Top 10 Apps to Make Friends for Under 18s

Do you remember the good old days of going to the park and making friends with anyone willing to play tag? Or maybe the days of awkwardly sitting next to someone in class and praying they’ll strike up a conversation? Well, we’re about to make this process way quicker.

We’ve rounded up the top apps to make friends under 18s you could try. These let you chat with locals and find new mates who vibe with your values and hobbies.

You can even engage with users from around the globe. These apps are sure to expand your social circle with little to no effort. Let’s get into it!


Dream of meeting new people from around the globe and having loads of fun while doing it? Then you need to try this app – the ultimate app for making new friends online!

Let’s start with the basics: This app is incredibly user-friendly. Just swipe right to send a friend request to those who seem interested. And then, voila! You get notified when they accept your request, and it’s time to start chatting and connecting.

But what really sets it apart is the way you can modify your acc. You can express yourself like never before. Add pics, vids, a unique bio, or alter your profile colors. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a little self-expression?

Now, let’s talk about gems aka the currency you need to send swipes. But don’t worry, earning gems is super easy. You can share the app with your buds, check in every day, or make new pals on the app. Before you know it, you’ll have all the gems you need to make new connections and friendships that could last a lifetime.

But there’s one golden rule that the app insists on – always be kind. Inappropriate behavior or bullying will not be tolerated and may result in a ban from the app. It’s just common sense, really.


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This app is here to help you meet new folks nearby. It has a simple UI, you just need to swipe through accs becomes as addictive as trying to find stolen cookies!

Once you’ve connected with someone, get ready for seamless communication options, ranging from smooth chat and video calls to instant voice chats. The app has the magic to break the ice in a snap or help you forge an unbreakable friendship!

Don’t miss out on its community aspect, the ultimate treasure chest of like-minded individuals. From gaming enthusiasts to rockstar singers and sports lovers, it’s a hub of thrilling connections waiting to happen!

What’s the cherry on top? The app effortlessly connects with your accs on IG, TT, and whatever platform you use. So go ahead and expand those friendship horizons or follow your new friends’ wild adventures. Friendship has never been this easy to stay updated on! And all that without spending a dime – there are no hidden fees or anything. And the app ensures it says a safe environment, too.



Tired of mingling with the same old crowd on socials? Ready to break those borders and broaden your social circle? This app is here to help!

That is the ultimate social networking app that links you with awesome people from around the globe. Explore millions of accs to find like-minded individuals who share your quirks. Whether you’re eager to dive into diverse cultures, forge new friendships, or even find a language exchange buddy, Hoop is your go-to solution.

But wait, there’s more! The app lets you earn diamonds daily to send requests or pimp out your acc. And guess what? It will double the rewards when you flaunt your acc on Sundays. Why? Well, it doesn’t really matter, is it?

And with it app, you’re the one in control. You decide who gets to see your linked accs and any other info. It’s all about privacy and confidence here, folks. There’s also a team of moderators ensuring the app is safe for all ages. It’s a nice way to expand your social circle and have a blast along the way. And it’s free, too.



Here’s an app that’s your one-stop shop for endless entertainment. It’s the ultimate combination of social media, streaming, and gaming. It’s a nice place to have fun and meet new buds in the process.

Say bye to app-hopping and hello to this app. Stream your fave YT content while chatting with up to 10 users in a lively video chat. Share your obsessions seamlessly, without missing a beat. There are no hidden fees and paid packs, so no worries here.

But it isn’t just about streaming. It’s a social playground for reconnecting with old mates and making new ones. Plus, the app’s swipe aspect helps you find cool peeps near you or across the globe. Get ready for captivating live convos and expand your circle like a pro.

Looking for like-minded communities? There are plenty of those here. Whatever your hobbies are, you can easily find your tribe and connect with like-minders like never before. Oh, and did we mention the games? The app knows how to keep the fun going. From thought-provoking Q&A sessions to drawing quizzes and guessing games, there’s never a dull moment here.



This little gem makes it easier than ever to find like-minders nearby. First off, making a new acc is a breeze here. You can add up to six snaps, including a voice intro and a descriptive bio.

And if you’re worried about posting the wrong thing, don’t stress – the app’s pic guidelines ensure that everything uploaded is safe for work and fun for all.

Once your acc is up and running, it’s time to start swiping through other users. Look for people with similar interests to find those who love what you love. It can be a passion for coffee shops an obsession with a certain band, or a book genre. Whatever you want to talk about, you can talk about here.

And if you don’t find any matches at first, don’t fret! New users are joining all the time, so keep swiping. But the real magic happens when you start chatting. The messenger makes it easy to send SMS, snaps, and audio snippets, so you can really get to know someone before meeting up in person. And if you ever see any behavior that seems sketchy, just report it to the app’s support team – they take safety seriously.


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This app is here to comfort you with the traditional pen pal exp. If you’re someone who always craves meaningful conversations, this will become your new go-to app.

The concept is pure genius – to connect people around the glove at a slower but better pace – one letter at a time. As opposed to the era of instant messaging, the app understands that sometimes we need more time to articulate our thoughts. Plus, the waiting time is entirely worth it for the beautifully crafted letters.

The app gives you the feeling of a personalized experience with an anonymous acc, where a nickname and avatar are all you need. It is wonderful and refreshing in today’s world not to have to worry about our privacy being compromised. It helps you connect with like-minders based on diverse parameters, such as mutual interests and languages.

Slowly unleashes a whole new world of cultural learning beyond the traditional school curriculum. With the option to collect and unlock stamps from diverse countries and cultures, you get a chance to explore and learn about the world in the most entertaining way possible. And you get unlimited letters for free with optional paid tools.



This app is here to help you find a true friendship. This isn’t your typical dating app, oh no. It is for those who want to genuinely meet awesome new buds in their area to hang out with.

The process starts with a series of quizzes that will delve into your psyche, from your fave hobbies to your most cherished values. And don’t worry, the app does the matching for you. Using advanced social science and machine learning tech, the algorithm considers hundreds of factors to match you with the most compatible pals in groups of three.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Once you’re matched with a group, you can safely vibe in the group chat before deciding to meet in person. Trust us when we say, it’s almost impossible to truly get to know someone through the screen of an app.

The app won’t cost you a single dime and lets you find buds who truly match your personality, fit your lifestyle, and share your values. They might be 10 mins away, and you’ll never know (before trying this app, of course).



It’s the kind of app that’s more about real life and less about likes and filters. It’s a rare thing nowadays, really, so make sure to at least give it a try.

This app is an ideal way to keep in touch with your real-world buds in a way that’s authentic, unfiltered, and totally personal. With features like SUP stories, SEQUELs, and more, the app truly takes the exp to the next level.

One of the coolest aspects about this one is the SUP stories. This is where you can share your unfiltered, real-life stories with your buds and see exactly how they respond. And if you want to see your pals take on your story, you can even make a collaborative and immersive acc that’s unique to you.

It also has a tool that puts you right in touch with your besties and homies. This is where you can share your messages, stories, and feelings directly on their screens, as a sweet reminder or a surprise at any moment.

And then there’s the BFF section of the app, which is like a personal hall of fame for your closest pals. It lets you explore the special bonds between you and your buds, so you can see who cares about you the most.



Wanna expand your social circle, and make new mates? That’s exactly what this app is here for! It gives you a safe, inclusive community to connect with people who vibe with your interests.

Making an acc is a breeze. Just add your hobbies and start swiping through accs of unexpected peeps. Whether you’re into music, or sports, or need a vibing buddy, the app will find those who match. You can also filter the searches to find exactly what you’re seeking!

But what makes this app stand out? Safety first, babe! Strict measures are in place to protect users, giving you peace of mind. Encounter a violator? Report and block, easy-peasy. The app takes it very seriously, so no worries.

Safety doesn’t mean boring! The app delivers limitless fun! Swipe potential connections, send requests, chat with new mates – endless vibes to explore. The app is ideal for finding and making Snapchat friends. Add your acc link, and you’ll be able to seamlessly connect and keep friendships going strong.

There are some paid tools here, but you can totally go without them. The ads are here, but they are fully bearable, too.


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To wrap up, we have an app to end your struggles with aimless scrolling and unsatisfying connections. The app helps you dive into vibrant communities that match your values, all while connecting with your fave creators. Get ready for exclusive content, private events, and direct communication with famous creators.

This app is the ultimate hub for building meaningful relationships online. But what’s the feather in this app’s cap? It’s all about expanding your network through mutual connections. Start by inviting your flock and watch your community take flight with buds. It’s like a virtual introduction party, minus the awkward small talk.

Feeling like a lone duck in a vast online world? The app is where you’ll find your community. Whether it’s bonding over niche hobbies or connecting with like-minded individuals, it has a space just for you. It’s like a virtual introduction party but without the awkward small talk.

Feel free to join any community and start making real connections today. Trust us, your online experience will be nothing short of egg-citing!