Indefinite App Review

Indefinite is a top-grade game where you will have to face various accusations. The major goal of this game is to prove that you have not done anything illegal.

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Indefinite is full of interesting features, so let’s check the most interesting ones.

Indefinite comes with 40 unique questions and 100 answers. The game operates as an interrogation, so you will have to stick to the selected answers to prove your innocence.

There is nothing difficult in the game process. So, when you start playing, the game will ask you a wide range of leading questions.

Below the question, there are several cells with answers. You should pick the most suitable answer as fast as possible. And don’t forget about the timer, otherwise, you will be found guilty. Plus, the timer will be adjusted by the question’s length.


Once you answer all the questions, the game will provide you with the full report based on your answers.

What is more, the game’s design is thoughtfully developed, that’s why the interface is very user-friendly.

But we have to mention that Indefinite requires network access. Additionally, the game comes with a free version.

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All in all, Indefinite is truly worth downloading. This game is very addictive, so we can surely say that it will not leave anyone indifferent!


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