15 Free Digital Drawing Apps for Android, iOS, Windows

Let’s face it, traditional drawing can be pricey and impractical for those on the go or just starting out. Luckily, now you can get artistic without spending a single dime.

We’ve scouted the best digital drawing apps for Android, iOS, and Windows you could try for free. These apps help to unleash your inner artist and sharpen your skills.

From unlimited layers to color blending and animation, you can become a pro in no time. Some even let you turn pics into sketches. No matter your experience, these offer a variety of instruments to help you make stunning art anytime and anywhere. Let’s get into it!


This is the kind of app you just have to try, whether you’re a newbie, a pro, or just like to draw in your free time. This app has everything to make cool art, whether you like pencils, markers, airbrushes, or any other medium.

The brushes look and feel just like their physical counterparts, making it easy to forget that you’re using a digital app.

But don’t let the traditional feel fool you, the app is bundled with modern tools to improve your process. The adjustable brushes let you get the exact look you want from a light sketch or a heavy, bold drawing.

Need precision in your work? The guides and rulers make it easy to achieve a high level of accuracy. And the coatings with a full complement of blend modes give you the flexibility to play with color and build up your performance.


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On the hunt for a drawing tool that ticks off all your boxes? This might be the one! From its brush engines to the stabilizers, this app has got it all. And let’s not forget the assistants for constructing complex scenes, or the canvas-only mode for painting without distractions.

Trust us when we say the app really knows how to make painting both fun and productive. Oh, and did we mention that the app supports animation? With onion skinning, storyboarding, and comic book project management, it has everything to bring your creations to life.

You’ll get to clone layers, layer styles, filter, and transform masks enabling you to conduct non-destructive editing. It operates with all file formats, so you can pick one to save your work in.

But wait, there’s more! The app even covers scripting in Python for those of you who are tech-savvy. And with its flexible workspaces and color-managed workflows, you’ll have full authority over the process.


ibis Paint X

This little tool is sure to keep up with your skill level. It has all the instruments you could possibly need, and then some! To start off, the brush lib is seriously impressive. With over 15K types, there’s a world of creative possibilities at your pocket.

The quick sliders also make it super easy to alter consistency and opacity on the fly. And let’s not forget the real-time previews, it will surely boost your performance.

You can add as many layers as you need with no limit! Each one can also be altered with individual parameters such as opacity, alpha blending, and more. The clipping is a real lifesaver for those tricky images, too.

But what really sets it is the fact that you can record your drawing process. This is such a cool tool, especially if you want to share the creative process on socials. There’s even an SNS tool to learn drawing techniques from other users. Cool, right?


Infinite Painter

Here’s a fully-featured drawing platform that provides pro-level of exp. It covers the best-in-class pencils for a smooth and precise drawing exp. And with its minimal and intuitive UI, you can focus on your creativity without distractions.

But don’t be fooled by the simplicity of its interface, this app truly delivers with its robust and robust tool set. One of the coolest aspects of this one is the ability to share the timelapse of your work. Imagine showing off your artistic process and blowing everyone’s mind!

Plus, with the option to convert brush strokes into editable shapes, your designs will always look polished. Speaking of brushes, the app boasts hundreds of built-in options, each made with full pressure and tilt support for stylus devices.

And with over 100 adjustable settings, you can truly cater the app to your prefs. Organize and share your fave brushes and sets, and try on live FX to take your work to the next lvls.



That’s a fun and easy-to-use SNS app to showcase your drawing powers. Not only does it let you easily draw and color your own sketches, but it also provides a ton of unique tools that help foster your skills and boost creativity.

For example, the live drawing tool is absolutely fantastic. It delivers step-by-step video tutorials that you can follow along with, making it a gem for newbies. Additionally, there’s a tool that lets you draw using pics as a base.

But that’s not all! The also covers a vast scope of challenging topics that will push you to try new things and explore styles. Plus, you can showcase your own art with the community, and even interact with other users through comments.

You can also enjoy coloring various beautiful sketches if needed. The amount of options is massive, you’re sure to find smth to match your prefs.


Picsart Color

This app may not be the most versatile when it comes to functions, but if you don’t want to try digital drawing. It still covers multiple instruments and lets your creativity flow, so don’t rush to judge it yet. The symmetric drawing with a rotating axis will bring balance and harmony to your art pieces.

And who doesn’t love a good textured brush? Not only can you draw with color, but also with texture! Speaking of color, the wheel and mixer let you match any shades easily. And with pattern and color fill, you can effortlessly add depth and dimension to your illustrations.

The lib of adjustable brushes and blending modes lets you make any artwork one-of-a-kind. And don’t worry about losing all of your hard work. The auto-recovery tool ensures nothing gets lost, even when you accidentally close the app.

Add in the multiple coatings and blending, and you get an extensive app that caters to all your art needs. And all this is available for free, too.



This app is an absolute game-changer for all those who crave a digital sketchbook in their pocket. It offers a plethora of tools, making it an undeniable powerhouse for artists of all levels. The GPU-accelerated engine contributes towards a smooth and efficient creative process, letting you turn your ideas into art with ease.

The app covers over 100 brushes, including the smudge and gradient fill. Additionally, the option to make custom ones from imported images. You’ll get to add various layers and modify each of them to match your prefs, too.

The app’s material design UI is fast and fluid, making it ideal for newbies. And when you’re ready to share your masterpiece, the app covers multiple formats for you to pick from.

Plus, it covers palm rejection tech, so no more accidental zooming or panning when drawing. It doesn’t sound like a big thing but it really makes a great difference.


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Here’s a handy sketchpad to make any kind of art. This app truly takes your brainstorming and sketching to the next lvl. With endless sketching capabilities and a variety of paper and grid options, you can let your imagination run wild.

What really sets this one apart is its adjustable tools. Whether you’re using pencils, pens, or brushes, they respond with precision to your every movement. Plus, with smoothing and an infinite layering syst, you can tweak and refine your work to your heart’s content.

You’ll also get to pick from the full COPIC spectrum, as well as HSL and RGB wheels. Not only can you pick the ideal shades, but also easily experiment with combinations and see what works best for your work.

And the cherry on top? You can save the pics as JPGs, making it effortless to share your brilliant work with the world.



If you need an app that’s simple and packed with functions, give this one a try. It has a light UI, so no more cluttered screens and confusing menus. This app delivers a simple and spacious workspace that lets you focus on your creativity.

But the real stars of the show here are the brushes. With over 90 types to pick from, you’ll never run out of options. Whether you’re into sketching, inking, or painting with oils, this app has it all. And with quick sliders for brush thickness and opacity, you can make adjustments on the fly without disrupting your flow.

In case you’re feeling really adventurous, you can even make custom brushes with ease. Of course, no painting app is complete without a killer color palette, and this one doesn’t disappoint.

You can easily pick the shade with an eyedropper and save the most-used ones too. The app supports over 100 layers and blend modes, and you can group the layers for simple navigation if needed.


Drawing Desk

That’s an ideal app if you wanna practice drawing or pass the time. It is jam-packed with all the pro instruments you need to make stunning work, from pencils and pens to crayons and watercolor brushes.

And with the ability to alter brush size and opacity, you have control over the look and feel of your art. It also boosts a fully functional color palette to ensure spectacular looks. Plus, the app works both online and offline, so you can enjoy drawing wherever you are.

For kids (or kids at heart), the app comes with 500+ coloring pages with animals, fruits, numbers, and the alphabet. And for those who like a challenge, the coloring game releases new pics every day to keep things fresh and exciting.

With over 1000 coloring pages to pick from, there’s no shortage of fun to be had! You can even add your own pics to draw on.


Tayasui Sketches

If you’re into minimalistic designs and functional interfaces, you’ll surely like this app. It covers over 20 ultra-realistic tools, including a watercolor wet brush that is truly incredible. This app is a dream come true for artists on the go.

And if you’re someone who loves to import pics to use as reference, this app makes that a breeze too! It also comes with a brush editor that lets you modify and make brushes from scratch. And if you’re lucky enough to have a stylus, you can discover even more realistic brushes.

For those who like to work with layers, the app lets you do that too. Let’s not forget about the list of tools. There’s everything from pencils to oil pastels and airbrushes, so no lack of variety here.

And the way the brushes adapt to your moves is truly remarkable. The app has a paid version, but it’s a one-time fee and the functionality is truly worth it.


Drawing Apps

This app has it all, from numerous layers and pro artist tools to a simple doodle pad with diverse brush sizes and strokes. For those needing an imaginative outlet, the app has tools like pencils, crayons, pens, and even a watercolor brush.

And for the kids (or the young at heart), it offers color fill, fun paint, glow pens, and number paint. The app gives you access to a full-on wheel and over 500 coloring pages of animals, fruits, letters, and numbers.

With 40+ brushes and a ruler for precision, this app truly has it all. You’ll also get to load a pic and draw on it using a variety of brushes. But what really sets this one apart is its versatility.

Whether you’re online or offline, it has got your back. And don’t forget to save your creations, you can easily show off your talent.


Bamboo Paper

It’s a great app for those who like to customize everything. Who doesn’t love customizing their color palette? With 36 color swatches available, the possibilities are endless. The app also lets you enrich your notes with pics, giving you the freedom to unleash your inner artist.

Regardless if you’re sketching over a pic or writing a heartfelt text, the possibilities are endless. You’ll get to sync the app across all devices, making it easy to access your ideas anytime, anywhere.

And for those who need to add the tiniest details, the app’s zoom ensures that nothing unnoticed. Draw or write fine lines with ease, and fit as much content onto the page as you need.

If you’re in a rush and need to jot down a quick idea, the apps’ widget is here to help. With just one click, you can start a new page and capture your ideas before they slip away.


MediBang Paint

This little tool lets you make illustrations and manga on the go. The app is straightforward to use, even on smaller screens like smartphones. Adjusting brush sizes and colors is a breeze, so you can focus more on bringing your creative vision to life.

And if you’re a newbie, the materials covered by the app are truly invaluable. With intuitive trace character poses, eyes, hair, and more, you’ll be able to practice drawing at your own pace and make fun icons in no time.

The app lets you make custom stickers and video thumbnails with ease. Regardless of your experience in the field, you’ll do just fine. It’s like having a personal art assistant right at your fingertips!

If you wish to showcase your process, the time-lapse will portray it for all to see. All you have to do is activate it in your settings, and you can record your drawing process in action.


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To wrap up, we have the kind of app that will replace all your paper sketchbooks. It has everything you may need and some more. One of the coolest things about this one is its ability to teach you how to draw like a pro.

You can easily follow along with any painting or sketch to boost your skills. Plus, with 4 different lesson types, you can modify the exp to suit your needs. The app’s interface is also highly customizable, with both light and dark modes to try.

And with its unlimited layers and dynamic SSD, you can work on even the most complex artworks without worrying about running out of space or slowing down your device.

The app also lets you make animated works with unlimited layers. The brush compilation is truly remarkable, and you can save the animation in any format needed. And don’t worry about smudging, there are three types to pick from.