13 Best Anonymous Texting Apps in 2024

It’s no secret that privacy is a hot topic right now. And while we’re now more connected than ever, sometimes we still want to keep certain things private.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the best anonymous texting apps in 2024 for you to check out. These apps let you send texts while keeping your identity concealed and stay all the way protected doing so.

From second numbers to encrypted messaging, we’ve found an app for everyone. Whether you’re trying to plan a surprise party, stay safe while chatting with people online, or just keep your personal life separate from a professional one, these apps can be a lifesaver. Let’s dive in!


Tired of giving out your real phone number to everyone and their mother? This app can help! It’s a game-changer in terms of separating your personal and business life while maintaining privacy.

Let’s start with the basics: the app gives you an extra number, facilitating text and calls while safeguarding your contact info. And the coolest part? It’s free! No more worrying about huge bills or awkward interactions with unwanted contacts.

Above that, there are no fees, just ads that help keep the app running smoothly. You can use the number across numerous devices, too. Voicemail transcription and meeting calling come as built-in, too. And if you’re anxious about privacy, the passcode will make your chats safe and secure.

The app even integrates with Google Lock, so you won’t have to memorize your PIN. It also lets you personalize the exp with customizable text tones, bgs, and all that. The quick replies let you speedily respond to a text without opening the app at all.


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Text Me

This app offers a reliable way of getting an extra number. It’s a top-notch solution for those wanting to maintain privacy when conveying with others. And the best thing about it: it’s fully free. Yeah, you can get a new number in just two taps, without any charges or hidden fees.

With this invaluable tool, you have the freedom to make unlimited calls and send texts to anyone. It’s a true gem, serving as an exceptional aid for both business and personal transmission. The voicemail is covered as well, along with call forwarding and even group chats.

The voicemail can be personalized to match your needs and the app lets you share GPS data via texts, too. Plus, you get to modify the app by switching bgs, ringtones, and all that. The app also comes thing full-on privacy protection.

You can keep your texts incognito, or hide them altogether, by simply setting a PIN. And if you’re constantly receiving spam or marketing calls, you can filter them out, or keep them from occurring on your screen.



It’s time to say goodbye to those anxiety-inducing moments when you hit “send” and wish you could take back what you just said. This app delivers a safe space to share your thoughts with people. It’s the kind of app that can guarantee your safety while still being fun to use.

The app is all about maintaining privacy, and it’s based on high encryption tech that guarantees the protection of your texts and calls. It’s not just a mode or an option; it’s the way the app functions, all the time. Not even the app’s team can read your chats here!

You’ll surely appreciate the app’s fast delivery syst that will operate seamlessly on even the most constrained network. And with its enhanced audio and video quality, you will almost forget you’re having a virtual conversation.

The app is entirely independent and nonprofit, it’s fully funded by its users. There are no ads, no trackers, and no distractions.



This one is great for those tired of paying hefty phone bills every month. It lets you get a full-on number with voicemail for free. You can even pick the area code when signing up. With this app, you can rest assured that your convos remain entirely covert and secure.

Plus, the app covers free calls in several countries, and that’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask us. And don’t worry about having to pay for texts either because those are free for any number.

The texts can be sent to over 40 countries, to be exact. The quality of calls is incredibly high as well. It’s better than some call-dedicated apps offer. Both quality and speed are truly unmatched.

Signing up is super easy too. You can use your email, FB or Google acc. You’ll get to reach your acc across all gadgets. The app facilitates group convos, HQ calls, and even video chat!


Text Free

Here’s an app that is fun, reliable, and most importantly, private. It lets you enjoy anon texting without having to fret about spam callers and contacts sneaking into your inbox. The safe Wi-Fi texts and calls are also here to give you a secure connection every time.

But that’s not all! Need a special number for business or school? The app has got you covered. You can even use it for online forms or pesky spam risks that plague our phones every day.

You get the convenience of free SMS and MMS, and the app also covers group chats It works everywhere where you have Wi-Fi, so no need to worry about cellular plans anymore. The app is entirely free, too. You won’t need to pay or anything, except ads removal.

As for the fun part, the app covers GIFs, emojis, and a whole bunch of stickers. You can also personalize the app to match your vibes by changing the bg and ringtone.



This is not just your typical texting app. It’s more like your own little secret world where you can share your thoughts, feelings, and ideas with like-minded people. First off, this app is all about solitude. You can send and get texts without anyone knowing who you really are. It’s like having a secret identity on the internet.

You can be your true self and connect with others who are on the same wavelength. Plus, all of your SMS are encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about anyone snooping around. Plus, there are no ads to clutter up your convos, and no need to pay for features.

But that’s not all. This is also a community. You can share your thoughts, trade advice, and get the inside scoop from millions of users. It’s like having a global group of friends who always have your back.

The app operates internationally, too. Thus, you can connect with users across the world, discover their cultures and make new friends.



Next, we have a little privacy saver app. It lets you have two (or more) numbers to convey without sharing your first one. This app works great if you want to organize your social circles and split some from others.

You can get a number for work, fam, and mates, and easily distinguish between them. It helps to maintain your sanity and not get lost in the chaos of everyday life. One of the gem tools is spam blocking and muting.

The app lets you easily filter out annoying calls and SMS from strangers and telemarketers. This saves so much time and hassle. Do-not-disturb mode is covered as well, and it lets you set some boundaries and guard your free time.

The voicemail is covered as well, and you can fully cater to your needs and vibes. The app lets you record separate greetings for each number, which is handy. It adds a personal touch to communications and helps to maintain the right vibes.


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This app is a hassle-free solution for managing multiple numbers. Get an extra number that provides all the tools and reliability you need. Say goodbye to sketchy calling apps that require Wi-Fi. With this one, you can call and text just like you would with your primary one.

Plus, you get to pick a local area code, to easily connect with those who matter most. But it’s not just a basic texting tool: the app is packed with communication instruments that make staying in touch a breeze.

Not only can you assign your fave contacts but also share pics, vids, and GIFs right away. And here’s the icing on the cake: the app covers custom voicemail greetings. It can also transcribe voice memos, and even take notes of your chats.

You get to ace all these on multiple devices to stay in touch on the go, too. So, whether you’re busy pro juggling multiple clients or just someone who wants some privacy in texting, give this one a try.



It’s a versatile app to elevate your texting game. There are several ways to use this app. Let’s start with safety. It adds an extra layer of guard to your life, and it’s a gem for online dating.

You can share this temporary number with your matches, giving you peace of mind that your personal info is protected. Plus, it helps a lot when it comes to international travel. With this one, your fam can reach your local number without any roaming charges.

And if you want to differentiate between business and personal calls, this app can cope with that too. The app has full talk, text, and media file capabilities, so you won’t be missing out on anything.

With a wide selection of over 300 area codes at your disposal, you have an abundance of choices to discover a number tailored to your needs. Each number is accompanied by customizable voicemail greetings, auto-replies, and an array of additional tools to meet your prefs.



If you’re someone who values privacy when it comes to texting, this app is a must-have. It gives you a temp number to send anon texts from. No more worrying about giving out your first number or having to deal with unwanted texts or calls.

But that’s not all: it also boasts secure phone calls. And all of your texts are fully shielded, meaning you don’t have to worry about anyone else being able to access them.

Another cool aspect you’ll surely appreciate is the ability to send disappearing SMS. This tool is an actual magic wand. If you change your mind about sending a certain text, you can simply undo it – no harm done!

And let’s not forget about the private vault. This is an ideal place to store pics, vids, passwords, and any other files you want to keep away. You can even disguise the app with a mask to further guard your privacy.



That’s a classic secure texting app to cover all your needs. This app has got your back when it comes to high encryption and top-notch spy protection. One notable tool of this one is the capability of sending SMS messages that automatically disappear. They vanish completely once they’re read, so you never have to worry about them hanging around in your chat history.

And with the added bonus of screenshot prevention, you can be sure that your SMS and docs are for your eyes only. Don’t think that sheltered convos are just for one-on-one convos because the app has got your group chat covered too.

But what really sets this one apart is the incognito mode. It’s ideal for when you just don’t want to reveal your identity. Send anonymous SMS with ease and rest assured that your secrets are safe.

With all the same privacy perks, you can chat with your pals and colleagues without the worry of anyone snooping into your chats. And if you ever have any questions, their customer service team is on hand to help: no problem is too big or small.



Have you ever found yourself wanting to send a message anonymously, but not quite sure how to do it? Well, let us introduce you to this app. This nifty little tool is ideal for those wanting a seamless incognito texting exp.

This app lets you exp texting while ensuring your identity remains concealed. And the anon replies really set this app apart, too. This lets you respond to SMS incognito too, making it even easier to keep your convos confidential.

But it’s not just about fun and games. This app is a treat for those times when you need to send a confidential SMS. It lets you modify your profile, and high-security algorithms are there to provide full-on privacy.

You’ll also appreciate how user-friendly this app is. It’s so easy to navigate, and there are plenty of modification options to make your exp unique. The app is designed with privacy in mind, so you can feel confident that your SMs are secure and unidentified.


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Text Vault

And lastly, there’s an app to keep your solitude intact while texting. The concept of this one is not unique, but it gets the job done well. A dedicated local number is provided exclusively for text messaging purposes, ensuring your solitude and convenience.

Thus you don’t have to reveal your real one to anyone and keep some level of obscurity. And signing up is super easy, so you can start texting right away. But wait, there’s more! You can add as many burner numbers as you like, and it works for several countries, too. You can also use it to verify for service without sharing your first one.

The app covers text and MMS, so you can share all the cool stuff with your pals and fam. To ensure the utmost solitude for your convos, you can get rid of them either separately or in bulk. If you’re worried about getting disturbed at odd hours, this app can help as well.

You can set up a do not disturb schedule or hide notifications for complete solitude. The app also lets you look up numbers and caller IDs to keep track of contacts.