9 Best Apps Like Klarna (Pay Later Apps) in 2024

Online shopping is a thing that almost everyone is familiar with, especially given the events that have taken place in recent years. Sometimes needs exceed opportunities and a large purchase needs to be made for which you don’t want to spend all the money at once.

The Klarna app can help, which is designed to divide the payment for purchases into several small parts. Yet, it is limited in functionality and there are many counterparts that provide a better service.

So, we have reviewed for you the best apps like Klarna (pay later apps) in 2024, among which you can choose the best service. 

We recommend you to find the most suitable platform for shopping among these best apps like Wish


Affirm logo

The Affirm app is an excellent Klarna counterpart that allows you to shop at any store without any problems. It’s very easy to use.

Open the store you want and add the items you want to your cart. Then choose whichever payment option is most convenient for you.

Complete your purchase using Google Pay or Apple Pay. This service will verify your information and its compliance with all the requirements.

So, you won’t have to pay any penalties or interest for late payment.

Besides, paying through this service will not affect your credit history in any way. You can also open a savings account here. For this, you do not need to pay any fees or commissions. 


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With the Afterpay app, as the name implies, you can pay for a purchase after it has been made. Payment here can be made in four installments, which can be made once every two weeks.

There are a huge number of different stores that cooperate with this service. So, you will be able to find great deals on the purchase of your favorite products.

New brands and thousands of products appear here every day, among which you will be able to find exactly what you need. To get access to all the features of this application, you need to register.

When you buy, you can make the first payment of 25% and pay the rest later. You won’t have to pay any interest or penalties if you pay everything on time.

With this app, you can also keep track of your finances and expenses. Here you can see the history of your purchases and payments, as well as pay off your debts ahead of time.


Future Pay

Future Pay is an electronic wallet that you can use to make purchases at various online stores. It is very easy to use because the necessary funds will always be in your pocket.

There are a huge number of exclusive offers from popular brands. With the unique Price Match feature, you will always be aware of the best deals and bargains.

You can add any loyalty cards you have to this app. They will be credited with bonus points, which you can later spend to pay for purchases. You can deposit money with a debit or credit card, cash, or even online banking.

With Future Pay you will always have the opportunity to buy the thing you like. To use all the features of this service, you need to register and add your loyalty cards, if necessary. 



The Zip app, formerly known as Quadpay, allows you to pay for purchases after you make them. This service will be provided to you without any checks and interest over the purchase.

Also, using the services of this service will not affect your credit history in any way, which is a huge advantage for many users. One purchase can be divided into 4 payments to be made over the next 6 weeks.

This way, you can save your money and shop more wisely. You can shop with this app in online and offline stores. To do so, add this service to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

Every time your due date approaches, this app will send you a notification. That way, you won’t miss any necessary payments and make all your payments on time, which will help you avoid paying interest.

To start shopping, link your payment card to this app. Then browse the merchant catalog and select the items you like. Enter the amount you need, including all taxes and shipping charges.

You’ll also be able to see your payment and spending history here. If you have any problems or questions, you can contact the support team, which response quickly to all inquiries. 



Nelo is a free app that allows you to postpone payment for the items you need. There are no commissions or hidden fees.

Registration is simple, it’s mandatory for all users. The payment for one purchase can be divided into 6 parts.

So, this service will make the payment for you, and you can then make the necessary amount to repay such a loan.

You can also get a cash loan from this service. To take advantage of this service when buying from an online store, select it as your payment method.

Moreover, this application can be secured with a PIN so that no one can access your account. If you have difficulties while using the app or want to ask any question you are interested in, then use the support on WhatsApp. You can find all the contacts in a special section of the app. 


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Tabby is a service that will make your embroidery shopping more profitable for you.

So, you can get the goods when you want, and pay later, under the deadlines.

Moreover, you will not need to pay any commissions or interest. Here you will find your favorite stores and the highest quality products. Add to cart everything you need.

Select the Tabby service as your payment method at checkout. Payment will be made instantly. Then you have to make interest-free payments for 4 months.

This app offers a large number of popular brands such as Adidas, IKEA, Golden Scent, and many others. What’s more, many of the products here are presented at better prices than in regular stores.

New discounts regularly appear here, for which you can also set up relevant notifications. It’s also easy to manage your payments with these handy tools. It saves your purchase history, indicates upcoming payments, and allows you to change your payment method. 



The Spotii app will allow you to split one payment for purchase into four installments without any interest.

So, the app will pay for you first, and you can make payments over the next four months. You can choose from a variety of payment terms. For example, you can make a payment every month or every two weeks.

You’re sure to find all the products and brands you need. You can check your payment plan right in the app. There is a special handy section for this purpose.

This service has a unique feature that sets it apart from other platforms. This is a promotions search function, which will allow you to keep track of current discounts and buy goods at better prices.

To use this app, you need to register for it. At the time of purchase, select Spotii as your payment method and make a down payment and this service will pay the rest. Over the next months, you need to make the remaining amount in three payments.

By the way, you can make payments every month or every two weeks, no interest is charged. It is possible to make purchases in this store by means of QR codes. It is very easy to manage your orders here, which allows controlling your expenses.

This application will also remind you about the necessity to make instant payments. This way, you will never be in arrears, which means you won’t have to pay any interest. 



The Postpay app is also suitable for purchases that you can pay for later. There are several hundred different stores and brands, among which you will find your favorite goods.

Among the categories, you will find such as clothing, beauty, home goods, entertainment, and much more.

To use this service, find a suitable store among the proposed and add to your shopping cart with the necessary products. Select Postpay as your payment option at checkout.

Your purchase will be instantly approved, and you can split the cost of your purchase among three monthly installments. You will not be charged interest on your purchases.

All purchases and payments made are stored in the history of the service. You will also have access to a payment schedule so that you know the exact dates and amounts to be paid. 


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The Freecharge app gives you access to instant credits that you can spend on purchases at any store. You can also top up your cell phone account, pay necessary bills, transfer money, and more.

You’ll also find exclusive offers from various brands that you can’t find on other similar platforms.

A unique feature of this app is that you can invest your money profitably here. For example, you can buy digital gold at market value and sell it later when the price goes up.

Besides, you can set your financial goal and check if you can achieve it. To do this, specify your expenses and income. Thus, this app will generate your rating and offer some tips on how to improve it. 


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