7 Best Apps to Play Youtube on the Background on iOS


We all know that in order to play YouTube in the background on your devices nowadays you need to buy a premium subscription to this app. However, we often feel like it’s not worth it – eventually, you can live without YouTube playing in the background, right? You may also like: Top 9 Apps to …

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11 Best Slow Motion Apps in 2021 for Android & iOS


If you often shoot videos, you have maybe heard about slow motion. The slow-motion option helps to reveal all the details of the action on the screen. Sunrises or sunsets, plants flowering, vehicles, and people moving on the road – all these things are great for slow-motion videos. Today there is a wide range of …

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11 Best Night Vision Apps for Android & iOS


Night vision devices seemed to become the ordinary thing in our life, however, not all smartphones initially have the camera powerful enough to provide the perfect vision when dark. The apps that you will find down below will not only help you to enhance the quality of your camera but will give you a chance …

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8 Best Lip Sync Software for PC, Android, iOS

Best Lip Sync Software

These days everyone wants to become famous for some unique art. If you have an interest in singing and want to become famous with singing then you can use lip-sync feature. Lip sync is a short form of lip synchronization which is a technical term for matching a speaking or singing person’s lip movements. There …

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