Moby Chip App Review

Moby Chip is a genius modern app for making music. It is acceptable only for iPad or mac because it was designed originally for professional music makers. It is great for creating songs and sound effects.

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Moby Chip1

When we open the app, we observe the main screen with special tracks that will be used for making music. The background of the app is dark and the lines of all tracks are white. The design of the app is pixilated.

The melody icons are painted in green, yellow, blue, and red. Despite the fact that its interface and view of tracks seem to be difficult and complicated in usage, Moby Chip is really easy to use. Each track is monochromic and generates sounds according to the users’ ideas.

Moby Chip2

There is a toolbar above the tracks with icons of instruments. The technical support is great, users can complain about troubles they face during making sounds. It also provides an export option which means that you can save the song that you created.

There are some file formats like wav, m4a/ACC, ringtone, caf. The exported audio file may be used already after downloading. Another great option is that the melodies can be played live. Each note of available tracks may be changed easily.

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This app was designed both for entertainment and for professionals, so each owner of iPads and Mac computers can try to create their own melody.


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