Zeo Route App Review

The delivery sphere is now developing at an incredible speed! People order ready-made food, goods from grocery and hardware stores, appliances, and much more.


In addition, we continue to travel! Even if you are traveling in your own country, you will always need a reliable assistant who will tell you the best route. That is why we recommend you Zeo Route Planner!

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Many Android users are used to simply using Google Maps to get from one point to another. But for a person who delivers orders or travels, this will obviously not be enough, since you can choose no more than nine additional stops there, and it is very inconvenient to re-build the route every time.

For comparison, there are only ten stops in Multi-Stop Route Planner for free, MyRoute allows you to visit six addresses at a time for the free version, and with a business account, the number increases to only 350 points, while in the Zeo Route Planner basic version there are up to twenty stops, and the Pro version gives you the opportunity to add up to five hundred stops per trip.

You can integrate your route into the same Google Maps, Here We Go, Sygic Map, and four other systems. You can scan the barcode or QR code of the place where you need to get to, and the application will build the shortest route. For example, GPS Route Planner and Multi-Stop Route Planner cannot boast of such a skill.


The voice recognition function is supported by most advanced applications, and Zeo is no exception. That is, you will literally be able to tell your smartphone where to take you.

The app understands about fifty languages! Therefore, even while abroad, you will be able to feel comfortable. This also includes such functions as adding routes to favorites, prioritizing orders (ASAP or by a certain time), and getting information about the ETA.

The design of the application is up-to-date – nothing distracts you from creating a route, there are only two colors (white and blue) that do not irritate you during driving.

What is more, we recommend reading the article about the range finder apps, if you want to measure any distance.

Community Zeo deserves special attention. You can either get a job in the delivery service yourself or hire people to join your team. At the same time, you can easily monitor their movements and receive reports in any way convenient for you. This function is not expensive at all, but it can save your nerves and time which is priceless!

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