9 Best Basketball Coaching Apps for Android & iOS Tablets

Tired of lugging around your playbook and binder full of drills to every basketball practice? Well, you’re in luck!

We’ve rounded up the best basketball coaching apps for Android and iOS tablets to help you dominate the court. These nifty apps offer a wide range of tools, from strategies to player stats, making it easier than ever to keep your team one step ahead of the competition.

Some apps even let you analyze the games and training to point out what should be improved. Whether you’re searching for unique drills or simply need some expert advice, there’s an app to cover your needs. Let’s get into it!

Coach Tactic Board

Tired of standing in front of your team, gesturing, and attempting to explain the perfect play or workout without a classic whiteboard? This app is right here to help! With 16 different line options including solid and dotted, making and saving your playbook or drills has never been easier.

And with a vast scope of court modes, you’ll get to personalize the plan to fit your needs perfectly. And for those who want to get a bit more creative, you can alter your board’s color and the number of players on it.

Plus, the app lets you adjust the player’s details such as names, numbers, positions, and even photos. You can also group tactics and drills in folders. A small thing, but it makes a huge difference when it comes to navigation.

You can also export the tactics to share with fellow coaches, making this app the ultimate teamwork tool. The training mode lets you use balls, cones, ladders, and other objects to create exercises for your team. It is a great way for coaches to spice up training sessions and keep players engaged.


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Level Up 

This app is the ultimate tool for anyone looking to improve their basketball skills. It’s like having a virtual coach in your pocket.

First off, the sheer amount of workouts and drills available is impressive. With hundreds of workouts and drills prepared by certified coaches and skills trainers, this app has smth for everyone. No matter your skill level, there is always room to improve, and the app is here to help you do just that.

One thing that sets this app apart is its use of gamification. It makes training fun and engaging by letting you earn coins, unlock achievements and even make your own virtual character! It’s like playing a game but with the added benefit of improving your real-life abilities.

There’s also a social aspect. You can stay in touch with teammates, share your progress, and always feel supported in your journey. And personalized growth journaling lets you monitor improvement over time.

Above that, the app covers hundreds of coaches and clubs to connect with! And with the practice planner, you can easily schedule the training sessions and always stay on track. Parents will love the added benefit of control for kids under 13. It’s a safe and fun way for kids to develop their basketball skills and stay active.


Basketball Stats Assistant

If you’re a basketball coach, this app is a must-have tool for tracking and analyzing stats. Its intuitive tracking system makes it easy to log stats in real-time using drag-and-drop mechanics. You won’t miss a single sec of the game while still tracking each player’s performance.

But that’s not all! This app also covers a range of stats and reports to help you analyze your team’s performance in detail. Whether you want to see stats per player and their shot chart, team stats comparison, or lead tracker, this app has got me covered. You can even generate a box score per team or track efficiency.

And when it comes to tracking the time, this app really shines. With the center court play/pause button, you can monitor it with little to no effort. And if you make a mistake doing so, you can easily edit it by clicking on the scoreboard and updating it accordingly.

You can also easily share stats with others. Other coaches can log in to the app and start to get notifications of your game’s progress and see the same statistics that you tracked. It’s a great way to keep everyone on the same page.


Basketball Coaching

Tired of carrying around a bulky clipboard and pen to draw up your plays? Do you struggle to organize all of your drills and practice plans in one place? Give this app a try, then. It’s a great tool for trainers looking to boost their coaching game.

Not only does this app allow you to effortlessly draw plays and drills, but you can also easily access and learn from other coaches in the community. Share your own plays and drills, and organize them in your very own library for later use.

The community aspect is pretty useful as you’ll get to view other people’s plans and tips. The app’s lib makes it easy to organize your plays, too. You can make custom folders to easily find what you need during practice.

And speaking of practice, the intuitive design makes it easy to make plans with you to the court. The coaching board lets you quickly draw up ideas and show your players exactly what you have in mind. And the best part? You can use all of these tools both offline.


Basketball Tactic Board

This is the kind of app that can turn the tide in your basketball matches. It’s a real slam dunk when it comes to creating custom tactics for every situation. First off, let’s talk about how user-friendly it is. No need to register or pay a single penny for the advanced tools.

The intuitive interface is so simple, you’ll be creating tactics before the half-time buzzer. And the customization options? Out of this world. With a choice of six different views, you can tailor your tactics to suit your team’s playing style like a pro.

The best part? The animation. You can make frame-by-frame animations of your tactics that can be easily examined by your team. Set the animation speed to your liking. Talk about next-level game analysis!

You can even customize the size of your players. And did we mention the sharing options? You can share your projects in a snap! Simply export your files to share them with other users on any device: no sweat.


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Basketball Blueprint

It’s an app to help you elevate your basketball skills. The app is jam-packed with over 100 fun and effective drills that are organized into easy-to-find categories. With on-court vids, diagrams, and step-by-step instructions, you’ll be able to improve your skills in no time.

But that’s not all this app has to offer! You’ll also get over 50 simple plays for all ages and competitive levels. You can effortlessly build a playbook that emphasizes your team’s strengths. And for those intense moments, you can rely on sideline and baseline inbounds plays.

You can personalize the practices to fully match your needs here. You can use built-in timers and reminders to keep you on schedule. Plus, you can also explore the educational section and learn from the best. This app gives you access to the secret strategies and plays used by the pros.

The app is easy to use as well. You can effortlessly draw pro-looking plays and drills with just a few taps on your phone. You can even share them with your teammates within secs. The app is free to use, and there are not too many ads there.


Basket Coach Board

That’s a handy tool that helps you create effective game tactics. One of the best things about this one is that you can pick the type of court you want to work with. Whether you want a full court or a half court, this app has got you covered. With the ability to add balls and players, you can generate a game scenario that is tailored to your team’s needs.

All the essential drawing tools are covered here. Even if you don’t have much experience, you’ll be able to make detailed strategies on the fly. With two colors to try, you can easily differentiate between offensive and defensive plays.

Moving players around is a breeze, and changing their color is as simple as tapping on them. This level of flexibility ensures that you can switch up your game plan at any time.

You’ll get to save your games and exercises, too. Thus, you’ll get to work on them later or share them with the team right away. And the best part? There are no ads to interrupt your flow.



On the hunt for a training app that really delivers? This one can help! With over 100 game-like drills and programs developed by pro players, this app has everything you need to take your skills to the next level.

One of the coolest aspects of this one is its monthly training curriculum backed by the coolest experts out there. This means you can trust that the drills are not only effective but also safe and up-to-date.

But the real standout tool has to be the BSA. This 40-shot assessment is reviewed, verified, and scored by certified coaches, and gives you a clear pic of where your aptitudes are at and what areas you need to work on. It’s a great way to set goals and track progress over time.

The app is made with all levels of players in mind, from newbies to advanced ones. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your existing abilities, you’ll find plenty of challenging yet accessible training to try.


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TacticalPad Basketball

This app is a one-stop for basketball coaches who needs to plan out plays, set up training drills, and examine the team’s performance. With numerous tactical boards and HQ graphics, you can easily make and animate plays and set pieces.

And let’s not forget about the notepad, where you can add descriptions for drills and tactical analysis. This is ideal for monitoring your strategies and making sure everyone is on the same page. But the best part? You can use it anywhere, anytime, and by everyone. Use it on the bench, during pre-game presentations, training, and even at home!

And with digital ink support, you can easily draw freehand, make lines and arrows, and configure color and thickness. And with the eraser, you can easily make changes on the go.

Need to share your work with others? No problem! The app lets you export content to docs and supports file-sharing, for easy collaboration. It even lets you project your work onto a TV or projector, great for team meetings and strategy sessions.

And let’s not forget about team roster settings, where you can add names, positions, and lineups. You can even modify the team’s appearance with colors, badges, and jersey styles.