Origins of Maxtheria App Review

The Origins of Maxtheria is an old-school online adventure game. The developers offer users to explore the jungle to find 32 pieces of the lost treasure. Fans of the Atari times will clearly have something to look at!

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Origins of Maxtheria1

Among the advantages of this game, the most stand out :

  • 256 screens in amazing quality
  • Technical support in several languages
  • The ability to play on different devices: mouse, keyboard, or touch screen panel
  • Simple interface and exciting maps that are waiting for each user, as well as much more!
Origins of Maxtheria2

The Origins of Maxtheria involve not only treasure hunting, but also overcoming various obstacles: quicksand, pits, fire pits, and so on. Moreover, the game hides real villains who will need to be bypassed on the way to the treasure!

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The developers have provided saving so that after leaving, users can continue the game again! In addition, this game has no time limits!

Origins of Maxtheria3

Among other things, the developers guarantee that the game is completely free of copyright, trademark, or patent violations.

2K HD resolution will allow players to really plunge into the pool of exciting adventures, obstacles, and, treasures!

The Origins of Maxtheria is an unforgettable emotion, experience, as well as a complete immersion in the actions taking place in the game!

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