any of the hassles. It features a vast world filled with monsters, blocks, materials, and mines.

There are tons of options for crafting and two modes to keep you amused. In survival mode, you gather resources and build tools to stand against epic monsters in the dungeon. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Keep crafting and upgrading, and you’ll eventually be able to challenge these beasts with mates!

And if you’re feeling extra creative, there’s a mode that gives you everything to craft stuff right away. Place or remove blocks however you like, the possibilities are practically endless. Build a floating castle, a mechanism that harvests automatically, or even a map that plays music!

And don’t worry about getting bored. The game updates every month with new content and events to keep you occupied. Plus, you can go for a solo mode or hop online and play with pals.


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Pocket Build

This is the kind of game that is sure to knock your socks off. It is jam-packed with hundreds of items that let you construct your own little fantasy world. And when we say hundreds, we mean hundreds! You’ll never run out of options for constructing your world.

The open world is absolutely massive, giving you plenty of space to let your imagination run wild. And the best part? You can build instantly! No waiting around for resources or materials, just start building smth.

The graphics are stunning, with beautiful 3D designs that truly come to life. And with new items being added every update, you’ll never get bored. You’ll get to build, rotate, and place items anywhere. You have complete control over the cam view, letting you zoom in and out as needed. Plus, haptic feedback and 3D touch support add an extra layer of realism to your exp.

If you want to play without gathering resources, there’s a mode that makes those unlimited. And with first-person mode and free crafting, you can place and spin items freely.


Block Craft 3D

Ready to craft and grow your own virtual village or build freely in an unlimited world? Cause this app lets you do just that! It covers a sheer variety of layouts you can craft. From humble houses to grand castles, mines to spaceships, and even iconic structures, it’s all up to your imagination!

The special pixel graphics are a feast for the eyes and will make you fall in love with the game instantly. Moreover, you get to pick your own character and play along with them to get the best life in the game.

The animals are also there to add an extra layer of fun as you get to adopt and engage with them. And the best part? There are no monsters to scare you off, so you can concentrate on crafting the best buildings or researching the vast world.

You’ll get to visit your pals and help them complete their edifice at any time. It’s fun to build your game together with your mates. Moreover, you can make custom blocks and furniture. And you can always visit the village of your buddies to get fresh inspo and follow the guides to make excellent constructions.


World Craft

This game has everything you need to create, build, and explore your own mini-world. One of the best tools of this one is its online multiplayer mode. You can team up with mates to construct together and chat in real time. And with a bunch of mini-worlds for exploration, you’ll never run out of new places to discover.

But that’s not all! The game also covers several modes for you to have fun with. For instance, there’s a survival mode where you can mine resources and fight off mobs. And the best part? It’s totally free!

Crafting and building are also essential parts of this one. With recipes for food, blocks, items, armor, and more, the prospects are endless. And with diverse animals to encounter, including pets like wolves and ocelots, you’ll never get bored.

But it’s not just about exploring and survival: you can also ride horses and use a variety of weapons such as bows and snowballs. And with over 300 custom skins, you can personalize your character to look just the way you want. And with 3D HD graphics, cute sounds, and a variety of block texture packs, it’s a visually stunning experience.


Craft Valley

This game takes you on an adventure right from scratch. It starts with you being shrouded by the ocean and expands as you start building block by block. With each construction project, you dive into a world thriving with industry and commerce.

What makes this one exciting is the impeccable attention to detail. You start by mining for resources that are needed for construction. From trees to rocks to metals, you must hunt for the exact resource required for every object.

Mining with bare hands might seem dull, but don’t let that fool you. Soon you’ll be composing basic tools to make the process more manageable. Each stage you complete comes with rewards, giving you the motivation needed to keep going. You can also level up the instruments to increase your character’s abilities.

Plus, there are tons of interaction opportunities here. There are plenty of characters around you, and you’re sure to find someone to talk to or outsource some of the work. You can develop your farm, factories, and houses to create a thriving world unique to you.


Crafting and Building

This game will keep you engaged in its vast open map for hours on end. The gameplay is simple yet exceedingly engaging, as you learn how to assemble your own structures and decorate them as needed.

The exploration aspect is a refreshing change from other titles, as you can now play with your furry pals instead of monsters! You can take your dog, mouse, or horse for a ride and study the world in a completely new way.

The MP mode is where the real fun lies, as you can visit the places that have been constructed by your friends. Lend them a helping hand, or compete with them to see who builds the largest structure. The custom skin lets you pick your character’s gender and looks, making the experience more personalized.

The game covers tons of block types for you to craft with. From mundane grass squares to rare and precious diamond blocks and even the majestic temple stone. You can let your creativity run wild and build just about anything you can imagine, be it a cozy little house or a magnificent castle.


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Survival & Craft

The concept of this game is a little different. It’s not your regular crafting game, but it’s incredibly addictive and exciting. The game will keep you thrilled with constant challenges. As soon as you start, you are immediately drawn into your struggle for survival as you navigate a dangerous and endless ocean on your humble raft.

The game is highly addictive, and you’ll find yourself constantly striving to survive and improve your skills. With indicators for health, hunger, and thirst, you’ll need to be constantly monitoring your levels to ensure you stay alive.

One of the best things about this one is its crafting system. You’ll need to catch fish, grow vegetables, and collect water, but you’ll also need to use these resources to craft items that will help you stay alive. You’ll get to make everything by yourself: from clothes to weapons.

Another thing you’ll surely notice is the stunning graphics. The game boasts detailed visuals that make you feel like you are actually stranded in the middle of the ocean.


Planet Craft

This app lets you become an ultimate craftsman. It covers thousands of mini-worlds made by real users, and you can visit them all. You can explore these and immerse yourself in the lite exploration aspect of the game. And the best part? It’s all for free!

But that’s not all – there’s also a multi-crafting syst at your disposal. You can use recipes for blocks and other stuff to construct all kinds of things. And let’s not forget about the friendly animals and hostile mobs that keep things interesting!

If you’re feeling lonely on your exploring adventures, why not adopt a pet? You can pick from wolves, ocelots, and even horses. And if you want to integrate some farming into your exp, you can get farms using different plants.

The infinite size of the cube planet makes inquiry even more exciting. You can set a respawn point and navigate through the vast terrain with ease. Plus, you can form your own clan or join an existing one to collaborate with others.


London Craft

This game is not one to lack creativity and excitement. It lets you make a pixelated world in the classic English style. It’s kind of a sandbox experience, really, but everything is England related. Well, it may sound like a weird concept, but the game gets addictive real quick.

The things you can do are practically endless, and you can make real-life London landmarks such as The Tower, and all that. And let’s not forget about the iconic London Bus, which you can ride without the need for an Oyster Card.

Not only that but there’s also a scope of mini-games to enjoy when you need a break from exploring. From romantic rendezvous to thrilling rollercoaster rides, there’s smth for everyone. You can even date boys and girls here. But be gentle, they’re just bots after all.

However, if you’re feeling especially adventurous, take your blocky crew out for a night of partying and meet new pals in the city. The game is free, and the ads are pretty bearable.


Craft Earth Boy

Here’s the game that lets you flex your creative muscles. It’s a mix of exploration and crafting that you won’t be able to put down once you start playing.

It covers a vast scope of locks to make all kinds of things with. From cozy cottages to sprawling cities, this game has it all. You get full-on flexibility in design, so you can make whatever comes to mind. Plus, you can play it with your entire fam.

Whether you’re looking for some quality time with kids or just want to unwind after a long day, it has smth for everyone. The sim itself is top-notch, and you’ll quickly find yourself getting lost in the process of constructing a world.

You can grow unique animals and monsters, adding an extra element of fun to the game. The graphics are stunning, the gameplay is immersive, and the experience is unparalleled.


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To wrap up, there’s a simple block game that will keep you entertained for hours on end. One of the best things about this one is the ability to research the vast landscapes of the city and forest. You’ll find yourself lost in a world of endless discoveries.

From cute animals to colorful blocks, it is ideal for those who love adventure and exploration. It’s hard not to get lost in the vibrant and playful aesthetic, not to mention the cute animals and plants that add to the overall charm.

But beyond the visuals, the app delivers on gameplay as well. You can pick between survival and creative modes, each with challenges and opportunities. In survival one, you’ll navigate zombie attacks and dark nights while gathering resources for your city. In a creative one, you become mastercraft and can build anything you can imagine.

And if you really want to up the ante, there’s an MP for you to enjoy. There’s nothing quite like teaming up with pals to take on the world of together.