Track-POD Software Review

Do you want to monitor the delivery process at any time you want? In this case, we have to recommend you try Track-POD software. Now let’s have a look!

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So, Track-POD allows users to carry out a wide range of tasks. Below you will find the most interesting ones:

  • Capture geotags or timestamps
  • Grab clients’ signatures
  • Keep track of the vehicle’s current location on the map
  • Control on-time delivery
  • Track the progress of the deliveries in real-time
  • Record actual distance

By the way, you will receive instant delivery notifications and real-time email updates on your delivery — for both you and your customers.

One of the best options of this tool – it is free to download. This is a quite rare advantage for this kind of program.

There is no need to have a constant internet connection while using this tool, as it works offline.


Due to Track-POD, you can easily add your new deliveries with such data as order ID, item description, job description, price, Q-ty, weight, volume, COD value, note, customer, delivery address, shipper’s name, and so many others!

Measure distance for your delivery using the distance measuring apps for PC, Android, and iOS.

User-friendly interface, excellent features, and permanent delivery control – all these things are waiting for you in Track-POD!

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