9 Best Skee-Ball Game Apps for Android & iOS

Skee-ball games

Arcade games are a genre in which important attention is paid to time. At the same point, the gameplay is very fast. Arcade games were originally in slot machines. Later people began to develop games for computers and smartphones. Everyone remembers Skee-Ball games. We have prepared a whole list of these games for you. You …

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11 Best Cloud Gaming Apps in 2022 for Android & iOS

Best cloud gaming apps

It’s so great to play your favorite games on your smartphone after a hard day at work. You can relax and enjoy the gameplay. Sometimes we don’t have enough memory for our smartphones to download our favorite games. It all depends on the model of your device. Try cloud gaming apps that don’t require installation. …

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7 Best Jigsaw Puzzle Apps for Android & iOS

Best Jigsaw Puzzle Apps

Do you adore collecting classic jigsaw puzzles? No more buying cardboard puzzles whose pieces can easily get lost. Now they have been replaced by mobile apps that make the process more exciting. What’s more, they allow you to engage in your best-loved hobby anywhere and anytime. The variety of styles, pictures, and difficulty levels amazes …

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21 Best Creature Collecting Games for Android & iOS

Best Creature Collecting Games

Searching for various objects has long been a well-known genre among mobile games. This process captivates for many hours, as many games offer special rewards for achieving certain goals. Special popularity began to gain games in search of various creatures, which makes this genre even more interesting. These creatures behave as if they exist in …

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11 Best Pet Care Games for Android & iOS

Best Pet Care Games

A pet in the home is a full-fledged family member that everyone loves. Children especially love pets. They can play with them, care for them, feed them, and take them for walks. Yet, for various reasons, not every family is ready to get a pet. But thanks to the development of the apps there are …

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7 Best Snake VS Block Games for Android & iOS

Best Snake VS Block Games

Snake is one of the most popular games, the earliest versions of which appeared on the first handheld phones. Since then, this game has undergone an incredible number of changes that have improved it and made it more exciting. Also, there are a lot of different versions of the game, the rules may be a …

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7 Best Modern Tetris Games for Android & iOS

Best Modern Tetris Games

Modern games fascinate people all over the world with their variety and graphics. Yet, there are games that have remained popular for many years. One of these games is Tetris. It is played by adults and children because of the simple rules and accessibility. There are many versions of this game for mobile platforms. If …

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7 Best Dodgeball Games for Android & iOS

Best Dodgeball Games

Dodgeball is known to everyone for its early version, which everyone played back in real life. But now everything is moving to the virtual universe and this game is no exception. Throws are replaced by swipes, your opponents are virtual, and instead of the ball, you can choose any other object available in the game. …

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11 Best Make Up Games for Android & iOS

Best Make Up Games

Makeup has become a rapidly developing field that is known all over the world. Bloggers have themed channels, makeup artists are the main characters in TV series. Even cartoon characters learn how to create delightful makeup. Makeup has become part of almost all areas of our lives and mobile games are no exception. We have …

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7 Best Classic Tetris Games for Android & iOS

Best Classic Tetris Games

Tetris remained popular for many years among all generations. It develops various abilities, such as strategic thinking and speed of decision-making. It became so popular that competitions began to appear among players. Yet, now it is difficult to find the original version in its usual form. There are creative developers of mobile games, which are …

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