TMG Shooter App Review

TMG Shooter is a space shooter filled with obstacles, enemies from an alien civilization, and the inability to break away from the gameplay!

The essence of the game is that you have to take control of a spaceship and burst through obstacles in outer space far from Earth!

TMG Shooter1

Your obstacles will be: asteroids moving right at you and other alien ships whose goal is to hook you with their shot! You need to destroy these asteroids and enemy alien ships to survive and continue the game!

Features and functionality of the game:

  • The ability to choose different spaceships that you will control
  • Different difficulty levels
  • Bright and colorful graphics
  • The opportunity to improve your reaction skills, as well as much more!
TMG Shooter2

Collect points in the form of diamonds that will meet on your way, shoot them, and take them for yourself! Keep track of the amount of life on the time column at the bottom of the screen!

Be vigilant, do not get caught by enemy alien ships! Otherwise, they will take away some of the time of your life. If the line falls to the very bottom, you lose.

Remember: everything depends only on your reaction and skills! Download the game and upgrade your reactionary skills!

The game works without the Internet!


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