12 Free Fitness Apps Without Subscription (Android, iOS & Windows)

Many people want to train according to their individual program, taking into account the characteristics of their body, diet, as well as the availability of various equipment. It is for this reason that some developers have created apps that are able to create individual training plans and diets for each user, both in the gym and at home.

In this article, we have collected free fitness apps without subscription for you. And for gym lovers, we also recommend to check out our article about the best gym simulator games.


This app can be considered your personal fitness trainer, and even better, because it not only generates an individual training system for each user, but also provides a nutrition menu for each day, taking into account your characteristics, and also monitors your progress and exercise performance.

Before you get a schedule of individual workouts up to each exercise, you can enter data that you think is important, for example, you had a knee injury and you can’t do certain exercises, or you don’t have enough specific equipment.

Also, you can choose in advance whether you will train at home or in the gym, this also affects the set of exercises.

Also, here you can track your progress and how many calories you lose per workout. Moreover, in this app, you can choose for yourself a nutrition menu for a diet or vice versa for weight gain.

You can choose a weekly or monthly diet with a certain number of calories, and cook new healthy dishes every day according to recipes from the app.

Among other things, in this app, you can see how to correctly perform a certain exercise not only in pictures but also in video format, which is immensely convenient, because the result depends on the correctness of the exercise.


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Workout for women, weight loss

This is one of the most popular fitness apps among female users from all over the world.

They choose this particular app, as it focuses on the shortest and most effective daily workouts, taking into account your personal characteristics, such as injuries, availability of equipment, selected goals, and much more.

To start training, you will first need to choose a goal or several goals, for example, to make the buttocks more elastic, remove fat from the abdomen, maintain muscle tone, or something else.

Next, you will need to specify the characteristics of your body, for example, the presence of certain injuries. After that, the app system will automatically generate an individual training system for you, where each exercise will be described in as much detail as possible and shown in video format.

Also, this app is known for all kinds of ways to increase motivation, for example, you can train to specially selected music on video instructions, as well as read some tips from trainers.

Moreover, here you can track your progress, namely calorie burning, nutrition, number of workouts, load, and much more.

Among other things, here you will find thousands of different exercises with your own weight, where equipment is not required, as well as even more exercises with a standard set of additional accessories, for example with a ball, an elastic band, and so on.


Home Workout- No Equipments

This app specializes in short and maximally effective workouts at home, without the use of any equipment. Here you can find the perfect set of exercises for yourself, depending on the goal, such as strength training, bodybuilding, fat burning, muscle maintenance, and much more.

Here you can also get acquainted with one of the most important categories of exercises: warm-up and stretching. This application offers several hundred different exercises in each category, not only with illustrative instructions but also with full-fledged video screenings of each individual exercise.

Moreover, you will be able to specify the features of your physical condition so that the app system selects only individually suitable exercises for you.

Also, here you can track your progress in a detailed way: the number of calories spent, fatigue level, pulse, as well as the total number of exercises performed.

Moreover, this app can sync with Apple Health for the usual progress tracking. Here you can also set up a training schedule and reminder notifications about them.


Workout app Fitness online

This app is a truly large-scale service for creating and maintaining the figure of your dreams through nutrition plans, tips from famous champions and coaches, as well as through several hundred exercises with 3D illustrations of the correct execution of each of them.

In order to make this app suitable for every person with any goals and characteristics of the body, the developers interviewed professional champions and coaches. Tips from the interview formed the basis of diets, as well as a training plan.

In this app, you can designate a specific goal, for example, weight loss, weight gain, or bodybuilding, and based on this, choose a suitable ready-made training plan with illustrations of instructions for each exercise, and a tag with recipes for dishes from the diet that are attached to each training plan.

If you want to implement the most individual approach, then you can enable the “filters” function and customize the training system for yourself, taking into account the individual characteristics of the body.

In this app, each user has the opportunity to develop their own training and diet program, and then publish it for public access. After trying a large number of exercises and meals from the diet, you will be able to determine what will be the best for you.


Exercise: At- home workout App

This fascinating app for training and maintaining muscle tone has gained huge popularity due to the cute and funny animation, through which the instruction to perform exercises is illustrated.

Instead of boring briefings, an animated “lazy monster” will demonstrate the exercises, which in parallel will tell about the benefits of each exercise.

This app has no built-in advertising, there are only sets of exercises, recommendations, as well as your personal training diary to track progress.

Also, here you can select the soundtrack for video workouts with sets of exercises that the “lazy monster” performs with you, and shows you how to do it correctly.

Thanks to the funny animation in this app, your workouts will be carefree, fun, and unnoticeable, but with maximum efficiency.

All exercises are performed without special equipment, so you can do them at home without visiting the gym. Here you can also track your progress, namely the number of exercises performed, the number of completed workouts, and calories burned.

In this app, you can create your own individual training plan, which will include only those exercises that will suit you.

For example, you can change the usual squats to extended ones in your individual training plan, or replace some exercises and remove them completely if they do not suit you for some reason.


FitOn- Sport & Fitness

This is an incredibly popular app for fitness classes in any condition: in the gym, at home, or on the street.

Professional trainers such as Kristen Bullock, Julianne Hough, Gabrielle Union, and many others participated in the selection of exercise sets in this app. That is why users choose FitOn – here every person will find the perfect set of exercises for themselves.

In this app you can find for yourself a selection of exercises with various purposes, for example, maintaining muscle tone, bodybuilding, strength training, fat burning, and so on.

Moreover, here you can find individual categories with exercises, such as warm-up, stretching, yoga, or Pilates. Each set of exercises includes a warm-up and stretching at the end, but if this is not enough for you, you can use additional categories.

Professional trainers in this app explain the correct execution of each exercise in video format. Here you can find videos for both individual exercises and complex workouts, training together with renowned trainers.

Also, here you can use video tutorials on relaxing meditation after productive workouts, which positively affects the condition of your muscles and fatigue after a hard day.


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This app is a full-fledged service for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Here you can lose weight, gain muscle mass, learn how to cope with stress, and also sleep with maximum efficiency.

Not only computer specialists, but also professional trainers, doctors, and scientists took part in the development of this app.

Here you can use ready-made sets of exercises, which are divided into categories according to the goals of sports, for example, weight loss, weight gain, maintaining muscle tone, and so on.

Also, you will be able to make your own ideal training plan, which will include not only physical exercises but also additional stretching, proper nutrition with recipes for each dish, as well as meditation, and relaxation.

Moreover, there is a separate category of “stress” in this app: it includes audio recordings, video recordings, as well as recommendations related to getting rid of stress through exercise.

Also, here you can track your progress down to the number of calories lost for each workout, the number of workouts, and so on.

This app also provides a messenger where you can contact other users and discuss progress, and exercises, share tips and recommendations, and much more.

Also, you will be able to perform physical exercise challenges from famous trainers, which will allow you to identify your problem areas, as well as check your endurance.


Google Fit: Activity Tracking

This is one of the most popular apps for individual workouts. Eminent trainers, doctors, as well as specialists from the UN, and employees of the Ministry of Health participated in its development.

That is why here you will find a selection of physical exercises, audio affirmations, as well as recommendations for performing complex workouts.

In this app, you can choose the ideal physical exercises for yourself, and create your own ideal training program with a diet, stretching, warm-up, as well as exercise packages.

You can enter filters to search for suitable exercises, for example, injuries, or intolerance to some foods, so that the app system selects exclusively suitable physical exercises for you without health risks, as well as a suitable diet.

Among other things, in this app you will be able to track your progress: each completed exercise and each completed workout will be taken into account and added to the progressive schedule of your healthy life.

Also, here you can synchronize the account of this application with other apps related to a healthy lifestyle to simultaneously monitor nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and much more.

You will be able to share your achievements with users of other apps and messengers, including training schedules, recipes for meals from the diet, and so on.


Fitbod Workout & Fitness Plans

This app will become a personal trainer and nutritionist for you, as well as help you get a dream figure and forget about nutrition problems. Also, here you can customize your individual training and nutrition plan, including each individual exercise, as well as the recipe for each dish from the diet.

Before launching your personal training program, the system of this app will offer you to go through several challenges with exercises that will help identify your weaknesses, and problem areas, as well as determine your endurance and recommended load level.

After completing these challenges, the app will offer you a list of exercises that will match your capabilities, as well as training goals.

Users choose this app also because here each individual exercise is not only shown and illustrated with pictures and videos but also explained. This means that a description will be provided for each exercise, which will tell about the benefits of this exercise, as well as its effect on the muscles.

In addition, here you can track your progress down to the number of calories lost, completed challenges, and completed workouts. Also, you will be able to freely share your achievements with users of other apps and messengers in the format of progress graphs, or text reports.


Home Fitness

This app provides a huge amount of exercise for training at home without any sports equipment.

Here you will be able to choose for yourself the ideal set of exercises suitable for your physical form, as well as for the purposes of sports, for example, weight loss, maintaining muscle tone, or a set of muscle mass.

Also, here you can get acquainted with informative articles from eminent professional coaches, which will tell you about the benefits of both specific physical exercises and sports in general.

In addition, in these articles, you can find useful information on how to make workouts more effective through the addition of certain diets and additional exercises.

Also, in this app, you can use a separate category of workouts, such as stretching and yoga. Many trainers recommend doing a little stretching after physical exercises so that the muscles relax and are in a calm state. That is why there is a selection of several hundred exercises for relaxing muscles.


My fitness- app for strength training

This app is designed specifically for those who want to be able to train in any condition: in a fitness club, at home, or on the street on a sports ground.

There are about a hundred different ready-made collections with exercises for different purposes, for example, stretching, warming up, losing weight, gaining weight, and so on.

Here you can build your own individual training plan, which will include exercises from all the categories you need. You can share this training plan with other users of this application, as well as with users of other apps, messengers, and so on.

Not only computer specialists, but also professional trainers worked on the creation of this app – this was done so that the exercise complexes turned out to be as useful and applicable to each user as possible, taking into account different features by type of injuries, and so on.

Also, here you can get acquainted not only with the instructions for the exercises in the form of pictures and text descriptions, but also in the format of complete video guides for each individual exercise, or for each complex workout.


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Fitness Programs

This app is created for those who want to be able to train according to an individual plan, taking into account all the characteristics of the body, and also not to spend money on the services of a personal trainer in the gym.

Here you can take advantage of both ready-made complex workouts and make your own individual plan.

In this app, you will immediately be able to make certain filters to search for suitable exercises, for example, any injuries, or simply unwillingness to perform certain exercises.

Also, you can save the exercises you like to your personal “diary” of workouts in order to eventually get a personal comprehensive workout that takes into account your personal characteristics of the body.

You will be able to share your successes with users of other apps and messengers in the form of graphs, text reports, as well as photos that were taken while performing sets of exercises.