Sunset World Online Game Review

Sunset World Online, formerly known as Element Quest, will allow players to travel through an open world filled with different creatures, bosses and other players.

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There are four elements (classes) to choose from in the game: Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire. Each has its own abilities, roles, and pros and cons. For example, Water is support and heals allies, Wind is responsible for fast movement, Earth for crowd control, and Fire for basic damage (DPS).


Players can also team up in teams of 3 to 5 to go on roguelike expeditions, where team battles with dangerous bosses await them.

Sunset World Online is a 2D side-scrolling MMORG project with colourful and stylish graphics. Inventory and UI are nicely done, and all animations were hand-drawn.

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The menu screen includes a picture in the background, a character, and buttons on the left and right. Buttons are made in a hand-drawn style.

The menu screen also includes a foreground which is placed right at the bottom of the screen. You start off in the Magic School, where you have a tutorial. The room is drawn in a 3D style. The camera in the room is static.


Different locations, like boss fights, schools, forests, and more. Day and night, character customization, additional quests, NPC’s with their own background story; a lot happening in the game.

Finally, we can certainly state that the game is worth playing. The right game to spend an evening with a cup of tea.

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