Bixelangelo Software Review

Professional editors and architects use programs to facilitate the construction of objects. Bixelangelo is a unique program with many simple functions for creating raster and vector drawings. You can start working immediately after starting the software.

After installation, the user will see a simple and lightweight interface. The interface includes a menu bar and a control panel.

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Bixelangelo includes various sections. Sections File, Edit, View, Window, Settings, Help are located in the top menu bar. The main panel located in the middle where the whole workflow takes place.


Bixelangelo has a technical support system. Many users may have questions or problems.  Technical support specialists ready to assist in resolving issues. Compose your question and send it to the support specialists and they will definitely answer you.

Simple design with a bright white accompanying background and a gray pop-up panel for tasks and options.

Getting started with the software easy. Click on the button and paint. It is possible to upload images and start tracking manually. In addition, users can change the background and thumbnail color, border, permissions and additional options. Use a keyboard shortcut for important actions.


An intuitive interface, easy integration into the working environment, and a convenient arrangement of buttons will allow users to master the workflow in a short time.

Bixelangelo is the best software for creating 2D and 3D curves. Endless possibilities will allow users to carry out the most complex ideas.

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What’s more, Bixelangelo supports all standards, animated texts, glowing particles, and blending 3D animations with sketches. Simple and convenient integration with a simple operating panel will be the ideal assistant in solving various tasks. Simplify your work with the simple Bixelangelo software.

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