11 Best Games Like Tropico for Android, iOS & Windows

Since the very beginning of the era of mobile games, users have been interested in those games that allow you to actually build your own city and manage all its spheres of activity.

There are a great many such games and in this article, we have collected best games like Tropico. By the way, if you like simulator games, we also recommend to check our article about the best games like Sims.

SimCity BuildIt

This is an insanely large-scale mobile game in which you have to become not only the mayor but also a full-fledged owner of your own city. Here you have to rebuild your city from scratch, as well as solve the pressing problems of residents.

In this mobile game, you can build a noisy metropolis, a quiet suburb, or a resort town: everything is at your discretion. Moreover, you will be able to build buildings and neighborhoods in the style of existing world centers: London, Tokyo, New York, and so on.

Here you can choose typical buildings, for example, certain attractions, a temple, and much more. The Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, and the famous Tokyo Tower can be located in your city at the same time.

Also, do not forget that you have to take care of the locals: their number will increase as the number of buildings in your city increases. The pressing problems of residents will include taxes, environmental cleanliness of the city, traffic, and so on.

Among other things, do not forget about the safety of your city: monsters can attack you and you have to think carefully about how to fight them back and protect your city and its inhabitants.

Also, in this mobile game, you will be able to enter into cooperation with other mayors and create full-fledged associations with other cities in the fields of defense and security, trade, exchange of cultural values, and so on.

SimCity BuildIt1



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City Island 5: Build a City

This is a casual game for your mobile device, in which from the very beginning you will be provided with a small settlement, which you will have to develop into a full-fledged metropolis.

This is the fifth generation of this mobile game, which has a huge number of new features, improvements, as well as exciting updates. Here you can build not one island state, but an entire archipelago.

You will be able to go on a journey through the maps in this mobile game to discover new islands and lands for the construction of their settlements. Each island is a completely autonomous object that can be rebuilt in a different style from your other cities.

Your islands can have a connection with each other both physically (for example, through a bridge), and in the format of trade and cultural relations.

For example, on one land there is an opportunity to produce agricultural crops, and on another land, there are technical means of transportation: you will be able to arrange deliveries from one city to another.

Among other things, this game has a field of quests in which you have to solve complex administrative tasks, such as road transport channels, tax fees, environmental cleanliness of certain areas, and much more.

Going through these quests, you will receive certain rewards in the form of new variants of buildings or game coins, which can then be spent on improving your cities.

City Island 5: Building Sim1



Global City: Building Games

This is a famous simulator of urban construction. This mobile game is chosen not only because of the widest range of possibilities but also because of the stunning graphics inherent in PC games.

Here you have to build your city, paying attention to the smallest details, for example, the interaction of retail outlets, local governments, judicial arbitrariness, traffic, and much more.

In this mobile game, you can not just put a huge building in the middle of the city and call it a shopping center, but also choose the shops that will be present in this shopping center and where the residents of your city will come.

You have to start with a small settlement and build a full-fledged metropolis out of it, the number of inhabitants of which will increase as new buildings are built.

In the store of this mobile game there are hundreds of types of buildings that you can put in your metropolis: each of the buildings, be it a residential apartment building, a shopping mall, or a government building, has its own characteristics, therefore, pay attention to the location of buildings and their main functions.

Among other things, in this mobile game, you will be able to build factories and create full-fledged productions and buildings for the extraction of resources: you will be able to trade these resources and manufactured goods with other cities, thereby creating urban communities and communities.

Global City: Building Games1



Citytopia Build Your Own City

This is a relatively new game for mobile devices, equipped with a huge number of functions and features, thanks to which users have the opportunity to rebuild their own megacities and manage them.

Here you will have to carefully approach the choice of construction sites, as each of them has its own functions and features: also, pay attention to the location of your buildings: you can create shopping and business districts, as well as quiet sleeping areas for local residents.

In this mobile game, you have to solve important issues related to the urban structure and the interaction of local residents: you will be able to listen to their business proposals and create a city in which every resident will be happy.

In addition, you will have to pass certain quests related to the development of trade and cultural relations with other cities: you will be able to establish the production and transportation of certain goods and resources, as well as much more.

Also, by completing quests and solving complex administrative tasks, you will receive rewards in the form of game money and bonuses, which can then be exchanged for a new building, or for decorating your metropolis.

Among other things, there are holiday periods in this mobile game, according to which you will be able to decorate your city and hold certain thematic events for all residents of the city.

Citytopia Build Your Own City1




This is a full-fledged simulator of different historical eras for your mobile device. Here you can build your own civilization, going through the difficulties of every world epoch, starting with ancient Greece, continuing with the Roman Empire, and ending with modernity.

The peculiarity of this mobile game is that your civilization will develop in the conditions of certain historical periods so that you can feel and understand the ways of life of those times and direct your civilization along an individual path of development.

Do not forget also that you will not only manage your state but also protect it from raids and attacks of other peoples: past historical periods are known for a huge number of conquests and division of territories, therefore, you also have to cope with this.

You will be able to distribute the budget of your state and build a full-fledged army to protect your population: you can earn money for this by extracting resources, trading relations with other states, and so on.

This simulator is as close as possible to the real conditions of those times, therefore, the problems that existed in different eras will also become your questions for finding solutions.

In the end, you will find yourself in modern conditions, and then you will be able to move into the future and develop your civilization indefinitely, in the format in which you see this future.




Rise of Cultures: Kingdom Games                                    

This is an extremely large-scale mobile game that allows you not only to see the life of different cultures and civilizations in different historical epochs but also to become a participant in the development of world civilizations.

Here you will begin your journey from the Stone Age and go back to the Middle Ages, and so on indefinitely. You will have to

cope with the problems of different historical eras, developing your own state.

In addition to building and managing your own civilization, you will have to take part in battles and protect your lands and their populations from raids and misfortunes from other civilizations.

In this mobile game, the function of interactions with other states is well developed: you will be able to conclude military alliances, and trade alliances and enrich your civilization through these interactions.

Also, you will be able to arrange all kinds of celebrations and events for your population, inviting the heads of other states to the summit in order to secure as many profitable cooperative alliances as possible.

In addition, a huge number of historical figures will meet on your path of development, from whom you will be able to learn a lot and not repeat the mistakes of the corresponding historical periods.

Rise of Cultures: Kingdom game1



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Elvenar- Fantasy Kingdom

This is a simulator of a fantastic world in which you can build your own magical civilization, which will be inhabited not only by people, but also by all kinds of magical creatures, such as elves, goblins, unicorns, and many others.

Here, each race has its own characteristics and advantages, based on which you can choose who exactly will inhabit your kingdom and in what quantity.

If the elves are excellent workers, then you can make them the main layer of the population so that your factories and production work successfully.

Moreover, here you will be able to enter into trade relations with other kingdoms and exchange with them not only goods and resources but also cultural values.

Also, here you will be able to conclude military cooperation in order to be able to protect your population from attacks from unfriendly states.

In addition, you will have to solve pressing issues of urban life and the lives of ordinary people, starting with transport and communication channels, and ending with ecology.

Solving such cases, you will receive a reward in the form of game cash prizes, which can then be exchanged for new types of buildings and for new races to populate your kingdom.

Elvenar - Fantasy Kingdom1



Forge of Empires: Build a City

This is a proven mobile game, released back in 2012. It contains both the old principles of casual mobile games, as well as the latest features and improvements in accordance with technological progress.

In this mobile game, you have to build your own city from scratch, which will have interactions with other cities for the sake of joint prosperity. You will be able to enter into trade alliances, and military alliances to protect your lands, as well as many other types of relationships.

The number of your population will increase in proportion to the number of buildings that you will erect. Here you can rebuild residential complexes, business districts, shopping areas, and much more.

Do not forget that you have to manage your city by solving pressing issues of the population: transport links, environmental issues, tax fees, and much more.

Moreover, here you can immerse your city in the atmosphere of holidays: New Year, Halloween, and so on. You will be able to use different themed decorations and hold festive events for the entire population, inviting representatives from other cities.

Forge of Empires: Build a City1



Evil Genius: World Domination

This is a themed mobile game for building your own city. Here you have to play the role of the main villain, who will implement his main villainous plans.

In this game, you will be able to destroy other settlements and build your island city so that it becomes a cent of world domination. You can not only build but also destroy everything that you don’t like.

In this mobile game, you have to carefully think through traps and villainous plans for your enemies so that they cannot appropriate your lands for themselves.

Also, do not forget that you will

need to expand your possessions, discover new technologies and establish the resource and trade well-being of your nation so that they unquestioningly follow your villainous plans.

Among other things, there are certain tasks in this game that you will need to complete in order to receive game bonuses. These tasks include solving the problems of the population, as well as building military and trade alliances with their followers.

Moreover, these tasks include espionage missions in which you have to kidnap the heads of other cities, destroy their trade and transport links, as well as carry out other villainous acts in order to remain the most powerful mayor in the game.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination1



Constructor Plus

This mobile game has been receiving recognition and positive criticism from gamers from all over the world for twenty years. This is an online constructor in which you can build your own empire with strong internal and external relations.

Here you have to carefully think over a strategy for the development of your empire and actually turn a village on the outskirts into a full-fledged independent metropolis with the richest population and huge skyscrapers.

Moreover, you will need to establish the extraction of resources and the production of various kinds of goods in order to further build strong trade relations with other empires.

Also, do not forget about the security of your possessions: build a powerful army to protect your empire and enter into military alliances to have additional support in matters of security.

You will also be able to independently seize the lands of other empires and appropriate them for yourself: you will be able to impose taxes on the conquered lands and spend the money received for the further development of your empire.

Also, you will have to be a wise ruler and solve the pressing issues of your population so that it is contented and happy: only under such conditions will you be able to build a powerful empire.

Constructor Plus1



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Aven Colony

In this mobile game, you have to build the first civilization on another planet, as far away from the earth as possible: the difficulties and advantages of a new unexplored planet are that the soil on it is absolutely diverse, which means that the features of the structure of buildings will vary.

Moreover, you will not only have to rebuild an entire state from scratch, but also populate it with certain races, which also have their own characteristics: representatives of one race are good workers, others are talented entrepreneurs, and so on.

Moreover, you have to think through the security sphere, because attacks from other alien civilizations are not excluded. Create your own powerful army to protect your population.

Also, you will have to develop industry, production, and extraction of resources in order to provide your state with everything necessary, including independence and autonomy.

Among other things, you should keep in mind the solution to pressing problems of the population, such as transport links and movements within the state, the environmental issue, tax fees, court proceedings, and much more.

You have to make your population the happiest, so that the residents protect your state with a sense of duty from foreign misfortunes.

Aven Colony1