Milly the Dog App Review

You will have to turn into Millie, a painted dog who went on a journey in search of all her lost toys, experiencing adventures throughout three fun and colorful stages full of surprises.

Milly the Dog1

Try to discover an extraordinary world: drawn and animated animal characters living in a real-world mixed with a cartoon world, with images and comics, pixel graphics, and all kinds of cute enemies, such as dangerous predators, scary spiders, or even cacti, be careful not to touch them!

You have to watch your health level and avoid losing it because you’ll have to start over.

Milly the Dog2

Funny drawn graphics promotes fun and relaxation in front of your smartphone screen.

In the end, after completing the main story and quests, as well as finding all the toys, there are 7 in total, as well as the mini-games that you will unlock. Among the mini-games: catch the ball and skill competitions, as well as other fun games.

Milly the Dog3

In the latest update, the developers changed the speed of the dog, so the game is much more dynamic than it was before. In general, the developers are trying to keep the game on a high level. The game is great for your child or you if you want to get a charge, good mood.   


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